Bali Stone Marble for Modern Theme Households

Bali Stone Marble for Modern Theme Households

Marble is a type of natural stone formed from crystallized limestone. This gives each piece of marble a random pattern, something that makes it look even more exotic. The pattern can also be a sign that the piece is an authentic marble.

Although it can’t be imitated using the latest technology, there are still many fake products labeled as marble, which is actually another type of stone that is polished to look like marble. The pattern that results from the natural formation process also makes marble considered a precious stone, which means that using marble in one of your home furniture will give the impression of luxury and elegance.

One of the best types that we recommend is Bali stone marble. This natural stone has a unique pattern with various hues. Although most of the marble has a dominant white tone, the manufacturing process allows us to get marble stones with more varied options.

Uniquely, this process does not reduce the quality of marble. Even the strength of the marble is maintained so you don’t have to worry about the process reducing its strength level. In practice, marble is often used in building construction, such as floors, walls, to other smaller details. In addition, marble is also processed into furniture such as kitchen countertops or coffee tables.

The Exoticism of Bali White Crystalline

bali-stone-marble-white-crystaline-at-mesastila-resort-magelang (2)
Bali Stone Marble at MesaStila Resort & Spa, Magelang

If you are working on a project that carries a modern and minimalist concept, Bali stone marble will be the right choice to ensure the project is realized according to plan. This product can be applied to the concept of a modern house because it is white with a dominant black pattern. This product is even available in tiles, which will give you an area to explore using marble. You can use it as a tiling in the living room to display a luxurious yet minimalist impression. The marble tile will also give a dominant aura, making anyone ready to be stunned by the interior concept of your home. In addition, Bali stone marble is also available in large pieces that can be adjusted to the type of furniture you are going to make.

So far, Bali white crystalline is often used as a kitchen countertop. Your kitchen will look different when you use this marble as a countertop. We all know that marble is one of the most durable types of stone. In addition, the surface also has anti-scratch properties, which makes it often used as a kitchen countertop. Using this natural stone in the kitchen will give a special impression considering that during this time, the kitchen is considered an additional functional space. But when using marble, the kitchen will become a special room and give a sense of pride. In short, using the Bali marble will change the whole perspective of our house. So if you want to apply the modern-themed household, use the Bali white crystalline.

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Look at Exotic Green Pool with Bali Stone in Chisinau, Moldova

Look at Exotic Green Pool with Bali Stone in Chisinau, Moldova

Bali Stone, especially Green Sukabumi Stone, would be perfect for you when you choosing to design a perfect pool that figuring out the best tile for the pool could be very tricky. If you’re not careful enough, you might end up having a pool that looks dull and looks far worse than you imagined. 

If you’re aiming to have a pool that gives off a tropical vibe, Bali stone could be the perfect type of stone for your pool. We’ll take a look at one of our best works, a stunning green pool located in Chisinau, Moldova.

Green Tile for An Astonishing Scenery

green-pool-with-bali-stone-chisinau-moldova (2)
Green Pool with Bali Stone Sukabumi in Chisinau, Moldova project by Stone Depot

It is a basic knowledge of design that the color green would radiate a calm and relaxed impression. Hence many people would go with this color if they want their swimming pool to emanate a serene vibe. Green tile would turn your pool look more natural, making you feel like you swim in a natural body of water. The combination of blue water and green tile would beautifully reflect the light and make the whole scenery look astonishing. On top of that, this color pallet could easily be leveled up to look classier and more elegant by adding white porcelain ornaments and green plants surrounding the pool. 

This swimming pool is located in the capital city of Moldova; Chisinau is one of the examples of using Green Sukabumi Stone to enhance the tropical look of the resort as we can see the green pool matches exquisitely with the green plants and the wooden gazebo. 

A darker shade of green could be an alternative for those who live in a place with colder temperatures. Dark hues could retain more heat as they attract more sunlight, making the water a tad bit warmer than a pool with light-hued tiles.  

Why Bali Stone?

Simple and minimalist pool with Bali Green Stone Tiles

Bali stone is quartzite, a natural type of stone that contains many shades of green gives a mosaic look effect, making it look exceptionally natural. This type of stone is one of the most popular natural stones used by many hotels, resorts, and spas as wall claddings or swimming pool tiles. 

Not only for its aesthetic value, but this stone also contains Zeolite, a substance that could purify the water by absorbing impurities in it. It would tremendously ease your job of maintaining the cleanliness of the pool. 

Now that we’ve learned how stunning your pool would be simply by choosing Bali stones as the tiles don’t hesitate to purchase some at Stone Depot or contact our Whatsapp/Mobile phone: (Aldi) and email: for more information.

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How to Install Bali Stone Carving

How to Install Bali Stone Carving

Bali Stone Carving is an elegant material to impress the outdoor wall cladding with Balinese Style. If you need to find the Bali Stone Carving supplier, contact us directly by clicking our Whatsapp link: (Aldi) or email:

If you want something artsy with a classical yet modern sense, you may apply the Bali stone carving to your home décor ideas. They are beautiful natural stone arts in various exotic ornaments like flora and fauna, religious to abstract symbols, and even human activities.

Let’s figure out more about these Balinese local arts of stone carving and find a few ideas to install them.

Bali Stone Carving

bali-stone-carving (2)
Classic Limestone for Bali Stone Carving with Floras Designs

You can look into Stone Depot for its high-quality Bali stone carving products. They are available in varied natural stone options like Limestone, Sandstone, and Volcanic Rock.

These stones provide you with exceptional textures, thickness, and hardness. For example, if you prefer a soft effect or statement, you can go for limestone-based stone carvings.

As to the design, all the Bali stone carvings have taken the centuries-old heritage, which increasingly has become more popular.  You may pick among inimitable stone carving designs of elaborate faunas, floras, symbols (abstract and religious ones), and people’s life activities.

In addition to decorative wall tiles, Stone Depot presents customized sculptures, pedestals, fountains, flowerpots, lamp houses, fireplace mantels, and benches.

How to Install Bali Stone Carving

bali-stone-carving (1)
Bali stone carving for an extraordinary outdoor wall decor

You can install Bali stone carving in any room, both indoor and outdoor. They are also a splendid choice for other public buildings or commercial structures, such as hotels, art galleries, and many others. So, how to install those ornament artworks?

First, before starting, you should choose which room or area you are going to decorate. You can decide on one room that requires the most work, for example.

Second, by doing that, you can determine which stone carving piece you may like to focus on for each room.   

Wall cladding

You can go for Stone Depot ornament wall tiles or other stone carving designs and apply them along the indoor walls of your house. For example, you can bring a striking look to your living room or bedroom walls with a huge limestone-made relief stone wall carving.

They are also applicable for outdoor installation. You can put them as outdoor house wall tiles. Or else, you can install them on your patio or garden walls, over the fish pond or swimming pool, and more.

Smaller to bigger focal points

Bali stone carving offers various pieces that can work as the focal point to any room or space. You can select among little to huge Buddha statues, stone lamps in different shapes (column or square), stone basins, flowerpots, and more.

Their mere presence creates an attractively distinctive yet outstanding effect on whoever sees them.

Lastly, you may combine those stone carving pieces based on the room you are working on. Since they are available in different sizes, designs, and forms, you can pick the most suitable one. You can mix between the bigger and the smaller pieces to complete each other. It applies as well to outdoor décor ideas.

Or, you can simply follow your taste and preference as Bali stone carving in any designs and installations will make a unique statement. They will create a striking accent and class to outdoor or indoor décor scheme. You can apply them to your home living or any commercial buildings and structures.

If any further assistance, you need regarding the Bali Stone Carving from Stone Depot, please click this Whatsapp link to contact us directly: (Aldi) or email:

How to Install Bali Stone Carving

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Stone Cladding Tasmania – The Futuristic Stone Cladding Tasmania with Bali Stone

Stone Cladding Tasmania – The Futuristic Stone Cladding Tasmania with Bali Stone

Stone cladding is one of the best methods to cover a wall. Sometimes we forget that the wall is also an aspect that needs to be taken into account when beautifying a room. Both indoor and outdoor, the stone cladding will help perfect a wall. So if you think that paint is enough, then you have to try something out of the box. You can add aesthetic value by using materials such as natural stone to make the walls look more character. If you plan to cover the wall area with the cladding method, Bali stone tiles are worth considering as the main material.

Bali Stone Cladding in Tasmania


Bali Stone Cladding in Tasmania

Tasmania is an island and also a city that has a character that is not much different from Australia. This small island, just south of Australia, has beautiful natural views. Although there are many modern buildings developing in this city, the use of materials originating from nature keeps the balance maintained. Bali stone tiles are a very appropriate choice because it matches the characteristics of Tasmania. Whether you build a resort, hotel, or just a swimming pool, Bali stone tiles will complement the beauty of the building. Especially with the choice of cutting, types, and also a variety of patterns, you can make the wall look much better.

stone-cladding-tasmania (2)

Green Sukabumi Stone Cladding Application (Photo Courtesy of Renaissance Pattaya Resort & Spa, Thailand)

Every Bali stone’s type also has a function that will maximize the appearance of a building. Green Sukabumi stone with a dark or bright green tone will make the swimming pool look more exotic. This type of stone is very suitable for outdoor properties. Besides being able to be used as wall cladding, Green Sukabumi stone can also be used for swimming pool tiles. Other than that, the Black lava stone tiles will help you to create an elegant look on the wall. This stone made of frozen lava which then processed and cut for better purposes. Its distinct black color will make everything looks eye-catching and jaw-dropping. It’s not surprising that many resorts and hotels in Tasmania have used Bali lava stone tiles for their wall cladding.

stone-cladding-tasmania (3)

Bali White Limestone Cladding (Photo courtesy of Sofitel Nusa Dua Resort, Bali)

Last but not least, the White Classic Limestone tiles will create a warm yet astonishing look for the outdoor part of the properties. The white tone from the stone will help to absorb the heat and keep the wall cold. From the other perspective, it can make a building looks friendlier and familiar that indicates safety. Plus, there is another option for wall cladding, such as Yellow Sandstone tiles, Paras Kerobokan, or Andesite stone. Now, you have a lot of options the next time you want to try wall cladding for the property.

But one thing for sure, it would be better to find the right seller that has high-quality products with a wide range of options. Stone Depot is an Indonesian exporter of Bali natural stone that has been used in many resorts and hotels around the world. After their success in Dubai, Bangkok, Trinidad & Tobago, and now  Tasmania, Stone Depot will help properties-owner around the world to build the perfect site, whether it is hotel, resort, or private residential.

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Stone Cladding Tasmania – The Futuristic Stone Cladding Tasmania with Bali Stone

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7 Creative Bali Natural Stone Design Ideas For Your Wall Claddings

7 Creative Bali Natural Stone Design Ideas For Your Wall Claddings

Sometimes people forget that when it comes to decorating a house, building, or an apartment, we need to make sure that everything is packed. Floor to ceiling, wall to wall, we need to decide the right concept for every part of the building. In this article, we would give you a little bit of inspiration on how to transform the wall into a masterpiece. Specifically, let’s talk about wall cladding to adorn the exterior part of the building. So it is not just the interior that needs to be decorated, we have to decide one exact theme for the exterior with the wall cladding.

1. Bali Bukit Limestone Cladding – Oberoi Resort, Bali


Bali Bukit Limestone Cladding in Oberoi Beach Resort, Bali – Photo courtesy of Oberoi Beach Resort, Bali

Oberoi Beach Resort, Bali takes the wall cladding to the next level by using limestone to decorate the entrance. This masterpiece looks breathtaking thanks to the perfect composition of the frame stone, the Bali Bukit limestone, and also the golden wooden gate.

2. Bali Grey Basalt Cladding – Pullman Legian Hotel, Bali

bali-natural-stone (2)

Bali Grey Basalt Cladding in Pullman Legian Hotel, Bali – Photo courtesy of Pullman Legian Hotel, Bali

The Pullman Legian Hotel Bali uses the Bali Grey Basalt Cladding in one of the circular sides of the building. This is a perfect choice as it looks simple, minimalist, and effortless. If you want something beautiful for your office or house, this inspiration might be the best choice as it fits for building with contemporary design.

3. Bali Lavastone Random Cladding – Holiday Inn Resort, Bali

bali-natural-stone (3)

Bali Lavastone Random Cladding in Holiday Inn Resort, Bali– Photo courtesy of Holiday Inn Resort, Bali

Holiday Inn Resort, Bali is the project from Stone Depot that looks brave as the Bali Lavastone random cladding brings the ‘basic’ to the resort. It doesn’t matter what kind of design you choose for the building, the Lavastone cladding will keep the nature close to you and enhance the tropical vibe on there.

4. Bali Lavastone Wall Cladding – Jewel Changi Airport Singapore

bali-natural-stone (4)

Bali Lavastone Wall Cladding in Jewel Changi Airport Singapore – Photo courtesy of Jewel Changi Airport Singapore

The Change Airport Singapore which is known for its icon; the waterfall, is more environmentally friendly with the Bali Lavastone wall cladding. The ambiance feels fresh thanks to the attached pot and plants that bring the twist on the wall.

5. Bali Puka Lava Stone – Starbuck Restaurant Dewata, Bali

bali-natural-stone (5)

Bali Puka Lava Stonein Starbuck Restaurant Dewata, Bali– Photo courtesy of Starbuck Restaurant Dewata, Bali

Starbuck always tries to embrace the local vibe in every store they built in a particular area. In Bali, they use Bali Puka Lava Stone in one of the sides as Balinese constructions always use nature-based material. This is a good thing as visitors can feel different ambiance every time they come to a Starbuck store.

6. Bali Sandstone Wall Cladding – Sofitel Nusa Dua Resort, Bali

bali-natural-stone (6)

Bali Sandstone Wall Cladding in Sofitel Nusa Dua Resort, Bali– Photo courtesy of Sofitel Nusa Dua Resort, Bali

The Bali Sandstone always brings luxury feel in every building. In this case, the Sofitel Nusa Dua Resort looks intimidating from the outside thanks to the grandeur of the Bali Sandstone. It is classic, elegant, and also luxurious at once!

7. Bali Grey Basalt – Renaissance Pattaya Resort & Spa, Thailand


Bali Grey Basalt in Renaissance Pattaya Resort & Spa, Thailand – Photo courtesy of Renaissance Pattaya Resort & Spa, Thailand

The Bali Grey Basalt wall cladding suits with the concept of the resort that wants to keep the visitors feel like home. This Stone Depot project, situated in Thailand that is inspiring as they succeed to add serenity feels in this place. The Grey Basalt wall cladding is also suitable for building with minimalist or contemporary design.

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7 Creative Bali Natural Stone Design Ideas For Your Wall Claddings

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