Our Team


Bali Stone Wall Cladding (also known Stone Depot) is consists of solid foundation people. We are explore, discover, & qualified with high quality process to find good leader for this company in the future.

The Bali Stone Wall Cladding team prides their knowledge and skills on keeping up with attending seminars, engaging strong communication skills with large supplier and implementing innovation throughout every project by responsibility with customer satisfaction. Our team also consists of highly trained management and qualified of professionals at all levels both local and overseas project. A great advantage journey for our client with unparalled expertise affords.

Our people concerned with good mentality to protect human error and usually try to give best services for handle every project both local and also overseas. We usually directly join with installing project, handle shipment for many countries over the world, also we have good maintainance and solve problem for every project.

2015 Overseas Learning Journey Program: