Bali Marble Cladding: Home Design Trend in 2023

Bali Marble Cladding: Home Design Trend in 2023

The trend of today’s home design combines the modern & classic style with a fresh twist. And, Bali marble cladding belongs to the best design aspect you can consider to follow this home design trend. Sophisticated and elegant, wall cladding with Bali marble creates an attractive feature for either the interior or exterior. In fact, Balinese marble will be excellent to adorn your home because of its stunning grain pattern, great colors, and durability. Overall, today’s design trend may get benefits from this wall cladding with Bali marble, such as unique textures as well as 2-tone rooms. Now, find out how you will be able to use this material of wall cladding for creating the latest trend in home design as well as why this material becomes the best choice for a wall cladding project.

Bali Marble Cladding Ideas for Trendiest Home Design

Grey Bali Marble for Wall Cladding

Today’s trend of home design still sticks with classic elements like the touch of rustic and minimalist modern. But they’re fresh twists to these aspects of home design. There’s an emphasis on the material’s natural patterns and texture, instead of a bare minimalist style or design. And, you can also combine Bali marble wall cladding and other textures in a certain room for a unique appearance. For example, you can create a focal point by applying marble cladding to one side of the room. Or, you can place a lounge chair or woven rattan sofa in front of it. Then, it is a good idea to add a fiber carpet with distinctive patterns. In addition to Bali marble cladding, installing a contemporary-style metal lamp will also be a great idea. As a result, the room will look unique but doesn’t feel oppressive.

Creating a 2-tone room is another famous trend in home design today. This trend combines 2 contrasting shades with equal proportions. For your information, this trend is not only suitable in the bedroom and living room. However, it also works well for the bathroom and kitchen. It is true that Bali marble for wall cladding adds a stunning touch in a 2-tone room, especially when you would like to keep the decoration minimal. For example, it will be great to install wall cladding with Bali marble on one side of the wall. Then, you can paint the rest of the wall a different color. Anyway, Bali marble wall cladding will look amazing if you combine it with your desired fresh paint color such as lime green, yellow, orange, or red.

Getting Bali Marble Cladding

You need to know that Bali, Indonesia, produces top-quality natural stones because of the geological condition as well as its geographical location. Many exporters of natural stones deliver blocks, bricks, and other decorative elements like wall cladding to other countries. You can find so many Bali marble wall cladding makers and exporters in Indonesia. The products are available in different options such as bricks, tiles, and many more. The manufacturers cut them to standard sizes and some of them offer customized sizes. Anyway, Bali marble cladding is ideal for those who want a home design trend.

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Marble Cladding for High Class Bathroom

Marble Cladding for High Class Bathroom

The arrangement of a bathroom that looks luxurious is one of the reasons why people feel comfortable living in five-star hotel rooms. No wonder a luxurious bathroom does offer maximum comfort for its users through the use of quality materials and high-class facilities. Take a peek at some of the following luxury bathroom designs, and you will feel like staying in a five-star hotel!

Bali Marble Characteristics for Bathroom Material

Marble Characteristic for Bathroom Material
Indonesia Marble Characteristics for Bathroom Material

Marble is a material commonly used in expensive places because it looks luxurious and elegant. So, to give the bathroom a luxury impression to the maximum, try using this one material. Marble by Stone Depot is one of the best selling products of the natural stone type. Stone Depot also provides the services of installing natural stone for your bathroom. For the impression of a luxurious bathroom that is simple and clean, use white as a base, then use marble on the floor and walls of the shower area.

One of the things that makes a hotel bathroom feel luxurious is its warm and soft lighting. You can apply this method to produce the impression of a luxury bathroom. First, use elegant materials such as marble and granite in the bathroom, then use a simple glass panel as a divider for the shower area. Use a lamp with a soft, warm white color to make the bathroom feel luxurious. Usually, luxury bathrooms are synonymous with spacious sizes.

However, you can also present a luxurious bathroom with a small narrow room area. The key is to keep using elements that give the bathroom a luxurious feel. Use marble motifs with dark colors that are aesthetically pleasing on all surfaces of the walls and floors, coupled with soft, warm lighting. With those ways, we can immediately feel the luxury impression.

Application for Luxurious and Elegant Bathroom

You can make a spacious bathroom if there is enough space in your home. For a luxurious yet simple impression, use white as a base and gold or copper as a beautiful color accent. If you want, use materials such as marble on the walls so that your bathroom looks more elegant. Don’t forget to pay attention to the lighting so that your bathroom looks bright.

Natural stone cladding in price Philippines, especially for marble, is more expensive than other natural stones, but the quality and luxury will be a testament to your design. Just give a little touch of marble then your room will become elegant many times over. Marble is easy to absorb fluid, so it is recommended to use grout that is not gritty when laying marble tiles. Marble is also susceptible to heat and acid spills.

Besides marble, you can also use granite as a beautiful blend in your bathroom. Granite is more robust than marble. Its durability is also better so that this granite floor can last long without experiencing significant damage. Granite and marble also have pretty large pores. However, both are high-end natural stones that can increase the property’s selling price much higher. Both of those stones are available at Stone Depot with high-quality processes.

How to Get Marble Natural Stone?

To get your hands on the best Marble Natural Stone, contact us on our Whatsapp at (Aldi), or call us (at +62 231 8802888). Another option is to send us a fax (+62 231 8491546) or email ( We look forward to answering your questions!

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Bali Stone Marble for Modern Theme Households

Bali Stone Marble for Modern Theme Households

Marble is a type of natural stone formed from crystallized limestone. This gives each piece of marble a random pattern, something that makes it look even more exotic. The pattern can also be a sign that the piece is an authentic marble.

Although it can’t be imitated using the latest technology, there are still many fake products labeled as marble, which is actually another type of stone that is polished to look like marble. The pattern that results from the natural formation process also makes marble considered a precious stone, which means that using marble in one of your home furniture will give the impression of luxury and elegance.

One of the best types that we recommend is Bali stone marble. This natural stone has a unique pattern with various hues. Although most of the marble has a dominant white tone, the manufacturing process allows us to get marble stones with more varied options.

Uniquely, this process does not reduce the quality of marble. Even the strength of the marble is maintained so you don’t have to worry about the process reducing its strength level. In practice, marble is often used in building construction, such as floors, walls, to other smaller details. In addition, marble is also processed into furniture such as kitchen countertops or coffee tables.

The Exoticism of Bali White Crystalline

bali-stone-marble-white-crystaline-at-mesastila-resort-magelang (2)
Bali Stone Marble at MesaStila Resort & Spa, Magelang

If you are working on a project that carries a modern and minimalist concept, Bali stone marble will be the right choice to ensure the project is realized according to plan. This product can be applied to the concept of a modern house because it is white with a dominant black pattern. This product is even available in tiles, which will give you an area to explore using marble. You can use it as a tiling in the living room to display a luxurious yet minimalist impression. The marble tile will also give a dominant aura, making anyone ready to be stunned by the interior concept of your home. In addition, Bali stone marble is also available in large pieces that can be adjusted to the type of furniture you are going to make.

So far, Bali white crystalline is often used as a kitchen countertop. Your kitchen will look different when you use this marble as a countertop. We all know that marble is one of the most durable types of stone. In addition, the surface also has anti-scratch properties, which makes it often used as a kitchen countertop. Using this natural stone in the kitchen will give a special impression considering that during this time, the kitchen is considered an additional functional space. But when using marble, the kitchen will become a special room and give a sense of pride. In short, using the Bali marble will change the whole perspective of our house. So if you want to apply the modern-themed household, use the Bali white crystalline.

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Bali Marble Cladding – Perfect Look for 2019 Design Trend with Bali Marble Cladding

Bali Marble Cladding – Perfect Look for 2019 Design Trend with Bali Marble Cladding

2019 home design trend combines the modern and classic in fresh twists. Bali marble wall cladding is one of the design aspects you can use to follow this trend. Elegant and sophisticated, marble cladding creates an eye-catching feature, both for exterior and interior. Balinese marble is especially great to adorn your house, thanks to its durability, great colors, and beautiful grain pattern. From unique textures to two-tone rooms, the 2019 design trend can get benefits from high-quality marble wall cladding. Find out how you can use this cladding material to create the new design trend, and why the Balinese product is the best choice.

Bali Marble Wall Cladding Ideas for New Design Trend


Bali Marble Wall Cladding at Resto Uni, Bali (Photo courtesy of Resto Uni, Bali)

The 2019 design trends still stick with classic elements, such as minimalist modern and rustic touch. However, there are fresh twists to these design aspects. For example, instead of a bare minimalist design, there is an emphasis on texture and natural patterns of the materials. You can combine the Bali marble wall cladding with other textures in a room to create a unique look. For example, fill one side of the room with marble cladding as a focal point, and place a woven rattan sofa or lounge chair in front of it. Add fiber carpet that has distinctive patterns and installs a contemporary metal lamp. The result is a unique look that does not feel oppressive.

Another popular trend is creating a two-tone room, which combines two contrasting shades (and often materials) with equal proportion. This trend not only applies in the living room or bedroom but also has reached the kitchen and bathroom. Bali marble wall cladding can add a beautiful touch in a two-tone room, especially if you want to keep the decorations minimal. For example, you can install wall cladding on one side of the walls and paint the rest with a different color. White marble cladding can look great when combined with fresh paint colors, such as red, orange, yellow, or lime green.


Where to Get Bali Marble Wall Cladding


Bali Marble – Product by Stone Depot

Bali produces high-quality natural stones, thanks to its geographical location and geological condition. Many natural stone exporters have no problem delivering wall cladding, bricks, blocks, and other decorative elements to other countries. Bali Stone Wall Cladding is one of the best exporters and makers of natural stone cladding. The products come in various options, such as hexagonal tiles, bricks, curved panels, craft diamond, split face, and craft lines. They are cut to standard sized and can be customized. Visit to inquire about the best Bali marble wall cladding and follow the 2019 design trend with high-quality natural stone.

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Bali Marble Cladding – Perfect Look for 2019 Design Trend with Bali Marble Cladding

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