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We just renovated our factory look: From large spaces to minim pollute, the new warehouse ready to store the materials more properly.

The Tropical Paradise in Bali

The beauty of Bali’s nature has installed at the most popular resort in Tanjung Benoa, Bali.

Durable Outdoor Wall Cladding

From durability to versatility, interior to outdoor, we have a premium natural collection to beautify your wall cladding design.

After-sales Service Support

No worries about technical support & maintenance, we have team of experienced over than 15 years.

Team of Experienced

Since 2005, we have exported natural stone, marble, and granite to more than 80 countries around the world.

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Bali Sukabumi Stone Cladding and Installation Guides

We can define Bali Sukabumi stone cladding as exotic swimming pool tiles with a market around the world. You know that this natural stone is made of quartzite. Usually, people use it as the tiles for swimming pools. many luxury hotels and villas around the world use...

Bali Marble Cladding: Home Design Trend in 2023

The trend of today’s home design combines the modern & classic style in a fresh twist. And, Bali marble cladding belongs to the best design aspect you can consider to follow this home design trend. Sophisticated and elegant, wall cladding with Bali marble creates...

Bali Pebbles Mosaic: Uses, Options, and Where to Buy

Pebble mosaic is a kind of mosaic art using natural pebbles arranged to create decorative patterns. And, Bali pebbles mosaic is a collection of beautiful natural stones that originally discovers in Nusa Tenggara Timur. So, even though there are many other types of...

Top 5 Bali Natural Stone That You Can Use for Wall Cladding

Interested about Bali Natural Stone that use for Wall Cladding? Check this article below to know more or Contact us at 0853 3690 6433 (Putri)

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The Reason Why You Must Use Stone Cladding for Your Building

Stone Cladding can give you an aesthetic look and enhances the value of your property by applying them on your wall. For more info, check this new article

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Some Tips to Install and Maintenance Stone Wall Cladding

Keeping Stone Wall Cladding in Good Condition Is Not as Difficult As You Think. This Article Will Show You Several Ways to Do It.

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Enhance Your Wall Decorations with Limestone Wall Cladding

Want to know any ideas using limestone wall cladding that will enhance your wall decorations? Just start reading this article if you want to know any of them

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Decorate Your Home with Sandstone Cladding Bunnings

Want to make your home look fresher than ever? You can choose our technique to apply it. Read this article and find the answer you want

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Inner Beauty of Natural Stone Cladding Philippines

Do you know that Natural Stone Cladding has been used since ancient times and until now still used for buildings? Read this article and you will know the reason

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Improve appearance your House with Lava Stone Wall Cladding

Modify the appearance of the walls by using lava stone wall cladding. For futher information, you can contact 081578575809 (Aldi) or by reading this article

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Our Premium Collection

The Elegance Black Lava from Magma Eruption

Sourced from Merapi Mountain, this cooling lava stone ready to mesmerize your wall cladding design.

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