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Bali Yellow Sandstone Cladding

Presence of Bali Yellow Palimanan Sandstone attracts people over the world with beauty natural design in the form of yellow line gradient that combine with stunning golden yellow base color

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Bali Black Lava Stone Cladding

Bali Black Lavastone became popular as natural stone used for temple. For the example, Borobudur Temple, World Biggest Temple, has using this Bali Black Lavastone as a solid foundation material.

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Bali Grey Basalt Cladding

Bali Grey Basalt come in variety of textures and types design which is suitable used as interior and also exterior.

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Black Lava Stone Benefits – Great Characteristic of Bali Lava Stone Cladding for Any Design Project

What makes a great characteristic of Bali Lavastone Cladding for any Design Project? Bali black lavastone benefits are the proofs. Here are the reasons !
Bali Black Lava Stone Tiles – Long-lasting Property’s Ideal

What makes a …

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Black Lava Stone Tiles – Great Wall Architecture Design with Bali Black Lava Stone Cladding

When it comes to black lavastone tiles, there are six (6) products made by Stone Depot. Find out how they fit as the great wall architecture design.
Indonesia Black Lava Stone Tiles – Elegant Wall Architechture …

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Stone Wall Cladding Dubai – Stunning Interior and Exterior Wall Panels with Bali Stone Wall Cladding in Dubai

Stone Wall Cladding Dubai – When Natural Meets Modernity
Stone wall cladding Dubai is one example when natural touch blends with modernity.
Natural stone is a material that’s widely used to decorate buildings. Aside from giving a …

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Client Testimonials

  • D&W has been proven to be reliable contractor. We are extremely satisfied with their works on our projects. The natural stones looks extremely amazing. Highly recommended! Rio - Sao Paolo, Brazil

  • Stone Bali / Stone Depot is one of the world is best manufacturer and supplier of natural exotic stones. They were very professional and right on time. Couldn not be happier. Alfonso - Rio de Janeiro

  • We finally completed the pool! It is beautiful thanks to the wall tiles; it is probably the first private pool installed in the USA with Sukabumi stones from Indonesia. Laurent Dhervilly - New York, USA