Our Story

Stone Depot was built in 2005 as the form of visionary thinking from the leader of the nation and they who cared about the structure of the building that this great nation had a world-class stone company with the competence in the field of manufactures, exporter, and landscaping contractor.

Primarily, we start works within Indonesia; however, we are not limited to domestic projects alone. By the time, we already expands our market and were involved both with international projects and export to more than 80 countries over the world throughout Malaysia, Cambodia, India, Australia, China, Uni Emirates Arab, United States, Chile, South Africa, and Europe by a hard work of our solid foundation people.


Our People

Stone Depot is consists of solid foundation people. We explore, discover, & qualified with the high-quality processes to find good leaders for this company in the future.

Our team prides their knowledge and skills on keeping up with attending seminars, engaging strong communication skills with the large suppliers, and implementing innovation throughout every project by responsibility with customer satisfaction. Our team also consists of highly trained management and qualified professionals at all levels both local and overseas projects. A great advantage journey for our client with unparalleled expertise affords.

Our people are concerned with a good mentality to protect human error and usually try to give the best services for a handle every project both locally and also overseas. We usually directly join with installing projects, handle the shipment for many countries over the world, also we have good maintenance and solve the problem for every project.

What We Lived By

Stone Depot has defined 7 ambitions for 2030 to guide our work and support better future goals, one of which helps Children’s live well-educated through the care social responsibility program.

We believe that focusing on donation for improving early childhood education, will inspire people around us to get continuously progress through education.

This is our important mission to become the leading world-class stone company. We have to contribute more to our society first and improving the quality of life of villagers around us by directly connected to our business activities.

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