Bali Stone Wall Cladding of Indonesia, was built on 2005 as the form of visionary thinking from the leader of nation and they who were care about the buildings structure that this great nation had a world-class stone company with the competence in the field of manufactures, exportir, and landscaping contractor.

Bali Stone Wall Cladding is a commercial brand of PT D&W Internasional. Primarily, Bali Stone Wall Cladding start works within the Indonesia; however, we are not limited to domestic projects alone. By the time, we already expands our market and involved both with international projects and export more than 80 countries over the world throughout Malaysia, Cambodia, India, Australia, China, Uni Emirates Arab, United States, Chile, South Africa and Europe by a hard work of our solid foundation people.

The Bali Stone Wall Cladding team prides their knowledge and skills on keeping up with attending seminars, engaging strong communication skills with large supplier and implementing innovation throughout every project by responsibility with customer satisfaction. Our team also consists of highly trained management and qualified of professionals at all levels both local and overseas project. A great advantage journey for our client with unparalled expertise affords.

PT D&W Internasional produces all kind premium quality of Bali Stone Wall Cladding especially:




In 2016, we was awarded by Marketing Magazine as a company of Indonesia with The Best International Marketing nominee.

We proudly as the winner of this category because we also positioned with best Indonesia company with different nominee such as Astra International, Kalbe Farma, Matahari Mall, and etc.


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