Bali Basalt Cladding

basalt cladding - tumbled

Basalt Cladding – Tumbled


Bali Basalt is one of the good durability stones are available, presence more than 3 different finishes and various pattern which perfect utilized both as interior and exterior.

By adopted the lighter grey volcanic stones as stone cladding exterior, Basalt wall cladding, brings the rustic panels display for modern building, and, similarly, by utilized beauty Bali stones as indoors building may gives an elegant and against the ordinary displays. Herewith our Bali Basalt wall cladding’s pattern.

  • Camel Cladding
  • Tumbled
  • Helios
  • Trapezoid
Finish Surface Size (mm)  Application 
Honed, Polished, & Sawn Cut 100x100x10, 100x200x10, 150x150x10, 200x200x10 300x300x15, 300x600x15, 400x600x15, 600x600x20, 600x1200x20 300x300x30, 300x600x30, 400x600x30, 600x600x30, 600x1200x30 Pool Tile, Tiles, Pavers
Bushhammered & Etched 300x300x20, 300x600x20, 400x600x20 Tiles
Split Face/Rough Face 100x100x30, 100x200x30, 150x150x30, 200x200x30, 200×400 Wall Tiles, Cut To Size

Structure Composition : 

Basalt is a type of sedimentary rock composed primarily of volcanic glass minerals ,plagioklas and piroksin. Bali Basalt virtually have similar content with other hard rocks, but Basalt, it’s somewhat more higher on silicon oxide’s contain.

Basalt Rating Status :

  • Versatile ; Ideal using as pavers, tiles, pool tiles & wall cladding
  • Good durability
  • Non Fading
  • Good Flexural Strength (Dry & Wet Condition)
  • Resistant to weather changes
  • Good water absorption
  • Good heat isolator properties


Indonesia Basalt Stone – Bali Basalt Wall Cladding

Basalt Wall cladding creates an elegant look that cannot be compared with lighter materials. Bali Basalt Wall Cladding, for example, brings the rustic natural stone to modern buildings. The dark grey volcanic stone gives an elegant luxury look without being too oppressive. Many wall cladding-installation services love basalt products from Bali, citing its quality, durability, and beauty. Basalt wall cladding appears in many buildings, from resorts to private villas. Balinese basalt is also exported to Asian and Western countries, gracing numerous buildings and lending their quiet beauty to the modern architectures. The dark, neutral color allows you to create any design for home, office, or business place.

Several of Our Indonesia Basalt Stone collection as follows :

  • Tropical Red Basalt Stone
  • Grey Baltic Basalt Stone
  • Alta Quartzite Basalt  Stone
  • Green Basalt Andesite Stone
  • Grey Basalt Stone
  • Crystal Black Basalt (Black Absolute Stone)
  • Ocean Blue Basalt Stone


Bali Basalt Cladding’s Design

Bali Basalt Wall Cladding comes in various shapes, such as curved panels (camel), square tiles, and unique geometric shapes. The finishing types consisted of honed (smooth) and etched (textured). Wall cladding is great for exterior decoration. For example, you can install unique cladding tiles on the exterior walls of a commercial building, giving it a recognizable feature. 

Honed basalt is perfect for the interior because the smooth look creates a more relaxing vibe. Square Bali Basalt Wall Cladding is great as kitchen backsplash, especially with the “dark kitchen” trend that is starting to take off. You can install honed basalt tiles to fill an entire wall and create a two-tone kitchen. Basalt wall cladding is also great to create dramatic flair in a living room or bedroom. 


Our Project

grey basalt overseas project

Our Overseas Project at Laman Ceylon, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


grey basalt pattern

Bali Basalt Cladding – Strip Cladding Patten


grey basalt cladding on the wall