Bali Pebbles Mosaic


Bali Pebbles Mosaic Color Variance


Bali Pebbles Mosaic is a stunning natural stone collection which originally discover on Nusa Tenggara Timur, the East side from Capital city of Indonesia.

Main function of this unique natural stone designs is a great choices for brings excellent natural appereance both as interior and exterior. Nothing’s impossible when we talks about creativity and innovation for brings your home to the high-class, especially in using Bali Pebbles Mosaic.

Starting from glamour flooring tile, exotic kitchen & bathroom backsplash, and also stunning wall interior, fences or facades, it’s gonna be a good choices in choosing Bali Pebbles Mosaic to solve your home-oldiest appereance.

In Bali Pebbles Mosaic’s design, you can find more shapes like coin, rounded, or slice combine with many range colors both just one look color or mixed color. White, Pink, Brown, Green or Black will became as the perfect harmony to fill in your rooms.

Why you do not consider now to choosing Bali Pebbles Mosaic as your partner ? Choose it, try it, and enjoy it, and you will get the positive impact in your mind when seeing it on the wall!


Bali Pebbles Mosaic – The More that You Can Get 

Let’s check what is the more of Bali Pebbles Mosaic when using it as interior and exterior.

1. Water-Resistant ; the waterproof quality of this stones make it a perfect choices for installed in the bathroom, edges or just near around swimming pool.

2. Very easy to install

3. Versatile ; It can be used as sink base, floor & wall in the bathroom, or around swimming pools.

4. Durable from any detergents and easy to clean it.


Order Pebbles Mosaic from Bali

Need high-quality pebbles for your mosaic design? Order directly from Balinese exporter that has experiences with abroad services. Bali Stone Wall Cladding ( provides colorful pebbles in various shapes, such as a coin, tumbled, and oval. The stones are smooth but durable, able to withstand water, dust, wind, and foot traffic. They are perfect for walls, pillars, planters, floors, garden paths, border structures, and wall fences. You can order the pebbles in various color combinations. Inquire directly to negotiate the price, size, color combination, and shipping rate. Get high-quality pebbles from Stone Wall Cladding and use colorful Bali pebbles mosaic to get creative in your property.


bali pebbles mosaic


Name : Bali Pebbles Mosaic

Origin : Indonesia

Status : Available

Finishing Size (mm) Format Packaging Content
Natural 300x300x10 Mosaic Cartoon Box 1 Box = 11 pcs = 1 m2

Packaging : For oder more than 50 m2 it can be packaged by Wooden Packaging with Fumigation and ISPM Treatment, includes cartoon box.

Supply ability : 1,000 sqm per month

Delivery detail : 25 days (can be ship by LCL, FCL shipment or Air Freight)

Price : 22 ~ 32 USD/M2