Bali Pebbles Mosaic

Bali Pebbles Mosaic is a stunning natural stone collection which originally discovers on Nusa Tenggara Timur, the Eastside from the Capital city of Indonesia.

The main function of this unique natural stone design is a great choice for brings an excellent natural appearance both as interior and exterior. Nothing’s impossible when we talk about creativity and innovation for bringing your home to the high-class, especially in using Bali Pebbles Mosaic.

Starting from glamour flooring tile, exotic kitchen & bathroom backsplash, and also stunning wall interior, fences, or facades, it’s gonna be a good choice in choosing Bali Pebbles Mosaic to solve your home-oldest appearance.

In Bali Pebbles Mosaic’s design, you can find more shapes like a coin, rounded, or slice combine with many range colors both just one look color or mixed color. White, Pink, Brown, Green, or Black will become the perfect harmony to fill in your rooms.

Why you do not consider now choosing Bali Pebbles Mosaic as your partner? Choose it, try it, and enjoy it, and you will get a positive impact in your mind when seeing it on the wall!

Product Description

  • Material Type : Pebbles
  • Product Name : Bali Pebbles Mosaic
  • Color : Pink, white, grey, green, tan, swarthy earthy
  • Finishing : Natural


  • Interior Wall
  • Exterior Wall


  • Easy to install
  • Water resistant
  • Good Durability
  • Versatile

Size Available

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