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Bali Pebbles Mosaic

Bali Pebbles Mosaic

When feel bored with interior and exterior looks appereance same as usual, Bali Pebbles Mosaic coming as special solution to protect the old appereance of interior and also exterior.Our Bali Pebbles Mosaic come in variety of color and types design. For the exampe of the variety color and types design of Bali Pebbles Mosaic are available in the below of this text for sample picture.

Bali Pebbles Mosaic also is a type of stone wall cladding. But Bali Pebbles Mosaic is formed when cliff rocks eroded by sea water and crashed into the seabed before combine with white-sand became a beach. Another word, Bali Pebbles Mosaic is a pebble of stone wall cladding with particular size 2 until 64 millimetres larger than granules but smaller than cobblestone.

Bali Pebbles Mosaic usually suitable used for interior as wall cladding such as wall cladding for bathroom in their popularity. For more inspiring, our Bali Pebbles Mosaic actully able to applicate as interior and also exterior such as pillar, wall cladding of any room in the house, or building facade. For this case, the wall should be sketch with favourite design. After that, installing our Bali Pebbles Mosaic according to the pattern design. Eventually, the looking result of this designing style same with terazzo floor tiles with certain pattern.

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