Bali Marble Cladding



Used in everything, from Taj Mahal, one of the Seven Wonders of the World to the Great Marble Sculpture,Discobolus, marble has been fixtured as perfect choices both outside as well as inside. What makes marble a great choice for architect and DIYers alike? Marble is a good option for create modern ambiences, it can be utilized for any architect on their modern projects.

Bali Marble Cladding – The Advantages of Bali Marble Stone

Marble is a type of metamorphic rock formed from limestone. For thousands of years, limestone were maximally heated and suppressed, this extraordinary situation made the structure of limestone denser and hardened to later turn into marble. It makes marble has good durability when architects things to work with marble.

Marble is composed primarily of minerals calcite and other minerals minor like chlorit, quartz, graphit, hematit, and limorit. This beauty natural stone has unique benefits when using as flooring and walling tile. Marble creates naturally cold temperature when using inside or the external side of home or office construction. It will creates elegance looks for any project design as well.

Bali Marble Cladding – Modern Stone For Trendy Interior and Exterior

To be sure for any trendy design projects, Marble is a great choice for modern home design. Bali Marble makes gorgeus appereance with their premium quality and variation of colours and patterns.

Range of Colours

  • White Crystaline
  • Mega Red
  • Imperial Grey

Available Patterns

  • Hexagonal
  • Tumbled
  • Craft Line
  • Groove Pattern
  • Bricks Pattern

Our Bali Marble Cladding has been formed from extreme heat and pressure, means it’s good durability, and perfect for use in :

  • Interior Wall Panels
  • Exterior Wall Panels
  • Flooring Tile
  • Sculptures
  • Countertops 
  • Fireplaces

As a great for heat resistant, Marble in particular suitable for use in modern kitchen area, especially near the stove. It’s also not rarely found used in a fireplace, for person who live in sunnier cities.

Bali Marble Cladding – Marble is Good Option For Architects

Not all marble comes at a high price. You can choose marble with gets it’s beauty, premium quality and cost effective as well. Bali Stone Wall Cladding , provides with best material selection for any our products, especially Marble. Here things should be consider for homeowner, architects, builders and project engineering, about how importantly choose our Marble for your design projects.

Heat Resistance : Marble is good temperature controlle inside home, especially adjusting the room temperature to keep it cool.

Durable : Marble is good durability for any design projects because it’s not a porous stone.

Fire resistance : Marble is good options as home or office construction material. When something we never want happen, like fire, this stone will take us more time to save valuables because of its resistance to fire.

Premium quality : Our team select best material with high artistic touch for every our products, especially marble.

Bali Marble Cladding – Why Choose Us?

At now, it’s not rarely many  builders make a mistakes by using bad quality of natural stones in their projects. It’s happened because they didn’t know how importantly to using premium quality of natural stones. Not only about cost, the very important things is by using premium quality of natural stone for consider in long-term durability.

Bali Stone Wall Cladding, a brand of D&W Internasional, are happy to provide our clients which majority are architects and designers by giving premium quality of natural stones. Our expert very selective start in the first step in choosing the right materials which would like to be installed on the wall.

Our experts are also glad to discuss about your project or requirements, we make sure our clients to get right materials for any theme of their designs, provide quotes, even giving information on estimated schedule delivery as well.