Bali Black Lavastone Cladding: Patterns and Benefits

Bali Black Lavastone Cladding: Patterns and Benefits

Lava stone belongs to the strongest kinds of natural stone, usually used for residential exteriors and interiors. Commonly, you find it in countries with active volcanic clusters. Indonesia is popular for its volcanoes that become the main source of lava stone. And, Bali is one of the biggest lava stone suppliers in Indonesia. For wall cladding, Bali black lava stone is a great choice. In fact, Bali’s black lavastone cladding is not only strong but also sturdy so that it can stand for hundreds of years like what you see on the biggest temple in the world, Borobudur Temple.

Bali natural stone for modern wall cladding exterior in Texas, USA

The Patterns of Bali Black Lavastone Wall Cladding

Undoubtedly, lava stone comes with unbeatable strength that can last forever. You can imagine that you apply this material to your house. It won’t only add to the wall’s aesthetic value but also be a pride source. Anyway, you can transform your walls with Bali black lava stone tiles in different ways. With certain patterns, you will be able to create different looks on your walls. So, make sure that you select the right pattern because it results in a different look.

Random Pattern

This pattern is appropriate for your home exterior. For example, it is for the fence. This pattern makes the fence look very exotic. Besides that, it shows a more natural and authentic impression. This is also ideal for a façade or pillar.

Tumbled Pattern

This also becomes a good choice for those who want a new look on their walls. It doesn’t only look neater but also adds a different value to the fence. Anyway, Bali black lava stone cladding with this pattern creates a glamour & elegant look.

Diamond Cut Pattern

If you focus on the interior, Bali lava stone with the diamond cut pattern may be the best for wall cladding. It enhances your house’s character and creates a 3D look so that your wall will look more eye-catching and alive. Anyway, it elevates the concept of your wall.

Strip Pattern

Another pattern of Bali black lava stone for wall cladding is the strip pattern. It is probably the most common pattern for wall claddings in residential, hotels, and resorts. This pattern is not only ideal for the interior but also the exterior. It combines lighter & darker tones so that it creates an excellent gradation on the wall.

Why Architects Choose Bali Black Lavastone Cladding

One of the reasons why architects choose wall cladding from Bali black lava stone is for energy-saving purposes. For your information, the building’s architecture & construction have been done tremendously in meticulous detail. That’s why it is very energy-efficient. Besides that, Bali’s black lava stone purifies the water. So, you can clean the water used and use the water again safely.

One more thing, Bali black lava stone cladding is not only durable but also water-resistant. Even more, it can last hundreds of years as this natural stone is from hardened molted lavas under extreme heat & pressure. So, when it comes to wall cladding, Bali black lava stone belongs to the best material to use.

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Bali Sukabumi Stone Cladding and Installation Guides

Bali Sukabumi Stone Cladding and Installation Guides

We can define Bali Sukabumi stone cladding as exotic swimming pool tiles with a market around the world. You know that this natural stone is made of quartzite. Usually, people use it as the tiles for swimming pools. many luxury hotels and villas around the world use this natural green stone at their swimming pools such as Rio De Janeiro, Maldives, Haikou, Sanya, Phuket, Hawai, Sofitel Nusa Dua Bali, Bulgari Dubai, and other luxury projects in the world.

Besides that, it will be a good idea to use Bali Sukabumi stone as decoration outside the swimming pool area. One of the most popular examples is wall cladding. You can add the split face in the small swimming pool combined with the main swimming pool. Then, the natural green color makes it look amazing because it describes life’s fresh nature, bringing a better life.

green-pool-with-bali-stone-chisinau-moldova (2)
Green Pool with Bali Stone Sukabumi in Chisinau, Moldova project by Stone Depot

Designers and builders over the world consider this natural green stone a premium stone because of its rarity and unique color. It belongs to the most famous material for pools at spas, holiday properties, luxury houses, and villas. People also often use it as tiles, both texture and sleek. But it is best for wall cladding. In fact, the stunning green shade & textured surface really create a unique appearance in your building. It is also important to know that this natural stone is easy to install. So, Bali Sukabumi stone cladding project will not require too much time and effort.

Bali Sukabumi Stone Cladding Installation

Before you install it, make sure that the surface is flat & flawless. Besides that, it should be free from chemical substances, cracks, holes, and bumps. For the exterior, prepare a strong adhesive to keep the stone from being damaged and peeling off. You also need to prepare tools such as safety equipment, a grout sponge, a trowel, and a circular saw. And, make sure that you use stone pieces of the right size.

To start the adhesive, mix 25 kg of silica sand with about 5.5 kg of latex. To save time & get a smoother mixture, you may consider using a mechanical stirrer. Then, apply the mixture of adhesive by making a thin layer on the surface. After that, add the proper thickness. Next, install the pieces of the stone no more than 20 minutes after you apply the adhesive. But if working in dusty, windy, or hot weather, you must work faster so that the adhesive doesn’t dry. You may also need to erect a tent over the work area to anticipate extreme weather.

For a spacious area, you may need to use strings for creating straight lines. After attaching all the pieces of stone, keep them from getting exposed to mud, water, and rain for 3 – 4 days. You also have to protect them from the sun for 12 hours after the installation. You can protect your Bali Sukabumi stone cladding with a tarp layer or a large tent. Then, you can see how amazing the result is.

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Bali Marble Cladding: Home Design Trend in 2023

Bali Marble Cladding: Home Design Trend in 2023

The trend of today’s home design combines the modern & classic style with a fresh twist. And, Bali marble cladding belongs to the best design aspect you can consider to follow this home design trend. Sophisticated and elegant, wall cladding with Bali marble creates an attractive feature for either the interior or exterior. In fact, Balinese marble will be excellent to adorn your home because of its stunning grain pattern, great colors, and durability. Overall, today’s design trend may get benefits from this wall cladding with Bali marble, such as unique textures as well as 2-tone rooms. Now, find out how you will be able to use this material of wall cladding for creating the latest trend in home design as well as why this material becomes the best choice for a wall cladding project.

Bali Marble Cladding Ideas for Trendiest Home Design

Grey Bali Marble for Wall Cladding

Today’s trend of home design still sticks with classic elements like the touch of rustic and minimalist modern. But they’re fresh twists to these aspects of home design. There’s an emphasis on the material’s natural patterns and texture, instead of a bare minimalist style or design. And, you can also combine Bali marble wall cladding and other textures in a certain room for a unique appearance. For example, you can create a focal point by applying marble cladding to one side of the room. Or, you can place a lounge chair or woven rattan sofa in front of it. Then, it is a good idea to add a fiber carpet with distinctive patterns. In addition to Bali marble cladding, installing a contemporary-style metal lamp will also be a great idea. As a result, the room will look unique but doesn’t feel oppressive.

Creating a 2-tone room is another famous trend in home design today. This trend combines 2 contrasting shades with equal proportions. For your information, this trend is not only suitable in the bedroom and living room. However, it also works well for the bathroom and kitchen. It is true that Bali marble for wall cladding adds a stunning touch in a 2-tone room, especially when you would like to keep the decoration minimal. For example, it will be great to install wall cladding with Bali marble on one side of the wall. Then, you can paint the rest of the wall a different color. Anyway, Bali marble wall cladding will look amazing if you combine it with your desired fresh paint color such as lime green, yellow, orange, or red.

Getting Bali Marble Cladding

You need to know that Bali, Indonesia, produces top-quality natural stones because of the geological condition as well as its geographical location. Many exporters of natural stones deliver blocks, bricks, and other decorative elements like wall cladding to other countries. You can find so many Bali marble wall cladding makers and exporters in Indonesia. The products are available in different options such as bricks, tiles, and many more. The manufacturers cut them to standard sizes and some of them offer customized sizes. Anyway, Bali marble cladding is ideal for those who want a home design trend.

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Bali Pebbles Mosaic: Uses, Options, and Where to Buy

Bali Pebbles Mosaic: Uses, Options, and Where to Buy

Bali pebbles mosaic is a kind of mosaic art using natural pebbles arranged to create decorative patterns. And, Bali pebbles mosaic is a collection of beautiful natural stones that originally discovers in Nusa Tenggara Timur. So, even though there are many other types of stone for pebbles mosaic Bali stone is still the best among others.

Uses of Bali Pebbles Mosaic

The design of this unique natural stone makes it a good choice to bring a perfectly natural look to both as exterior and interior. When talking about innovation and creativity to bring your home to the higher class, nothing is impossible. Using pebbles mosaic from Bali, your home interior or exterior will be much more attractive.

Choosing a pebbles mosaic from Bali is a good choice to solve your home-oldest look. You can use it for different purposes based on your desire. For example, this will be ideal for facades, fences, wall interiors, backsplash, flooring tile, etc. Whatever your purpose is, it’s always great to choose and use this pebbles mosaic.

Bali Pebbles Mosaic Options

bali-pebbles-mosaic-earthyIn the design of Bali pebbles mosaic, you can find various shapes such as a slice, rounded, or coin. The shape is combined with different color options. So, you can choose either one look color only or mixed color. Black, green, brown, pink, or white can be an excellent harmony to fill in your house.

Indonesia beach pebble stone belongs to the best and most recommended beach pebble stones around the world. It is because Indonesia is a country with the longest beach line in the world. Even more, Indonesia also has the largest island nation in the world with 17,000 islands. That’s why Indonesia offers various beach pebbles and the Bali pebbles mosaic is the best one.

You cannot only use pebbles mosaic for flooring but also wall cladding. Its easy installation is very useful to reduce the installation cost. In fact, the cost of installation often becomes a big issue, especially in a developing country because the labor cost is very high.

Where to Buy Bali Mosaic

When it comes to mosaic design, you will certainly need high-quality pebbles. So, you have to purchase them from a Balinese exporter directly. Make sure that the exporter has experience with abroad services. As we have stated above, Bali stone pebbles mosaic is available in different shapes such as oval, tumbled, and coin. Besides that, the stone is also smooth yet durable. Moreover, Bali pebbles can withstand wind, dust, water, and foot traffic.

That’s why it is ideal for wall fences, border structures, garden paths, floors, planters, pillars, and walls. If you want, you can order pebbles mosaics in different color combinations. When ordering the pebbles mosaic, you can negotiate the color combination, size, price & shipping rate.

With high-quality pebbles mosaic, you can get creative decoration on your property. It’s important to understand the difference between tiles and mosaics. Usually, tile art is used to create stylish patterns on the floor. Meanwhile, mosaic art is an excellent choice for figurative pieces of art & applications on floors & walls. For the best option, you should choose the Bali pebbles mosaic.

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Top 5 Bali Natural Stone That You Can Use for Wall Cladding

Wall cladding is a decoration that comes with high-artistic touch. If you are interested in this decoration, you have to choose the best quality stone. Therefore, in this article, we will share the top 5 Bali natural stones that you can use for wall cladding.

Bali Natural Stone for Wall Cladding
Bali Natural Stone for Wall Cladding

What Are the Top 5 Bali Natural Stone That You Can Use for Wall Cladding?

There are many types of Bali natural stones. For wall cladding, either exterior or interior decoration, you can use the following best options.

1.      Bali Lavastone Wall Cladding

This is a versatile natural stone with a good look. Mostly, people use it for pool tiles, flooring tiles, and wall cladding. They choose this kind of stone because has a porous and solid characteristic that resists weather changes.

Besides that, it offers a unique design you can select for your interior walls such as camel shape, diamond cut, tumbled, and curved wall.

You need to know that Bali Lavastone cladding which has a crazy cut pattern has highest demands used to enhance the quality of the building exterior.

2.      Bali Limestone Wall Cladding

This white classic stone comes with a uniquely soft texture and white color, making it excellent for both exterior and interior walls such as fences, facades, and pillars.

It is available in some unique designs you can select to enhance the modern quality of the building including diamond cut, strip cladding, linear cut, camel shape, tumbled, and Helios shape.

3.      Bali Sandstone Wall Cladding

This also belongs to the top 5 Bali natural stones that you can use for wall cladding. It offers a unique golden-brown color and is available in natural design variance. This natural stone will be perfect for a building that needs a natural impression.

Anyway, it is a good choice for your exterior wall because it is resistant to extreme weather changes.

4.      Bali Basalt Wall Cladding

Its characteristics are similar to Bali Lavastone’s. It means, Bali Basalt is solid as well as harshly textured. However, it has a more solid texture.

Besides that, it provides a high-artistic touch to your exterior and interior walls. With a strip cladding pattern, it will really enhance the quality of your pillar areas, fences, and water fountain.

5.      Sukabumi Natural Stone Wall Cladding

Another best option of Bali natural stone for wall cladding Sukabumi stone. Usually, it is used for swimming pool tiles. However, it is also great for wall cladding, not only interior but also exterior areas

Since Sukabumi natural stone is very strong and durable, your wall cladding will last forever. Besides that, its beautiful natural look makes your wall decoration very impressive. So, it can be a good alternative for your wall cladding project.

What Are the Top 5 Bali Natural Stone That You Can Use for Wall Cladding?

Stone Wall Cladding in Movenpick Resort Jimbaran
Stone Wall Cladding in Movenpick Resort Jimbaran

That’s all the top 5 Bali natural stones that you can use for wall cladding. Each Bali stone has its own pros and cons. So, you can compare them and choose the most ideal option for the style of your building. Hopefully, this can help you to make the right decision.

If you want to know more about top 5 Bali natural stones that you can use for wall cladding you can contact us by clicking this WhatsApp link: or emailing us at: and we will kindly respond to you as soon as possible.

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