Why Use Stone Wall Cladding Dubai For Home Interior?

Why Use Stone Wall Cladding Dubai For Home Interior?

Stone wall cladding Dubai is one element that can be used as a home interior material. Not only as a compliment but also can be used to give a unique accent to the room’s walls.

Therefore, the wall that is a barrier between spaces can be used to explore the owner’s creativity. Stone Wall Cladding Dubai by Stone Depot is a finishing that is visible and non-structural in buildings, can be stone blocks, wooden planks in a frame, or a curtain wall. The stone cladding can be used to complement the interior or exterior. Visually, the arrangement of the stones serves as a counterweight to a curtain wall area and presents natural elements in a room.

Stone Wall Cladding Dubai
Black Lavastone for interior in Singapore Airport

Currently, many stones can be processed in terms of shape, effect, and surface. Thus, the rocks can display certain special characters. Sandstone, for example, is one of the elements that can be processed so that it becomes an art stone in certain forms according to the ‘element’ in the theory of Feng Shui science.

Building a house has rules and procedures so that the house feels comfortable. Not only based on exact sciences such as natural science, but ancestors have also passed down the science of feng shui as a guide. Apart from occult science and the like, feng shui teaches building techniques that are precise and balanced.

According to the rules of art, Stone Wall Cladding Dubai by Stone Depot can adopt traditional building forms or buildings with historical nuances, such as a temple or statue. However, the stone with so many kinds and colors has its unique characteristics. Thus, for the placement of stones in a house or building, it must be adjusted to the concept and goals that will be desired to be achieved, according to a particular architectural or interior form.

Placing the stone wall cladding Dubai in a house or building can add ‘earth energy’. The stone that comes from the ground, mountains, or rivers actually stores ‘energy’. Where the energy waves emitted by rocks can affect the energy around them. The older a rock is, the better its energy vibration will be so that the arts and science of Feng Shui will also get better.

The arrangement of the stones that become the surface of the side walls with an irregular texture is even better because the energy (Chi) that bounces off the uneven surface of the wall will get better. Especially when added to the appropriate light settings, it is made that it looks like there is a glow of light on the rocks on the surface of the side walls. A suitable location for placing stone walls is in a ‘good area’, such as in the ‘Shen Chi (Living Air)’ area or ‘Tien Yi (Healing from Heaven)’, to get good benefits for the entire household or building.  

Find out more about exterior wall cladding in Dubai by contacting our team from Stone Depot. You can also choose a variety of other natural stone wall cladding options from Stone Depot. Please click the WhatsApp link listed below to connect with our team directly: https://wa.me/6281578575809 (Aldi) or email us at: marketing@dw-corporation.com and we will kindly respond to you as soon as possible.

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Use Limestone Wall Cladding For Hotel Interior Exterior

Use Limestone Wall Cladding For Hotel Interior Exterior

Have you ever seen a hotel or resort that is shady and harmonious with the use of limestone wall cladding for the interior and exterior? Almost all hotels indeed use natural stone as wall cladding to enhance the aesthetics of their facilities. If we look at various hotels on Bali Island, 95% even use stone wall cladding as the architectural style of the building. One of that hotels is Marriot International Asia Pacific Hotel Network at Uluwatu or better known as Renaissance Bali Uluwatu Resort & Spa.

The Place to Enjoy Lifestyle Experience

As a resting place, those who enter the hotel will also be invited to explore and enjoy a holistic lifestyle experience. The design of the building, starting from the resort’s roof, allows the sea breeze from the Indian Ocean to flow smoothly from the lobby to all areas of the resort. The walls, which are dominated by glass, make it seem like there is no separation between natures in Uluwatu, Bali. Including glass walls in the rooms that make it always close to the outside area.

A total of 207 rooms are inspired by nature with the warmth of wood and the splendor of limestone wall cladding. Each room is also equipped with a large bathroom with a glass roof. The appropriate combination of limestone wall cladding, glass walls, and a garden gives a different sensation when staying at this hotel. During the afternoon you can visit the Pool bar to enjoy a drink. In the late afternoon, you can stop by the R Bar in the hotel lobby, your favorite spot to see the best sunset.

Limestone Wall Cladding
Limestone Wall Cladding

Limestone Wall Cladding Beats Everything in Its Decor

The hotel also manages the Roosterfish Beach Club, a 10-minute drive away. Guests can access the beach club with a free shuttle from the hotel. Don’t miss relaxing with the mainstay spa provided. The combination of a world-class spa, calm and relaxing limestone wall cladding, and the best view of Uluwatu from window to ceiling makes for an unforgettable experience. Something that makes this hotel comfortable is the rooms’ design which combines modern and natural nuances. The use of limestone wall cladding and glass walls creates a luxurious and calming impression.

Limestone wall cladding by Stone Depot has the best quality wall cladding compared with others. Various hotels and resorts have used limestone wall cladding to enhance the aesthetics of their hotel buildings. In addition to the unique hotel design, this hotel also has an outdoor swimming pool design with natural stone material.

In addition, the rooms also combine natural stone with a modern touch. They also reveal open architecture with a view of the Indian Ocean. No wonder they combine natural stone with modern architecture so that guests feel the authentic Balinese nuance. Balinese people tend to use natural stone in their architectural style. The government emphasizes natural stone as a mandatory ornament in building architecture. This is because it has become a characteristic of the island of Bali itself.

You can also choose a variety of natural stone wall cladding from Stone Depot. Connect with our team and find out about the prices of this natural stone by contacting the WhatsApp link below ttps://wa.me/6281578575809 (Aldi) or email us at: marketing@dw-corporation.com and we will kindly respond to you as soon as possible.

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Bali Natural Stone Cladding and Its Own Benefit

Bali Natural Stone Cladding and Its Own Benefit

Bali natural stone cladding is one of the materials widely used as a building material, especially for the finishing process. The realistic impression and decorative appearance are why natural stone has become so popular. The diversity of types and methods of installation that can produce various patterns and formations make natural stone seem to be a mandatory element in the construction of a house, ranging from gardens, fences, and even bathrooms.

Natural stone as wall cladding has advantages and disadvantages when compared to other materials. The following will describe some of the advantages and disadvantages.

Bali Natural Stone Cladding Collection

The benefit of using Bali Natural Stone Cladding

1. Impressed natural, elegant, and luxurious

Natural stone walls are one of the most popular designs in the modern era. The rise of minimalist buildings in the middle of the city makes the designers care more about the exterior and interior of the building. Even with limited land, the application of wall cladding can increase the aesthetic value and selling price of the house.

2. Not easily damaged

Some types of Bali natural stone cladding have high resistance in all weather and a firm texture. In addition, natural stone with proper care can last for decades. The more solid a natural stone is, the higher resistance level the stone has, such as andesite, marble, and granite. Natural Stone cladding price also varies based on the type and characteristic of the stone. Stone Depot offers the best price for natural stone material and wall cladding

3. Flexible size

Natural stone as wall cladding has different sizes so that when installed the wall has a non-monotonous feel. It is different from the use of ceramics that have the same size and pattern.

In addition to the advantages of wall cladding listed above, here are the disadvantages:

4. It has large pores, so it must be covered with a coating

Natural stone has the ability to absorb water, although this ability varies from one to another. In the installation of wall cladding, a coating is always given to the walls during final finishing to maintain the durability of the walls.

5. The use of natural stone on the second floor must pay attention to the structure of the building.

There are types of natural stone that are solid and tend to be heavy. In addition to being problematic, the stone installation on the house’s second floor also needs to be estimated. The home must have a good foundation and building structure if you want to install a natural stone floor on the second floor.

6. Natural Stone cladding price is higher than ceramic.

That’s because the processing of natural stone is much longer than ceramic. Apart from that, natural stone is also superior to ceramics in terms of durability. Even today, the pattern and texture of ceramics cannot imitate 100% natural stone.

Those are some of the advantages and disadvantages of choosing natural stone as wall cladding. You can consider it and adjust the budget you allocate. Choosing natural stone does not necessarily spend a lot of money. It all depends on the wisdom in selecting materials.

To find out about prices and various kinds of natural stone cladding, you can contact Stone Depot by the WhatsApp link below: ttps://wa.me/6281578575809 (Aldi) or email us at: marketing@dw-corporation.com

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Marble Cladding for High Class Bathroom

Marble Cladding for High Class Bathroom

The arrangement of a bathroom that looks luxurious is one of the reasons why people feel comfortable living in five-star hotel rooms. No wonder because a luxurious bathroom does offer maximum comfort for its users through the use of quality materials and high-class facilities. Take a peek at some of the following luxury bathroom designs, and you will feel like staying in a five-star hotel!

Bali Marble Characteristics for Bathroom Material

Marble Characteristic for Bathroom Material
Indonesia Marble Characteristics for Bathroom Material

Marble is a material commonly used in an expensive places because it looks luxurious and elegant. So, to give the bathroom a luxury impression to the maximum, try using this one material. Marble by Stone Depot is one of the bestselling products among the natural stone type. Stone Depot also provides the services of installing natural stone for your bathroom. For the impression of a luxurious bathroom that is simple and clean, use white as a base, then use marble on the floor and walls of the shower area.

One of the things that makes a hotel bathroom feel luxurious is its warm and soft lighting. You can apply this method to produce the impression of a luxury bathroom. First, use elegant materials such as marble and granite in the bathroom, then use a simple glass panel as a divider for the shower area. Use a lamp with a soft, warm white color to make the bathroom feel luxurious. Usually, luxury bathrooms are synonymous with spacious sizes.

However, you can also present a luxurious bathroom with a small narrow room area. The key is to keep using elements that give the bathroom a luxurious feel. Use marble motifs with dark colors that are aesthetically pleasing on all surfaces of the walls and floors, coupled with soft, warm lighting. With those ways, we can immediately feel the luxury impression.

Application for Luxurious and Elegant Bathroom

You can make a spacious bathroom if there is enough space in your home. For a luxurious yet simple impression, use white as a base and gold or copper as a beautiful color accent. If you want, use materials such as marble on the walls so that your bathroom looks more elegant. Don’t forget to pay attention to the lighting so that your bathroom looks bright.

Natural stone cladding in price Philippines, especially for marble, is more expensive than other natural stones, but the quality and luxury will be a testament to your design. Just give a little touch of marble then your room will become elegant many times over. Marble is easy to absorb fluid, so it is recommended to use a grout that is not gritty when laying marble tiles. Marble is also susceptible to heat and acid spills.

Besides marble, you can also use granite as a beautiful blend in your bathroom. Granite is more robust than marble. Its durability is also better so that this granite floor can last long without experiencing significant damage. Granite and marble also have pretty large pores. However, both are high-end natural stones that can increase the property’s selling price much higher. Both of those stones are available at Stone Depot with high-quality processes.

How to Get Marble Natural Stone?

To get your hands on the best Marble Natural Stone, contact us on our Whatsapp https://wa.me/6281578575809 (Aldi), or call us (+62 231 8802888). Another option is to send us a fax (+62 231 8491546) or email (info@dw-corporation.com). We look forward to answering your questions!

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Types of Indonesia Stone for Swimming Pools and Their Benefits!

Types of Indonesia Stone for Swimming Pools and Their Benefits!

Choosing the stone for a pool can not be easy because every stone has its characteristics. Indonesia has a lot of types of stone but you can’t use all of them to build a great swimming pool. There are only a few Indonesian stones for swimming pools.

Why Using Indonesia Stone for Swimming Pools

A girl swimming inside the pool at Jungle Ubud, Bali – Photo by Apic on PIxabay

When choosing a type of material for constructing a swimming pool, nothing can beat natural stone in the first place. Indonesia’s natural stone provides many benefits, here are some of them:

1.      Waterproof

The Swimming pool is not only about the area with water, but also other parts on and around it. Almost every part of the swimming pool is wet, this means it should be waterproof. Natural stones have waterproof abilities and also absorb them.

2.      Easy Maintenance

Another benefit of natural stone is easy to clean with minimum tools. No moss can grow above them so it will not be slippery.

3.      Long-Lasting Material

Natural stone is the best material for the swimming pool because it is a long-lasting material. Natural stone can last for decades, making it perfect for your pool.

4.      Weather Resistant

Every city in this world has unique weather, some of them must be experiencing a hot summer or a freezing winter. Natural stones won’t be hot during the daytime so you can be comfortable walking above them. It is also strong enough to hold the freeze-melt cycle in your pool.

Best Indonesia Stone for Swimming Pools

Indonesia is famous all over the world for producing the best stones for swimming pools. Here are the great stones from Indonesia for swimming pools you can choose from!

1.      Sukabumi Stone

The most popular Indonesian stone is the Sukabumi stone pool, which can be found only in Indonesia. The authenticity in this stone is the greenish color that can be darker while the stone is wet.

This stone has been used in several countries around the world, usually to build a high-class swimming pool in a luxurious hotel.

2.      Bali Green Stone

Another famous Indonesian stone is the Bali Green Stone which is the icon of every swimming pool in Bali.

The green color on the stone makes the water seem very clear so it can create an awesome greenish on your pool. Sometimes, this stone can also spread light blue color but only under certain circumstances.

3.      Bali Stone

Last but not least, Bali Stone was also one of the best materials for your pool. You can use this stone on your side of the pool to create a natural look.

This stone was also strong enough to remain the same after decades making it perfect for a luxurious swimming pool.

Where to Buy?

You can get all of the best types of Indonesian stone for swimming pools in our places. You can visit us at sandstonetiles.net for further information. If you want to know more, then just contact us on Whatsapp https://wa.me/6281578575809 (Aldi) or via email at info@dw-corporation.com

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