Shipping & Packaging

Shipping & Packaging

When we talks about shipment, automatically we discuss about delivery, transportation and their several methods in details. To provide our customer’s knowledge especially for individual/personal client, here’s the information about shipping and packaging details.

At the first as noted, to ensure our customer satisfaction, our shipping team always try the best effort to ensures that all shipments will occur on time and follow the delivery completion schedule.


How We Ship Your Order ?

Commonly, we ship the goods by using two shipment methods that is shipped by sea freight and air freight.

  • Shipped by Sea Freight

  • Shipped by Air Freight


Trucking Shipment Methods

There is two ways for ship the goods by trucking, that is with FCL and LCL shipment.


  • FCL (Full Container Loaded)



FCL or full container loaded means that we can ship the goods with maximum capability of one container loaded. Normally, our company using maximum capability of one container is 20′ – 40′ feet container which considered by weight regulation in our country.


  • LCL (Less Container Loaded)

LCL is not same at all with FCL. We ship the goods with capability less than one container loaded. The shipment less than one container loaded or LCL, normally will count as per volume or tonase.


Status Shipment Comparison


Delivery Time Relatively Fast Longer than FCL Fast
Security Very Safe At risk Very Safe
Detail Order Own goods Mix with other goods Own goods
Cost Less than FCL High than FCL Very High
Min. Order 8 – 19 crates 1 – 7 crates under 50m2


Situation at Depo Container Semarang

Situation at Depo Container Semarang


Situation at Tanjung Emas, Semarang

Tanjung Emas, Semarang Port


LCL – Semarang Warehouse


Dry Port Situation at Cikarang

Cikarang Dry Port

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