Marble is a type of natural stone formed from crystallized limestone. This gives each piece of marble a random pattern, something that makes it look even more exotic. The pattern can also be a sign that the piece is an authentic marble.

Although it can’t be imitated using the latest technology, there are still many fake products labeled as marble, which is actually another type of stone that is polished to look like marble. The pattern that results from the natural formation process also makes marble considered a precious stone, which means that using marble in one of your home furniture will give the impression of luxury and elegance.

One of the best types that we recommend is Bali stone marble. This natural stone has a unique pattern with various hues. Although most of the marble has a dominant white tone, the manufacturing process allows us to get marble stones with more varied options.

Uniquely, this process does not reduce the quality of marble. Even the strength of the marble is maintained so you don’t have to worry about the process reducing its strength level. In practice, marble is often used in building construction, such as floors, walls, to other smaller details. In addition, marble is also processed into furniture such as kitchen countertops or coffee tables.

The Exoticism of Bali White Crystalline

bali-stone-marble-white-crystaline-at-mesastila-resort-magelang (2)
Bali Stone Marble at MesaStila Resort & Spa, Magelang

If you are working on a project that carries a modern and minimalist concept, Bali stone marble will be the right choice to ensure the project is realized according to plan. This product can be applied to the concept of a modern house because it is white with a dominant black pattern. This product is even available in tiles, which will give you an area to explore using marble. You can use it as a tiling in the living room to display a luxurious yet minimalist impression. The marble tile will also give a dominant aura, making anyone ready to be stunned by the interior concept of your home. In addition, Bali stone marble is also available in large pieces that can be adjusted to the type of furniture you are going to make.

So far, Bali white crystalline is often used as a kitchen countertop. Your kitchen will look different when you use this marble as a countertop. We all know that marble is one of the most durable types of stone. In addition, the surface also has anti-scratch properties, which makes it often used as a kitchen countertop. Using this natural stone in the kitchen will give a special impression considering that during this time, the kitchen is considered an additional functional space. But when using marble, the kitchen will become a special room and give a sense of pride. In short, using the Bali marble will change the whole perspective of our house. So if you want to apply the modern-themed household, use the Bali white crystalline.

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