Bali Grey Basalt Cladding – The Beauty of Bali Basalt Cladding in Pullman Bali Legian Beach Hotel

Bali Grey Basalt Cladding – The Beauty of Bali Basalt Cladding in Pullman Bali Legian Beach Hotel

Bali grey basalt cladding provides a great look in luxurious hotels like Pullman Bali Legian Beach Hotel. Find out why.


Bali Grey Basalt Cladding – Photo taken at Pullman Legian Beach Property, Bali (Courtesy of Pullman Legian Beach Property, Bali)

Luxurious hotels like Pullman Bali Legian Beach Hotel often combine many types of natural materials in their designs, like Bali grey basalt cladding. Bali Basalt with grey color comes in various designs such as tumbled, trapezoid pattern, helios pattern, and many more. The variety and modernity of Bali Basalt is the perfect option for enhancing the quality for the parts of your buildings especially in your cladding’s appearance. Meanwhile, Bali Basalt is a type of volcanic stone, but unlike the typical black, hard boulder, basalt has more diverse color ranges. Bali Basalt has more versatility than Bali black lavastone because it is easier to shape and combine with various colors. Basalt stone tiles from Bali Island is ideal for interior and exterior, especially for cladding. You can see the examples in the Pullman Bali Legian Beach property. Bali Grey basalt cladding in the Pullman Bali Legian Beach Property brings the sense of “back to nature” to the place and gives one-hundred elegance and modern appearance. Our Bali grey basalt cladding divided into several cutting sizes, pattern design, and finishing that you can check it as below.

Product Name Bali Grey Basalt Cladding
Material Basalt
Finishing Natural Top face, Smooth Top Face
Cutting size 200 x 400 mm
Pattern design Tumbled shape, helios pattern


Bali Basalt Cladding – Your Inspire Stone Wall Cladding Interior and Exterior


Bali Grey Basalt Cladding in Pullman Legian Beach Property, Bali (Courtesy of Pullman Legian Beach Property, Bali)

Many luxurious places used Bali grey basalt cladding both for interior and exterior uses.  Bali Basalt is not as fragile as limestone, but it is still easy to shape and combine with the other materials. As the natural volcanic stone, Bali Basalt has a very fine grain, with colors that range from grey to blue and black (or the combination between the three). Some Bali basalt tiles also have very subtle patterns, while others have richer looks and deeper colors. This wide range of colors gives design advantages for basalt, making it easier to blend with other materials and design types (contemporary, traditional, modern, and others).

Bali grey basalt cladding is a popular natural stone for the exterior and interior walls due to unique characteristics that have had of this stone since it’s beginning. Basalt as natural stone with similar characteristics with Indonesia Andesite Stone, contains plagioclase feldspar mineralssilica (55-65%)amphibole, or pyroxene inside of the stone. Bali Basalt also has solid and harsh textured which is not easily damaged by scratching and weather changes. Bali stone wall cladding exterior have a variety of is suitable for border walls, patio decks, ornamental walls, and hallway decorations. Meanwhile, installing basalt cladding in the room will reduce the noise. It makes basalt a popular material for a bedroom, spa, massage parlor, and the dry area of the bathroom. Basalt is also more durable than limestone, so you have more freedom to explore the possibilities. Installing basalt cladding on exterior structures is a more sensible option than sticking with limestone. Basalt is also able to retain comfortable temperatures during the day or night.

Bali Grey Basalt Cladding – The Beauty of Bali Basalt Cladding in Pullman Bali Legian Beach Hotel

Bali Tile Suppliers – Exotic Bali Natural Stone for Wall Cladding Designs

Bali Tile Suppliers – Exotic Bali Natural Stone for Wall Cladding Designs

Get the best exotic natural stone for your wall cladding only at Stone Depot – Bali tile suppliers.

Bali Natural Stone – Get Durable and Great Quality Wall Cladding with Bali Natural Stone Tiles

bali basalt exterior wall cladding

Our Project at Laman Ceylon, Malaysia (Courtesy of Laman Ceylon, Malaysia)

Wall cladding refers to cover the exterior walls as well as interior walls with materials such as natural stone to give the protective cover to the wall and makes the wall more aesthetics. Exotic Bali natural stone is a beautiful natural stone from Bali, Indonesia, often used for cladding the exterior and interior walls to give a natural impression and rich tone for the walls. Bali natural stone gives an eco-friendly touch for your home, like rustic looks, classic and elegance looks, or modern chic. But you need professional Bali tiles suppliers to get the high-quality Bali natural stone for your home decoration.


Bali Tile Suppliers – Authentic Natural Feel with Bali Stone Wall Cladding

sky blue stone cladding (2)

Bali Sky Blue Stone Cladding (Courtesy of Flora Ville Golf Club, Bangkok)

Bali natural stone may be ornamental, but it also a perfect material for wall cladding. Using natural stone not only brings out the beauty of your home, but also high durability, low maintenance, and increasing the price of your property. Bali natural stone is becoming a new favorite for home designers and homeowners because it gives a natural element for the house to make a beautiful home décor has excellent design flexibility. Bali tiles suppliers offer a wide range of Bali natural stone color variations and design for an authentic natural feel for your wall cladding. Whether you are searching for exterior wall cladding or bathroom wall cladding.

Bali natural stones have beautiful colors and easy to combine with another home décor to match your interior. If you love the tropical design or rustic look for your home, choose the yellow natural stone for your wall cladding. Natural stones also have a cold surface, so when it comes to summer, this design will make you feel like in the tropical country. Bali natural stones are easy to find, but you have to make sure the quality of the stones is good enough to make a perfect wall cladding in your home. The quality of the stone depends on which Bali tiles suppliers that you use.


Bali Tile Suppliers – Where to Buy Bali Natural Stone for Wall Cladding?

Bali natural stone is the kind of stone that has great versatility to fit in various places of your home such as terrace, exterior walls, pathways, patio, kitchen, bathroom, and living room. If you are looking for Bali tiles suppliers that offer high quality of Bali natural stone for your wall cladding, Stone Depot is the answer. Stone Depot is an Indonesia-based Bali natural stone manufacturer, exporter, and hardscape contractor since 2005 and ships more than 50 countries in the world.

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Bali Tile Suppliers – Exotic Bali Natural Stone for Wall Cladding Designs