Tips installation Bali Limestone White Classic

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The natural stone has a wide range of wall cladding options.  But if we have to suggest Bali white limestone is one of the premium materials that many people choose for wall cladding. The character of limestone has an amazing color that fits with any lighting fixtures. The white limestone offers a variety of patterns that will make your room more elegant.

The choice of white limestone also gives you the durability and strength that ensure longevity. The white limestone also has typical that will lure homeowners to choose it. So if you need to install this stone by yourself, you have to follow these steps to help your projects. These five steps will guide you through the process of limestone for your wall cladding, so read this carefully so you will do it perfectly.

Some Guidances to Install the Limestone

Classic and simple wall cladding design with Bali White Limestone

1. Know your needs

Before you start the installation process of white limestone cladding, it’d better refine your arrangement.  By the expert suggest purchasing a little bit more stone slabs than required.  This number will cover if in advance there is damage or any cuts that occur during installation since this is your first time at this project. Knowing the exact number of stones you need helps you to finish the project effectively.

2. Prepare the tools and materials

Prepare all of the tools and materials that you need like mortar, masking gloves, nails, floor leveling compound, trowel, string, and cement. You can choose the specific cement for a natural stones of any type of cement. Then the string will help you during installation to keep the stone in a good straight line.  As for the finishing process, prepare a coating liquid. It had to be used to coat the surface of the walls so that not easily mossy. 

3. Check the surface

After all of the preparation, it would be better to check if the surface is clean and clear. You have to ensure that the side has no leak or damage. Or else, you have to rebuild the wall to shape a solid foundation. There are some tips you can do about to the surface. The tip is scratching the paint, dust, or dirt off your wall before the installation.

4. Installation of White limestone

The next way to install natural stone is to prepare the wall to be pasted with cement. This can be done by peeling or breaking the wall surface randomly. After that, attach nails to the top of the wall that has been a threat. It will be as a pole for installing natural stone so that the results are angled perfectly.  Do it slowly and carefully to get the best result.

To install natural stone is to start from the bottom. First, don’t forget to give a wedge so that the stone was install did not fall to the bottom, because this stone is quite heavy in mass.  When the installation of White limestone on the walls is complete, there will be remnants of cement from each side of the natural stone. These residues have to remove before they dry and become difficult to clean.

Don’t forget to check and evaluate the excessive adhesive or inspect any damage on the surface of the stone. This step helps you to decide whether or not to take off any imperfect stone before it’s too late.

5. Finishing

Do small-scale inspections such as cleaning the surface is enough to ensure your installation looks perfect. The last step of installing natural stone walls is to coat them with a liquid coating so that the stone walls are not easy to get moldy or mossy. In addition, the function of natural stone wall coating is to make it look more beautiful. That’s how to install Bali white limestone walls at home.

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How to Install White Limestone for Wall Cladding

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