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If you want something artsy with a classical yet modern sense, you may apply the Bali stone carving to your home décor ideas. They are beautiful natural stone arts in various exotic ornaments like flora and fauna, religious to abstract symbols, and even human activities.

Let’s figure out more about these Balinese local arts of stone carving and find a few ideas to install them.

Bali Stone Carving

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Classic Limestone for Bali Stone Carving with Floras Designs

You can look into Stone Depot for its high-quality Bali stone carving products. They are available in varied natural stone options like Limestone, Sandstone, and Volcanic Rock.

These stones provide you with exceptional textures, thickness, and hardness. For example, if you prefer a soft effect or statement, you can go for limestone-based stone carvings.

As to the design, all the Bali stone carvings have taken the centuries-old heritage, which increasingly has become more popular.  You may pick among inimitable stone carving designs of elaborate faunas, floras, symbols (abstract and religious ones), and people’s life activities.

In addition to decorative wall tiles, Stone Depot presents customized sculptures, pedestals, fountains, flowerpots, lamp houses, fireplace mantels, and benches.

How to Install Bali Stone Carving

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Bali stone carving for an extraordinary outdoor wall decor

You can install Bali stone carving in any room, both indoor and outdoor. They are also a splendid choice for other public buildings or commercial structures, such as hotels, art galleries, and many others. So, how to install those ornament artworks?

First, before starting, you should choose which room or area you are going to decorate. You can decide on one room that requires the most work, for example.

Second, by doing that, you can determine which stone carving piece you may like to focus on for each room.   

Wall cladding

You can go for Stone Depot ornament wall tiles or other stone carving designs and apply them along the indoor walls of your house. For example, you can bring a striking look to your living room or bedroom walls with a huge limestone-made relief stone wall carving.

They are also applicable for outdoor installation. You can put them as outdoor house wall tiles. Or else, you can install them on your patio or garden walls, over the fish pond or swimming pool, and more.

Smaller to bigger focal points

Bali stone carving offers various pieces that can work as the focal point to any room or space. You can select among little to huge Buddha statues, stone lamps in different shapes (column or square), stone basins, flowerpots, and more.

Their mere presence creates an attractively distinctive yet outstanding effect on whoever sees them.

Lastly, you may combine those stone carving pieces based on the room you are working on. Since they are available in different sizes, designs, and forms, you can pick the most suitable one. You can mix between the bigger and the smaller pieces to complete each other. It applies as well to outdoor décor ideas.

Or, you can simply follow your taste and preference as Bali stone carving in any designs and installations will make a unique statement. They will create a striking accent and class to outdoor or indoor décor scheme. You can apply them to your home living or any commercial buildings and structures.

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How to Install Bali Stone Carving

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