Bali Bukit limestone cladding is featured in Oberoi Beach Resort is a beautiful addition of the luxury accommodation. Here is why you should use the same product.


Bali Bukit Limestone Cladding – Photo taken at The Oberoi Beach Resort, Bali (Courtesy of Oberoi Beach Resort, Bali)

Limestone cladding is a common feature you will see at various luxurious properties in Bali, such as the Bali Bukit limestone cladding at the Oberoi Beach Resort. Combining modernity with comfort and traditional, rustic elements, Oberoi showcases a lot of natural materials in its design and construction. Certain types of materials are suitable for heavy feet traffic or water, while others are more delicate and suitable for wall exteriors. The cladding accents are among the most prominent features at the Oberoi Beach Resort Bali. They prove that Indonesia is one of the top natural stone producers in the world, combining beauty and quality in its products.

Bali Bukit Limestone Cladding – The Beauty and Best Cladding Recommendation in 2020


Bali Bukit Limestone Cladding (Courtesy of Oberoi Beach Resort, Bali)

Bali is one of the Indonesian provinces that uses limestone extensively in its architectures. Bali Bukit limestone cladding is especially delicate and elegant, a favorite material among sculptors and traditional architects. Many Bali stone statues are made of limestone, which is apparent from their delicate surfaces and subtle coloring. Sculptors also like limestone because it is easy to carve and cut, and the result looks elegant. In modern buildings, limestone is popular as ornamental and decorative parts, including wall cladding. Many luxurious resorts in Bali show off this limestone feature, including at Oberoi Beach Resort Bali. You can find limestone elements at the exterior and interior, blending seamlessly with the other natural stone types. For your future projects in 2020, Bali Limestone is one of the best recommendation natural stone to enhance the quality of your wall cladding to be modern and minimalist appereance.

Bali Bukit limestone cladding has very fine grains on its texture, giving the surface a smooth finish. Our Bali Limestone Cladding has classic white color appearance and also available in various light shades, but the basic white and gold tones combines and give it an elegant look. Some types of Indonesia limestone tiles have fine grey lines on its surface, while others have more grayish than white or golden shade. Bali Limestone for wall cladding is an ideal choice for a building in a tropical area like Bali. As natural stone, limestone keeps its surface in “comfortable” temperature for us. During the day, the stone feels cool to the touch, and it retains the warmth when the night comes.


Bali Bukit Limestone for Exterior Wall Cladding (Courtesy of Oberoi Beach Resort, Bali)

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Bali Bukit Limestone Cladding – The Beauty of Bali Limestone Cladding at Oberoi Beach Resort

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