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The Wonderful experience at Baobab Safari Resort

Baobab Safari Resort is one of the most beautiful places to visit during the holidays. This is a place that has everything. You can stay in a hotel with excellent service that ensures all your comfort is fulfilled. In addition, this resort can also be the best place to enjoy the natural scenery. Baobab Safari Resort has wildlife that lives around the hotel. The wildlife which is the main attraction – makes this place perfect for families. Not only that, but the design of this resort is also special because it uses Bali lava stone. This natural stone is everywhere, decorating from walls to walls and make them wonderful.

Beautiful Wall Cladding with Bali Lava stone

Bali Lavastone brings a special look to the exterior parts of Baobab Safari Resort

Apart from ensuring the comfort and satisfaction of the visitor’s experience, Baobab Safari Resort also presents a stunning building design. There is a swimming pool which has a tropical concept with selected stone tiles that make it looks blue like the sea. And as far as the eyes can see, you can see that the walls of the buildings also have charming textures and patterns. Especially by using Bali Lavastone for wall cladding, every inch of the wall at the Baobab resort looks beautiful. The combination of all these elements makes this resort a favorite place for visitors to spend their summertime. Also, this is a place for those who want to get inspiration for their wall cladding projects at home.

Lava stone is a type of stone that has a good level of durability and strength. This rock is made of melted lava which then freezes due to drastic differences in temperature. The raw material is then processed using sophisticated machines so that the rock is shaped into small pieces. The advanced machines also ensure the strength and minerals contained in the raw materials remain, making Bali Lavastone one of the best for any outdoor construction projects. Baobab Safari Resort did the right thing because it selected Bali Lava stone a natural stone choice for wall cladding. This stone provides many advantages thanks to its very unique characteristics.

One of the most distinctive characteristics of Bali Lavastone is its rough surface texture. Although you can choose the type of finishing, lava stone still has a rough surface that also provides space for the stone to ‘breathe’. Using a microscope, we can see that there are small cavities on the surface of the rock that function as air circulation. The rough texture is also suitable when applied to buildings that carry natural and traditional concepts. Baobab Safari Resort, which is known to be environmentally friendly, chose Bali lava stone for several reasons. So don’t be surprised if in almost every corner of the area we can see a wall that uses lava stone as wall cladding.

As for now, we all know that the Bali Lavastone is a great selection for any wall cladding projects. Even 5-stars hotel like Baobab Safari Resort uses the same material for their walls. Make sure you use the same stone for wall cladding too.

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The Wonderful Exterior Wall Cladding with Bali Lavastone at Baobab Safari Resort

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