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When the summer comes, there’s no better way to make the kids happy than to take them to the park. And this holiday, it will be more memorable if you go to Eco Green Park, Malang. This is a great place to introduce various types of flora and fauna to the children.

Interestingly, this place does not only provide many lessons to children. We can also learn a lot about design to make our properties even better. One way is to look at the charming wall cladding.

The tropical outdoor wall cladding concept will make your property look more exotic. So, it is a win-win solution where the kids happy and you get more inspiration for the next wall cladding projects.

The Exotic Exterior Wall Cladding with Bali Golden Sandstone

Bali golden sandstone outdoor wall cladding improve the tropical nuance at park

We can clearly see that the concept of Eco Green Park, Malang is very charming. This park tries to make the natural nuances feel so thick that the fauna feels like they are in their habitat. For us, a tropical concept like this will give a feeling of happiness. Especially with the very dominant vegetation that manages to give the feel of a tropical rain forest.

The managers of Eco Green Park Malang know that to provide natural accents, they need unusual materials for wall cladding. Therefore, the choice fell on the Bali Golden Sandstone which has a character similar to the tropical outdoor concept.

Among other natural stones for wall cladding, Bali Golden Sandstone has a unique character that will make any walls look more natural. As you can see that each slab of this beautiful sandstone has different motive and veining, making every piece of the stone is valuable. And the result is amazing because the arrangement of this stone can shape a natural stone that naturally attached on the walls.

This is what Bali Golden Sandstone offers for those who want something natural on their walls. Other than its unique texture, Bali sandstone also comes with different color gradation, from light to dark.

The Perfect Wall Cladding Outdoor for Eco-Friendly Concept

sandstone-outdoor-wall-cladding-eco-green-park (3)
The beautiful pattern of Bali golden sandstone that brings eco-friendly design at walls

We can see that almost all the walls at the Eco Green Park Malang look like natural stone arranged perfectly. This creates an ambiance that gives us a chance to feel what it is like in the jungle, where the greens are the views and the stones add the nuance. The Bali Golden Sandstone manages to bring something different in every corner of the wall. Plus, this natural stone gives a unique experience that makes this place popular.

It is not surprising that in the last decade, the Bali Golden Sandstone has a very high demand in this country. And it doesn’t matter where you are right now, we are a leading-star supplier that can ship this amazing stone anywhere in the world.

Most of our clients are from United States, Thailand, Australia, and Dubai. Bali Golden Sandstone has decorated resorts, hotels, and even public areas such as Eco Green Park Malang. This is an amazing wall cladding material that will be suitable for a nature-concept property that embraces eco-friendly material.

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The Tropical Golden Sandstone Exterior Wall Cladding

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