Bali Stone Wall Cladding

Dubai has been transformed into one of the most calculated cities in the world. A decade ago, there was no denying that this city in the Middle East would become the center of a new civilization. Located in a barren and arid desert region, Dubai is now the center of world fashion. Even one of the tallest buildings in the world is there. With a total height of 828 meters, the Burj Khalifa has become the tallest skyscraper since 2009. So far no building has ever broken that record. Besides Burj Khalifa, Dubai also has several famous iconic buildings. The architects use high quality material from around the world, including Bali with its Bali stone wall cladding.

To meet the needs of architects who need high quality building materials, Bali stone wall cladding was chosen to fill the void in the wall. Moreover, these materials are made from natural raw materials which have excellent resistance to light and water. In addition, the stone wall cladding also has several patterns that can be adapted to Dubai’s architectural style. The pattern is very flexible and can be integrated with various types of building styles, from modern, classic, or a combination of both. Here’s the list of the most favorite Bali stone wall cladding for Dubai’s Architecture.

Bali Limestone Cladding

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Bali Limestone Cladding – Photo Courtesy of Sofitel Nusa Dua Resort, Bali

This material has a variety of color choices that can be formed in accordance with the desired pattern. In addition, finishing patterns are also very varied, making it easier for architects to determine the appropriate theme for wall cladding. On the other hands, can be used both interior and exterior. Made from sedimentation stones, Bali Limestone has a distinctive texture on its surface. Unique characteristics are also the main attraction. This stone has an abundant mineral content, coupled with crystal granules which make the stone look sparkling when exposed to light.

Bali Lavastone Cladding

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Bali Lavastone Cladding – Photo Courtesy of Jewel Changi Airport, Singapore

Among Bali’s most popular stone wall cladding choices for Dubai’s architecture, Bali Lavastone is the best choice. This stone is available in a variety of patterns, ranging from random, diamond cut, strip cladding, to stunning curved patterns. With a distinctive black color, Bali Lavastone Cladding is often used for contemporary and minimalist style buildings. The use of this stone for decoration on the walls of buildings will give an elegant impression thanks to the dominant black color. Also, Black Lava Stone is available for tiles and pavers that will complement the overall design of the building.

Bali Basalt Cladding

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Bali Baltic Grey Basalt Cladding – Photo Courtesy of Renaissance Pattaya Resort & Spa, Thailand

Last but not least, Bali Basalt Wall Cladding is the last choice to give a persona to the building wall. Bali Basalt is known for its durability and strength. This stone is very suitable for the exterior because it is able to withstand heat. It suits with Dubai’s climate that tends to be hot so you have to pay extra for building maintenance. By using Bali Basalt for wall cladding, the maintenance costs can be minimized. This one’s suitable for those who want something bold, strong, and also elegant.

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The Most Favorite Bali Stone Wall Cladding for Dubai’s Architecture

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