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Indonesia is a country that has extraordinary natural beauty. Not only that, but this country also has abundant natural resources. From every corner of the country, there are natural resources that can be put to good use. One of the natural resources from Indonesia that is now being used all over the world is natural stone. There are many types of natural stone that have very high economic value. Not only that, but the beauty of natural stones from Indonesia has also been recognized by experts. Even some architects have started to forget about marble, then choose a natural stone from Bali, one of the regions in Indonesia, as a substitute. The Wujil Resort & Conventions Ungaran gives a real example of that – using Bali Grey Basalt Stone in one of the building elements.

Bali Grey Basalt Stone for Wall Cladding

The beauty of the Wujil Resort Wall Cladding with Bali Grey Basalt Stone

Known as a type of Andesite stone, Bali Grey Basalt Stone is known as a natural stone that has a very good level of strength. Even some people consider its strength as good as granite, even though this is actually still in the category of lava stone. If you look at the level of durability, people also judge that what Bali Grey Basalt Stone has to offer is worth the price. Especially when compared to natural stones in a higher class, the Bali Basalt Stone price is more affordable than others. This stone is also known because it can be applied anywhere, both indoors and outdoors. Its popularity makes The Wujil Resort & Conventions use this stone on one of the building walls.

It’s not only a matter of durability, Bali Grey Basalt Stone is also known for its beauty. Seeing its texture and composition, this natural stone is made from natural minerals which give it a natural color. This composition makes many people use this natural stone for residences that carry a contemporary theme. With a neutral gray color, natural stone will look like one with a contemporary design that emphasizes a mix of elements. In addition to contemporary housing, architects also use natural stone for wall cladding in buildings with traditional and medieval concepts. Housing that uses this concept does require several types of stone as the main setting, and the Bali Basalt Stone works well because it blends in perfectly.

grey-basalt-cladding-wujil-resort (2)
The durable of the Wujil Resort Wall Cladding with Bali Grey Basalt Stone

So, if you choose a natural stone that offers durability and beauty, Bali Grey Basalt Stone is the answer. This stone ensures that you can feel both of these aspects in the building. The durability is very important, especially if you use it as an exterior wall cladding material because changes in weather and temperature can erode the strength and uniqueness of the stone. In addition, the natural color of the stone does not fade so that its beauty stays forever for years to come. This ensures you don’t have to renovate by replacing the stone material – which is costly.

In short, the Wujil Resort & Conventions Ungaran has done a wonderful job by choosing Bali Grey Basalt stone for wall cladding.

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The Eye-Catchy and Durable Wall Cladding with Bali Grey Basalt Stone at The Wujil Resort & Conventions Ungaran

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