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Bukit Daun Hotel & Resort will be the best place to learn and sharpen our interior design senses. This hotel, which is located in the center of Kediri, of course, offers their visitors various types of facilities with the best service. But this time we will focus more on discussing how a building looks so beautiful with the right materials.

After learning so much about amazing stacked wall cladding patterns, we will now take a closer look at how the Bali Basalt stone makes the interior of the room look both classic and charming at once. This is going to be a good way to watch and learn before we start any new projects in the summer!

Bali Basalt Stone Wall Cladding for Classic Look

In an interior design concept, two aspects that are always the main focus are appearance and quality. A design will be considered perfect if it succeeds in showing an impression that fits the concept.

Not only that, but a good design must also have an aspect of functionality. So the design must have good quality to support the main function of a room. Thus, we can say a design is good or not.

Of course, we can see how Bukit Daun Hotel & Resort manages to combine these two important aspects – creating an area with a classic impression thanks to the selection of the right materials.

bali-basalt-stone-wall-cladding-bukit-daun-kediri (1)
A masterpiece design with Bali Basalt Stone for a Classical Wall Cladding look

In this case, they are using Bali Basalt Stone as wall cladding that manages to create a unique look. We also know that every hotel must have a certain concept.

In this case, Bukit Daun Hotel & Resort wants to present a classic impression in one of the room interiors. Bali Basalt Stone was chosen because it is considered to represent this appearance.

Moreover, this natural stone has many sizes that make it easier for us to install and plan patterns. To produce a thick classic impression, the regular flooring pattern with medium tiles has succeeded in bringing the concept to life. Interestingly, this is not the only advantage that Bali Basalt stone offers.

The Durability of Basalt Stone for Wall Cladding

The perfect durable natural stone wall cladding with Bali Basalt Stone

Basalt is a natural stone that has a very good level of strength. As an extrusive stone, Basalt stone is very solid and dense. This allows Bukit Daun Hotel & Resort to use them as wall cladding. They know that wall cladding takes a material that has a strength level above average.

By choosing the material that has the best strength, the walls is still not easily cracked or broken. Other than that, it is also a great investment as they can cut the cost of repairing.

So it is not just the right material to add a classic view in such an interior, but also the one that has a great level of durability. This is a great example that the Bukit Daun Hotel & Resort Kediri shows us the quality of Bali Andesite stone for wall cladding.

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The Classic Wall Cladding Style with Bali Basalt

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