The Extraordinary Palimanan Yellow Sandstone Cladding

The Extraordinary Palimanan Yellow Sandstone Cladding

Our Palimanan Yellow Sandstone Wall Cladding is the elegance-dark material to impress the wall cladding with Balinese Style. If you need to find the Bali Sandstone Wall Cladding supplier, contact us directly by clicking our Whatsapp link: (Aldi) or email:

Wall cladding is the right technique to make walls look like they have an unusual appearance. When this time many people prefer to coat the walls with paint, then this method will make the wall look at the next level. Using paint will only give color, while wall cladding will give texture and character that make the walls look more alive, especially if you use natural stone as the main material.

Wall cladding will feel perfect thanks to the very dominant character of natural stone. Pullman Ciawi Vimala Hills Resort Spa & Convention provides a great example of using Bali Sandstone for wall cladding.

Remarkable Wall Cladding at Pullman Ciawi Vimala Hills Resort Spa & Convention

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Top exterior wall cladding look with Bali Sandstone at Pullman Ciawi

This resort has walls with a strong character thanks to the Bali Sandstone. Unlike ordinary walls that are only coated with paint, Pullman Ciawi Vimala Hills Resort Spa & Convention has walls full of character, according to the Bali Sandstone feature that makes its appearance extraordinary.

As far as the eye can see, you will notice that the appearance of the wall has a strong character thanks to the texture of the natural stone used. In this case, Bali Sandstone succeeded in providing a magnificent color and seemed classic.

Moreover, they use stones with a dominant white color, making every inch of the wall attractive.

Types of Bali Sandstone Wall Cladding and Its Versatility

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Golden Palimo Sandstone for tropical exterior wall cladding projects

Bali Sandstone itself has several color gradation options that can be adjusted for wall cladding projects. White Palimo is a type of white stone cladding that has a classic impression

Meanwhile,  Golden Palimo has a golden yellow tone that can give a luxurious impression, as you can see at the Pullman Ciawi Vimala Hills Resort Spa & Convention. For another option, you can drop on Yellow Palimanan with darker veins and striking yellowish color.

As for the final choice, you can choose Ocean Wave which is suitable for all types of beachside outdoor wall cladding projects. Keep in mind that each type of Bali Sandstone has different characteristics that will apply to the walls.

For Pullman Ciawi Vimala Hills Resort Spa & Convention, they choose Golden Palimo sandstone which is dominated by golden. On their site, this natural stone used as wall cladding, but you have the freedom to use it for other projects, such as pavers. With its strength and color, Golden Branco Sandstone or Palimo Sandstone will blend into the concept of nature even when used as pavers or landscaping.

It is this advantage that makes this natural stone now used for several major hotel projects around the world. Not only in Indonesia, now many hotels in the United States, Dubai, Thailand, and Australia choose this material to beautify outdoor areas.

This is a great material for those who need something to create an extraordinary look on their walls. Even though there are plenty of options for wall cladding, natural stone is the best selection as it lasts forever. Plus, the appearance and characteristics of Bali Sandstone will add unique character to the walls. There’s no space to doubt this amazing stone!

If any further assistance, you need regarding our Bali Sandstone Wall Cladding, please click this Whatsapp link to contact us directly: (Aldi) or email:

The Extraordinary Palimanan Yellow Sandstone Cladding

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Bali Pebbles Mosaic – Creative Wall Designs with Bali Pebbles Mosaic

Bali Pebbles Mosaic – Creative Wall Designs with Bali Pebbles Mosaic


Bali Pebbles for Bathroom Wall Panels

Mosaic tiles or stones allow you to get creative with wall designs. Bali pebbles mosaic are famous as materials for unique designs, both for exterior and interior. They are smooth, colorful, and perfect as materials to create arrangements. Pebbles mosaic is suitable for interior because you can better appreciate their small details. However, these pebbles are also as great as outdoor ornaments. You can use them as decorations on wall fences, planters, or concrete edges. They create unique accents that improve otherwise bland structures. Also, since they are smaller and lighter than bricks or stone blocks, you can get creative with designs.

Bali Pebbles Mosaic and Traditional Interior Designs

Many traditional designs around the world use mosaic to create patterns on the walls. You can use Bali pebbles mosaic with different colors to emulate these designs. Moroccan, Greek, or Spanish homes, for example, have rich and unique wall mosaics that adorn kitchens, dining rooms, and living rooms. You can use colorful pebbles to create unique, repeated patterns. Cladding makes the process easier because the pebbles are stuck to special waterproof layers. You can place them on chosen spots on the walls to speed up the work. The waterproof quality also makes the stones perfect to be installed in the bathroom, or as edges and ornaments near the swimming pool.

As a tropical island, Bali produces some of the most beautiful pebbles in the world. The pebbles come from rocks that are eroded by sea or river. This process creates a smooth surface that makes the pebbles look sophisticated. Bali pebbles mosaic comes in numerous colors, from black and grey to turquoise, pink, white, and earthy shades. If you order from pebbles exporter, there are options such as solid color, two-tone combination, and multiple colors. These combinations are perfect for creating various creative designs. You can install the pebbles to cover the entire walls, create a two-tone room with only half the walls covered, or make patterns on the neutral-colored surface.



Bali Pebbles Mosaic – Product by Stone Depot


Order Pebbles Mosaic from Bali

Need high-quality pebbles for your mosaic design? Order directly from Balinese exporter that has experiences with abroad services. Bali Stone Wall Cladding ( provides colorful pebbles in various shapes, such as a coin, tumbled, and oval. The stones are smooth but durable, able to withstand water, dust, wind, and foot traffic. They are perfect for walls, pillars, planters, floors, garden paths, border structures, and wall fences. You can order the pebbles in various color combinations. Inquire directly to negotiate the price, size, color combination, and shipping rate. Get high-quality pebbles from Stone Wall Cladding and use colorful Bali pebbles mosaic to get creative in your property.

If any further assistance, you need regarding our Bali pebbles mosaic , please click this Whatsapp link to contact with us directly: (Aldi) or email:

Bali Pebbles Mosaic – Creative Wall Designs with Bali Pebbles Mosaic

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