Bali Stone, Best Aesthetical Enhancement for Your Properties

Bali Stone, Best Aesthetical Enhancement for Your Properties

Quite often, having a good design will not prevent buildings from looking dull and unappealing. Therefore, additional touches of color and texture from natural stone can be a good solution. Want to enhance your building appearance? Look no further, and we have Bali stone for your aesthetical purpose.

The Benefits of Incorporating Natural Stone

amanjiwo-limestone-cladding-bukit-daun (3)
“The exotic look of Brown Amanjiwo Wall Cladding at Bukit Daun Hotel & Resort, Kediri

Unknown to most, utilizing natural stone in your construction can benefit you. What are the benefits? Check these explanations below:

–         Better Architectural Design

Nowadays, architectural aspects hold an essential role in creating valuable property—especially those used in the tourism industry, such as villas, resorts, or hotels. With the boom of social media, making the right aesthetic and atmosphere for your place is a key to higher traffic of tourists visits.

Frequently, these buildings include touches of stone in their designs. Natural stone Indonesia has various characteristics and textures that are best for enhancing a bland-looking structure into something that looks trendy and modern.

One of the best materials for this purpose is the Balinese stone. This material is widely known for being versatile to use. It has plentiful application from pool flooring, garden to interior and exterior of a building. Here, Stone Depot Indonesia can provide you with many of these stones to choose from.

–         High Quality Bali Stone for Building Materials

Besides adding artistic flair to your asset, natural stone Bali can also be beneficial to your construction. It has many high-quality advantages, making it better than other materials for a particular use.

For example, the Bali stone tiles and wall cladding have outstanding durability. It makes them capable of withstanding extreme heat and weather and resistant to cracking or chipping. The stone tiles also have anti-slip characteristics that are best utilized in water facilities to prevent accidents, such as pools and bathrooms

Bali stone tiles and cladding from Stone Depot Indonesia are widely popular for their high-grade quality. The materials are easy to install and long-lasting too, therefore the best choice for your building.

Bali Stone with Many Types and Uses

There is also no problem for those who require different looks and textures for their building. Here we provide you with many types and shapes for your needs of Balinese stone. We have::

–          Various Materials for Each Textural Need

You can choose Bali stones from numerous origins in Stone Depot Indonesia. Each with its unique texture, pattern, and individual characteristics. We can provide you with Bali limestone, lava stone, basalt, sandstone, marble, greenstone, or quartzite.

There are also some available finishes for the products. Such as a split face with a rough surface for wall cladding. And products with smoother surfaces such as sawn cut finish, honed, polished, etched, and even flamed tiles.

Our products are already used by many villas, resorts, and hotels in Indonesia. Also well known for being exported throughout the world. Among some of the most popular cladding is Kerobokan stone and Bali green stone.

–          Numerous Utilities for All Your Purpose

Our natural stones come in several sizes and shapes. It is all to fulfill any of your needs and purposes best. We have stone cladding, tiles, carving, stone bathtubs and washbasin, and even pebbles. All products are manufactured to standard sizes, but we are also open to custom requests.

Whether you need Bali black lava stone cladding to limestone carving, we are ready to deliver it to you. So, what else are you waiting for?

In conclusion, this natural stone is the best choice for your properties’ aesthetic needs. Let’s make your building more stunning and durable with Bali stone from Stone Depot Indonesia. For further information, contact us through Whatsapp (Aldi) or email us at

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Bali Sandstone for Rustic Themed Interior Design

Bali Sandstone for Rustic Themed Interior Design

Bali Sandstone is one of the many choices of Bali natural stone that will make any type of construction project look unusual. Natural stone has become a trend in recent years. So far, people have realized that using natural stone in their projects will provide something invaluable. Natural stone has been considered as one of the works of art that will give pride to the owner. On the other hand, properties that use natural stone in one part will also have a higher selling value in the future. In other words, using natural stone will provide many advantages because it is also considered an investment.

Type of Bali Sandstone for Rustic Design

The rustic home concept is a consistent theme. From year to year, this concept still has many enthusiasts even though many other new concepts have emerged, such as minimalism or industrialism. If you happen to want to reminisce by starting a project with a rustic theme, then you need Bali sandstone that will make it look even more perfect. In terms of color, Bali sandstone has the tone you need to make the rustic concept look even clearer. In addition, this natural stone also has several types of choices that will make you more flexible in exploring this concept. There are several types of natural sandstone that you can choose from, including:

Golden Palimo

Golden Palimo, Bali Sandstone for Rustic Cladding at Sofitel Bali

This natural stone has a predominantly white color with thin golden yellow veins. This pattern is one of the attractions of this type because it makes it look more neutral. This stone is suitable for use as an ornament on the wall so that you can be more flexible in giving twists. With walls that have neutral colors, you have more space to combine designs or adopt other colors to create a beautiful mix and match.

White Palimo

White Palimo Sandstone – Product by Stone Depot

The second option is white palimo which has a very dominant white sand color. In fact, there are almost no veins like other sandstones. Overall, white palimo also has almost the same characteristics as golden palimo. This type is suitable for use on walls or floors so you can create a neutral area. Although there are no veins that make it have a certain pattern, white palimo is actually one of the Bali sandstones that has many fans.

Yellow Palimanan

Yellow Palimo Sandstone – Product by Stone Depot

It is different from the previous two types, Yellow Palimanan has a yellow pattern that goes hand in hand with black. The combination of the two creates a beautiful irregular pattern. This type is one of the most popular because of its uniqueness. Even several hotel projects in Malaysia, Brunei, Singapore, and several countries in Europe use this material for interior and exterior decoration. For a thicker rustic concept, Yellow Palimanan is the most rational option because it will make your residential appearance look more exotic.

Ocean Wave

Ocean Wave for natural green swimming pool

This type is more widely used for outdoor decoration, especially swimming pool tiles. The beautiful white color combines with the thick veins, making it more suitable to be used as a pool tiling.

If any further assistance, you need regarding our Bali Sandstone from Stone Depot, please click this Whatsapp link to contact us directly: (Aldi) or email:

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Bali Stone, Best Aesthetical Enhancement for Your Properties

Brown Natural Stacked Cladding with Amanjiwo

Our Bali Amanjiwo is the classic material to impress the exterior wall cladding with Balinese Style. If you need to find the Bali Amanjiwo Exterior Wall Cladding supplier, contact us directly by clicking our Whatsapp link: (Aldi) or email:

\Located in one of the important cities in East Java, Bukit Daun Hotel & Resort Kediri presents a different sensation for visitors. This resort certainly provides excellent service and facilities that will ensure the comfort and needs of visitors are met.

But apart from the accommodation side, Bukit Daun Hotel & Resort has an extraordinary appearance. This resort strives to blend in with the natural surroundings, an area filled with tropical plants against the backdrop of a mountain with a beautiful view. Not only that, but we can also see a work of art on every corner of the wall thanks to the amazing wall cladding with the Bali Amanjiwo stone.

A Bried of Bali Amanjiwo Stone

If you have never heard of Bali Amanjiwo Stone, maybe you will understand better after knowing more about this natural stone. Called one of the finest limestones from Indonesia, this natural stone also has another name, Bali Yellow Amanjiwo Stone. The word ‘Amanjiwo’ actually refers to one of the best resorts in Central Java, a sanctuary with a serene ambiance near Borobudur.

At the resort, some of the walls are also decorated with Bali Yellow Stone and give an extraordinary appearance. It is no wonder that many people finally know it as Bali Amanjiwo stone, one of the best materials for wall cladding which also happens to be used at Bukit Daun Hotel & Resort Kediri.

amanjiwo-limestone-cladding-bukit-daun (2)
A classic nautral stacked cladding with Bali brown Amanjiwo at Bukit Daun, Kediri

At Bukit Daun Hotel & Resort Kediri, we can see the arrangement of Bali Amanjiwo Stones neatly stacked to create a characteristic texture. As a result, even a wall that was usually overlooked now has something that makes it look unique and amazing.

Wall cladding is indeed the most appropriate way to change the appearance of a wall from zero to hero. Here, we can also learn that the stacked wall cladding pattern manages to give it a different color. Not only that, but this concept can also blend with the natural style that is the hallmark of this resort. Stacked patterns are rarely used for wall cladding, but Bukit Daun Hotel & Resort has proven that this method will bring out something extraordinary.

We can use the same techniques and patterns for the walls of our homes. The stacked pattern will give you a thicker natural accent, especially if you use the right material such as Bali Amanjiwo stone.

With a classic yellow color, we can present an elegant appearance. The dominant golden yellow color combined with natural stone veins creates a perfect harmony.

amanjiwo-limestone-cladding-bukit-daun (3)
The exotic look of Brown Amanjiwo Wall Cladding at Bukit Daun Hotel & Resort, Kediri

As a result, the surrounding nuances are different thanks to the perfect arrangement of the wall cladding. Things like this will certainly have an unusual impact, especially for private homes which usually have a limited wall area.

Back to Bukit Daun Hotel & Resort Kediri, they have done an amazing job for choosing Bali Amanjiwo stone for the stacked wall cladding pattern. Even if you haven’t been there, you can imagine how beautiful the walls that use this natural stone for the wall cladding. Using Bali Amanjiwo will transform your wall into the next level.

If any further assistance, you need regarding our Bali Amanjiwo Cladding, please click this Whatsapp link to contact us directly: (Aldi) or email:

Brown Natural Stacked Cladding with Amanjiwo

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The Wonderful Exterior Wall Cladding with Bali Lavastone at Baobab Safari Resort

The Wonderful Exterior Wall Cladding with Bali Lavastone at Baobab Safari Resort

Aldi Barcode Scan WA

Our Bali Lava Stone Cladding is the elegant material to impress the wall cladding with Balinese Style. If you need to find a Bali Stone Wall Cladding supplier, contact us directly by clicking our Whatsapp link: (Aldi) or email:

The Wonderful experience at Baobab Safari Resort

Baobab Safari Resort is one of the most beautiful places to visit during the holidays. This is a place that has everything. You can stay in a hotel with excellent service that ensures all your comfort is fulfilled. In addition, this resort can also be the best place to enjoy the natural scenery. Baobab Safari Resort has wildlife that lives around the hotel. The wildlife which is the main attraction – makes this place perfect for families. Not only that, but the design of this resort is also special because it uses Bali lava stone. This natural stone is everywhere, decorating from walls to walls and make them wonderful.

Beautiful Wall Cladding with Bali Lava stone

Bali Lavastone brings a special look to the exterior parts of Baobab Safari Resort

Apart from ensuring the comfort and satisfaction of the visitor’s experience, Baobab Safari Resort also presents a stunning building design. There is a swimming pool which has a tropical concept with selected stone tiles that make it looks blue like the sea. And as far as the eyes can see, you can see that the walls of the buildings also have charming textures and patterns. Especially by using Bali Lavastone for wall cladding, every inch of the wall at the Baobab resort looks beautiful. The combination of all these elements makes this resort a favorite place for visitors to spend their summertime. Also, this is a place for those who want to get inspiration for their wall cladding projects at home.

Lava stone is a type of stone that has a good level of durability and strength. This rock is made of melted lava which then freezes due to drastic differences in temperature. The raw material is then processed using sophisticated machines so that the rock is shaped into small pieces. The advanced machines also ensure the strength and minerals contained in the raw materials remain, making Bali Lavastone one of the best for any outdoor construction projects. Baobab Safari Resort did the right thing because it selected Bali Lava stone a natural stone choice for wall cladding. This stone provides many advantages thanks to its very unique characteristics.

One of the most distinctive characteristics of Bali Lavastone is its rough surface texture. Although you can choose the type of finishing, lava stone still has a rough surface that also provides space for the stone to ‘breathe’. Using a microscope, we can see that there are small cavities on the surface of the rock that function as air circulation. The rough texture is also suitable when applied to buildings that carry natural and traditional concepts. Baobab Safari Resort, which is known to be environmentally friendly, chose Bali lava stone for several reasons. So don’t be surprised if in almost every corner of the area we can see a wall that uses lava stone as wall cladding.

As for now, we all know that the Bali Lavastone is a great selection for any wall cladding projects. Even 5-stars hotel like Baobab Safari Resort uses the same material for their walls. Make sure you use the same stone for wall cladding too.

If any further assistance, you need regarding our Bali Lava Stone Cladding, please click this Whatsapp link to contact us directly: (Aldi) or email:

The Wonderful Exterior Wall Cladding with Bali Lavastone at Baobab Safari Resort

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The Exotic Stone Wall Cladding Philippines with Bali Natural Stone

The Exotic Stone Wall Cladding Philippines with Bali Natural Stone

Aldi Barcode Scan WA

Our Stone Wall Cladding is the elegance material to impress the wall cladding with Balinese Style. If you need to find a Bali Stone Wall Cladding supplier, contact us directly by clicking our Whatsapp link: (Aldi) or email:

Wall cladding is the best way to make a wall look more exotic. You will certainly be amazed by the changes because the natural stone used has now become the focal point. Every glance will be fixed on the wall that uses the Bali natural stone. Yes, this natural stone is known as one of the best types of wall cladding. You can choose various types of stones where each stone has a certain character. Not only that, but each type of natural stone also has a unique color, making it usable for a variety of purposes. For the stone wall cladding Philippines, you can also use Bali natural stone to create a wall that looks charming.

Bali Natural Stones for Wall Cladding Philippines

Bali limestone create the modern wall cladding look at Sofitel Nusa Dua Resort, Bali

You are free to choose the style of stone wall cladding Philippines – just make sure it matches the main concept of interior design on the property. And if you want to use Bali natural stone, you have 3 types of choices that will make every appearance look exotic. For the first variant, Bali Limestone Cladding will ensure the walls give a warm feel. This type is perfect for interior walls that can be combined with the right lighting to display exoticism. Moreover, limestone cladding has various variants that provide flexibility in choosing colors. Not only that, you can combine several Limestone colors to create an amazing pattern.

Bali Black Lavastone Cladding improves the tropical sensation at Holiday Inn Resort, Bali

Another option to ensure the stone wall cladding Philippines concept works perfectly is Bali Black Lava stone wall cladding. Unlike the Limestone Cladding which offers warmth, the black lava stone wall cladding will not show darkness. In fact, this natural stone will make the walls look more elegant. If Limestone is suitable for the interior, the lava stone will complement the beauty of the outdoor area. Many people use lava stone as cladding for patio, backyards, or even complementary properties in the swimming pool area. Interestingly, besides being used for wall cladding, lava stone can also be used as pavers.

The durable exterior wall cladding with Bali Basalt Stone at Laman Ceylon, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Last but not least, we still have the Bali Basalt Cladding to make your stone wall cladding the Philippines style come true. Considered one of the natural stones with the highest level of strength, Bali Basalt allows us to use it in outdoor areas. Good resistance from drastic changes in weather and temperature will keep the wall solid. In addition, the distinctive color of Bali Basalt Cladding will also make a property look exotic and elegant. You wouldn’t think that a wall becomes more unique with a little touch. And wall cladding is the best solution to make it look wonderful.

At this point, you have learned that the stone wall cladding Philippines need the Bali natural stone to make everything better. This is a wonderful material that will turn your wall into something different, in a good way. Let’s be honest that we want every aspect of the property to have certain characters that hand in hand with the main concept. And wall cladding would give you the option to make the walls better.

If any further assistance, you need regarding our Bali Stone Wall Cladding, please click this Whatsapp link to contact us directly: (Aldi) or email:

The Exotic Stone Wall Cladding Philippines with Bali Natural Stone

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