Stone Cladding Tasmania – The Exoticm Stone Cladding Tasmania with Bali Natural Stone

Stone Cladding Tasmania – The Exoticm Stone Cladding Tasmania with Bali Natural Stone

Cladding is a great option for your walls because this technique helps to provide a “shield” to the concrete. Using other material over another to create a layer is also making your wall look aesthetic. From the other perspective, the cladding is also great because it provides thermal insulation and weather resistance. Plus, there are many materials that you can use for cladding, such as wood, natural stone, or even metal. But amongst those options, using natural stone is the most proper option because it is affordable, weather-resistant, easy to install, and also aesthetically pleasing. We recommend the readers using the Bali natural stone as the main material for the wall cladding.


Bali Stone Cladding in Tasmania

Stone cladding Tasmania is mostly using the Bali natural stone as the main material. The Tasmanian knows that Bali natural stone offers a lot of benefits. It is because they can choose a different natural stone that matches the purpose and desire. Keep in mind that there are more than 7 product categories that can be used as the stone cladding. Each of these categories will result in the different looks on your wall so please be careful in choosing it. Most of the popular products are including the Bali Limestone, Bali Basalt, Bali Green Stone, Bali Marble, Bali Lava Stone, Bali Sandstone, Bali Mosaic Pebbles, and the Bali Stone Mosaic.

The Best Bali Natural Stone for Exotic Look

When it comes to exoticism, there are several options to choose, such as the Bali Lime Stone Cladding, Bali Basalt Cladding, and also Bali Lava Stone Cladding. Those are the top 3 wall cladding products that also become the most widely known in Tasmania. There are a lot of resorts, hotels, and also private residents that use one of those three products. And you need to know that each of those products has a different look and characteristic.

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Bali White Limestone Cladding (Photo courtesy of Sofitel Nusa Dua Resort, Bali)

The Bali Lime Stone Cladding is known for its classic and beauty look. It works best for the outdoor and indoor wall cladding. These stone tiles have a white tone that will blend perfectly with any other materials. The white tone also gives a neutral yet warm look, making everything looks amazing. The Bali Lime Stone cladding is also the best partner for architects as they are easy to install, affordable, and also has great durability.


Black Lava Stone: The Exotic of Bali Natural Stone (Photo courtesy of Jewel Changi Airport, Singapore)

Another option is the Bali Lava stone, which is also the same material used by the ancestor to build temples and statues. These stone tiles have a solid black color that results in an elegant and exotic look. This stone tile would be perfect for outdoor wall cladding. Its solid black color also represents boldness, making your building projects look lavish and flawless. Meanwhile, the Bali Basalt Cladding has a grey tone and is also known for its strength. This is also perfect for the outdoor wall cladding as the grey tone will result in an elegant look. The Bali Basalt is also available in a different pattern, such as Helios, Camel Cladding, Tumbled, and also the Trapezoid. Those are the most popular wall cladding in Tasmania that used Bali natural stone.

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Stone Cladding Tasmania – The Exoticm Stone Cladding Tasmania with Bali Natural Stone


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