Bali Lavastone for Perfect Outdoor

Bali Lavastone for Perfect Outdoor

Our Bali Lavastone Wall Cladding is the elegance-dark material to impress the outdoor wall cladding with Balinese Style. If you need to find the Bali Lavastone Wall Cladding supplier, contact us directly by clicking our Whatsapp link: (Aldi) or email:

Having a beautiful house is everyone’s dream. The home will be the best place to take shelter from all kinds of things. So by having a beautiful home, we will feel more comfortable and calm. People will also try to make the appearance of the house look beautiful.

There are many things that are done so that they can get what they want. And one of the best ways to make a home look unusual is to change the appearance of the walls.

 If so far we have considered the wall only as a barrier, then we must get rid of that perspective. By using Bali Lavastone, we can make the walls look more luxurious and have character.

Bali Lavastone Cladding for Temporary and Natural Look

bali-lavastone-cladding-baobab-safari-resort (2)
Bali lavastone cladding improve the natural ambiance at Baobab Safari Resort

This article will open your eyes that with Bali Lavastone, we can see that the wall cladding will look different. The appearance of this wall looks modern while still having natural accents that exude a certain character. This is very different from walls that don’t use wall cladding as a way to change their appearance.

Moreover, by choosing lava stone for wall cladding, the wall has an aesthetic value that will have an impact on the overall appearance of a dwelling. This is the best way if you want to have a house with a charming appearance thanks to quality natural stones.

This example of Bali lava stone installation for outdoor cladding proves that natural stone will be the right choice for cladding. Even if you have many options such as wood, concrete, tile, or brick, natural stone will provide a distinct accent touch for outdoor wall cladding.

Moreover, the lava stone, which is known as one of the stones with the best strength level. This natural stone has also been used for a long time for wall cladding, including in several historical buildings such as temples, which are still standing firm despite being eroded by changes in temperature and weather. In short, there’s no better option when it comes to outdoor wall cladding.

Bali Lavastone: The Perfect Outdoor Stone Wall Cladding

bali-lavastone-cladding-baobab-safari-resort (1)
Beautiful lavastone wall cladding exterior with tumbled random pattern

Bali lava stone wall cladding also allows you to explore and dig deeper into creativity. With this material, you have the freedom to choose the type of pattern to be worn on the outdoor wall.

This allows us to choose the right cladding pattern, according to the concept of the house. For a modern yet natural impression, Bali lava stone with tumbled random patterns will be the right choice for outdoor walls. This pattern will create a natural vibe, but still, give it a charming contemporary style. This is proof that in wall cladding, the choice of stones and patterns will determine the final result of the project.

Now you have seen that Bali lava stone is the best material for outdoor wall cladding. This natural stone has everything you could want to make a wall look fabulous. By using this natural stone, a modern and natural concept will blend into an amazing harmony. Just look at these samples, you can agree that this outdoor cladding looks wonderful.

If any further assistance, you need regarding our Bali Lavastone Wall Cladding, please click this Whatsapp link to contact us directly: (Aldi) or email:

Bali Lavastone for Perfect Outdoor

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Bali Black Lavastone Cladding – Secrets Usage of Bali Lavastone Cladding in Jewel Changi Airport Singapore

Bali Black Lavastone Cladding – Secrets Usage of Bali Lavastone Cladding in Jewel Changi Airport Singapore

Bali Lavastone Cladding – The Hidden Secret Benefits of Lavastone


Black Lavastone Cladding at Jewel Changi Airport (Courtesy of  Jewel Changi Airport Singapore)

Being named the best airport in the world for 7 years, Changi airport has not shown any sign of slowing down. In the last year of 2018, Changi Airport served 65,628,000 passengers which makes it the 19th busiest airport in the world in terms of passenger traffic. In fact, Changi Airport not only predicated as the busiest airport, it also has been awarded as the Best International Architecture Awards in 2016. Within the airport, not only for boarding purposes, but you can do also another great activities such as dining, shopping, and walking around the wondrous places here. One of them is The Jewel. It’s the newest centerpiece of Changi airport which already attracted many tourists and travelers around the world. The main attraction in Jewel’s Heart, you can found the tallest indoor waterfall HSBC Rain Vortex located at the center of the main building, surrounded by terraced man-built forest settings. Changi Airport was built in 2014 with a $1.7 billion budget. The construction required hundreds of high-quality world-known plants and materials imported from all around the world. On this great architecture, you can found the stunning materials which come from Bali, Indonesia. It’s Black Lava Stone. The elegant Bali Black Lavastone Cladding has been used as the main material of Jewel’s magnificent claddings. Design by Mischa Safdie, one of the foremost world-class architects, he had brave decisions with chosen more than 1,000 sqm of the Black Lava to attracted the cladding looks of the Jewel Changi Airport.

Bali Lavastone Cladding – Why Architect Choose This One


Modern Architecture with Natural Vibe of Bali Volcanic Stone (Courtesy of  Jewel Changi Airport Singapore)

  1. Energy Saving Purposes

Although seamlessly hidden, the Bali Black Lavastone Cladding in Jewel Changi Airport Singapore has a crucial duty in keeping the temperature of the majestic building to remain cool. The small porosity of the lava stone allows water to penetrate easily. Water coming down from the waterfall and other watering systems are easily absorbed by the lava stones thus help in keeping the cool temperature inside despite its glass rooftop. The sunlight coming from the rooftop is also easily absorbed by the lava stone because of the dark color of the stone, but it will quickly cool off, thanks to the water from the surroundings. The architecture and construction of the building have been tremendously done in meticulous detail so that it is very energy efficient.


Black Lavastone Fountains (Courtesy of  Jewel Changi Airport Singapore)

  1. Purify The Water

Another benefit in having Bali Black Lavastone Cladding in Jewel Changi Airport Singapore is, it can minimalize the water usage by purifying the water through its pores. Therefore, with the lava stone, the watering system could be reused and recycled. The porous surface makes it easier for water to get absorbed and purified by removing less beneficial substances such as nitrate from the water. The used water then can be clean again and safe to be reused. The architects and designers really have chosen the best material to keep the maintenance cost minimum.


The Surrounding’s Cladding within Changi Airport Singapore (Courtesy of  Jewel Changi Airport Singapore)

  1. Durability and Weather Resistant

The endurance of Bali Black Lavastone Cladding in Jewel Changi Airport Singapore is estimated to last for hundreds of years because it comes from hardened molten lava under extreme heat and pressure. Another example of stone usage can be found in Puri Besakih which approximately was built at least 2000 years ago using the Bali lava stone.


Bali Black Lavastone Cladding – Secrets Usage of Bali Lavastone Cladding in Jewel Changi Airport Singapore

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