Introduce the Unique Characteristic of Limestone Bali

Introduce the Unique Characteristic of Limestone Bali

Have you ever seen a hotel that looks so charming? One of the tourist attractions in the world with a line of luxury hotels in Santorini, Greece. Then, what is the difference between the hotels in Santorini and other tourist attractions? Is it the view, the service, or the building? Yes, you are right. The architecture of the buildings in Santorini is unique and distinctive, accompanied by beautiful beach views during the day and night. The thing that drives the unique characteristic of Santorini is the use of limestone as a wall cladding, whereas almost all hotels in Santorini use limestone wall cladding. Limestone Bali is one of the world’s quality natural stone products used to construct hotels, restaurants, tourist attractions, and luxury residences.

Characteristics of Limestone Bali

Inside and Outside of Limestone Bali
Inside and Outside of Limestone Bali

If you want to know the ins and outs of Limestone Bali, you’ve come to the right place. Limestone is a natural stone from biological processes, both organic and chemical. In an organic process, limestone comes from natural deposits of snail shells, algae, and marine animal carcasses’ skeletons. At the same time, limestone with a chemical process comes from natural deposits of calcium carbonate in certain environments, and climatic conditions. Many factors determine the quality and type of limestone. This natural stone is found in tropical areas with high humidity, such as in coastal areas. Limestone must be processed first because some of the rocks have a sharp texture due to the natural deposits of coral. Limestone Bali by Stone Depot is a selected type of natural stone that is appropriately processed according to market needs.  The characteristics of limestone are solid, nest textured, and various colors such as brown, white, cream, gray, and even blackish. The raw limestone by Stone Depot is crushed into smaller by ripening the stone. The combustion process itself usually uses fuel from firewood.

Uses of Limestone Bali

The Uses of Limestone Bali
The Uses of Limestone Bali

The use of limestone was first discovered more than 7000 years ago to make statues, and besides that, it was used to smooth the walls of houses. Limestone mixtures have also been detected in historic buildings such as the Giza pyramids and the Great Wall of China. The strength of limestone has been recognized for a long time. Limestone is also used as a wall covering because it increases its aesthetic value. If you look at the hotels in Santorini, they use limestone instead of bricks. Limestone Bali by Stone Depot presents a wall building that is primarily white and luxurious. These colors are then combined with other natural stone blends such as floors, kitchen sets, and even bathroom interiors. Santorini is proof that natural stone can increase its aesthetic value many times over. Limestone has a complex and uneven texture. The longer the age of the rock, the more solid the stone is. It creates a natural impression and can fill the void in the interior or exterior of the building. Limestone is also used as an admixture to make plaster, concrete, and road construction. Limestone Bali provides all your needs.

There are various types of limestone with the best quality. You can find out about this product or make other collaborations by contacting the Stone Depot WhatsApp listed below (Aldi) or email us at: and we will kindly respond to you as soon as possible.

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Use Limestone Wall Cladding For Hotel Interior Exterior

Use Limestone Wall Cladding For Hotel Interior Exterior

Have you ever seen a hotel or resort that is shady and harmonious with the use of limestone wall cladding for the interior and exterior? Almost all hotels indeed use natural stone as wall cladding to enhance the aesthetics of their facilities. If we look at various hotels on Bali Island, 95% even use stone wall cladding as the architectural style of the building. One of that hotels is Marriot International Asia Pacific Hotel Network at Uluwatu or better known as Renaissance Bali Uluwatu Resort & Spa.

The Place to Enjoy Lifestyle Experience

As a resting place, those who enter the hotel will also be invited to explore and enjoy a holistic lifestyle experience. The design of the building, starting from the resort’s roof, allows the sea breeze from the Indian Ocean to flow smoothly from the lobby to all areas of the resort. The walls, which are dominated by glass, make it seem like there is no separation between natures in Uluwatu, Bali. Including glass walls in the rooms that make it always close to the outside area.

A total of 207 rooms are inspired by nature with the warmth of wood and the splendor of limestone wall cladding. Each room is also equipped with a large bathroom with a glass roof. The appropriate combination of limestone wall cladding, glass walls, and a garden gives a different sensation when staying at this hotel. During the afternoon you can visit the Pool bar to enjoy a drink. In the late afternoon, you can stop by the R Bar in the hotel lobby, your favorite spot to see the best sunset.

Limestone Wall Cladding
Limestone Wall Cladding

Limestone Wall Cladding Beats Everything in Its Decor

The hotel also manages the Roosterfish Beach Club, a 10-minute drive away. Guests can access the beach club with a free shuttle from the hotel. Don’t miss relaxing with the mainstay spa provided. The combination of a world-class spa, calm and relaxing limestone wall cladding, and the best view of Uluwatu from window to ceiling makes for an unforgettable experience. Something that makes this hotel comfortable is the rooms’ design which combines modern and natural nuances. The use of limestone wall cladding and glass walls creates a luxurious and calming impression.

Limestone wall cladding by Stone Depot has the best quality wall cladding compared with others. Various hotels and resorts have used limestone wall cladding to enhance the aesthetics of their hotel buildings. In addition to the unique hotel design, this hotel also has an outdoor swimming pool design with natural stone material.

In addition, the rooms also combine natural stone with a modern touch. They also reveal open architecture with a view of the Indian Ocean. No wonder they combine natural stone with modern architecture so that guests feel the authentic Balinese nuance. Balinese people tend to use natural stone in their architectural style. The government emphasizes natural stone as a mandatory ornament in building architecture. This is because it has become characteristic of the island of Bali itself.

You can also choose a variety of natural stone wall cladding from Stone Depot. Connect with our team and find out about the prices of this natural stone by contacting the WhatsApp link below ttps:// (Aldi) or email us at: and we will kindly respond to you as soon as possible.

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Bali Stone, Best Aesthetical Enhancement for Your Properties

Bali Stone, Best Aesthetical Enhancement for Your Properties

Quite often, having a good design will not prevent buildings from looking dull and unappealing. Therefore, additional touches of color and texture from natural stone can be a good solution. Want to enhance your building appearance? Look no further, and we have Bali stone for your aesthetical purpose.

The Benefits of Incorporating Natural Stone

amanjiwo-limestone-cladding-bukit-daun (3)
“The exotic look of Brown Amanjiwo Wall Cladding at Bukit Daun Hotel & Resort, Kediri

Unknown to most, utilizing natural stone in your construction can benefit you. What are the benefits? Check these explanations below:

–         Better Architectural Design

Nowadays, architectural aspects hold an essential role in creating valuable property—especially those used in the tourism industry, such as villas, resorts, or hotels. With the boom of social media, making the right aesthetic and atmosphere for your place is a key to higher traffic of tourists visits.

Frequently, these buildings include touches of stone in their designs. Natural stone Indonesia has various characteristics and textures that are best for enhancing a bland-looking structure into something that looks trendy and modern.

One of the best materials for this purpose is the Balinese stone. This material is widely known for being versatile to use. It has plentiful application from pool flooring, garden to interior and exterior of a building. Here, Stone Depot Indonesia can provide you with many of these stones to choose from.

–         High Quality Bali Stone for Building Materials

Besides adding artistic flair to your asset, natural stone Bali can also be beneficial to your construction. It has many high-quality advantages, making it better than other materials for a particular use.

For example, the Bali stone tiles and wall cladding have outstanding durability. It makes them capable of withstanding extreme heat and weather and resistant to cracking or chipping. The stone tiles also have anti-slip characteristics that are best utilized in water facilities to prevent accidents, such as pools and bathrooms

Bali stone tiles and cladding from Stone Depot Indonesia are widely popular for their high-grade quality. The materials are easy to install and long-lasting too, therefore the best choice for your building.

Bali Stone with Many Types and Uses

There is also no problem for those who require different looks and textures for their building. Here we provide you with many types and shapes for your needs of Balinese stone. We have::

–          Various Materials for Each Textural Need

You can choose Bali stones from numerous origins in Stone Depot Indonesia. Each with its unique texture, pattern, and individual characteristics. We can provide you with Bali limestone, lava stone, basalt, sandstone, marble, greenstone, or quartzite.

There are also some available finishes for the products. Such as a split face with a rough surface for wall cladding. And products with smoother surfaces such as sawn cut finish, honed, polished, etched, and even flamed tiles.

Our products are already used by many villas, resorts, and hotels in Indonesia. Also well known for being exported throughout the world. Among some of the most popular cladding is Kerobokan stone and Bali green stone.

–          Numerous Utilities for All Your Purpose

Our natural stones come in several sizes and shapes. It is all to fulfill any of your needs and purposes best. We have stone cladding, tiles, carving, stone bathtubs and washbasin, and even pebbles. All products are manufactured to standard sizes, but we are also open to custom requests.

Whether you need Bali black lava stone cladding to limestone carving, we are ready to deliver it to you. So, what else are you waiting for?

In conclusion, this natural stone is the best choice for your properties’ aesthetic needs. Let’s make your building more stunning and durable with Bali stone from Stone Depot Indonesia. For further information, contact us through Whatsapp (Aldi) or email us at

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Bali Bukit Stone Cladding – The Perfect Embellishment for a Beachfront Property like Villa Sound of the Sea Canggu Bali

Bali Bukit Stone Cladding – The Perfect Embellishment for a Beachfront Property like Villa Sound of the Sea Canggu Bali


Bali Bukit Stone Cladding for Exterior (Courtesy of Villa Sound of the Sea Canggu, Bali)

Bali Bukit stone cladding has been used to decorate modern holiday accommodations.  Villa Sound of the Sea, for example, use this natural stone in their architecture. This beachfront property is listed among the best accommodations in Bali which perfectly blend cultural and natural elements in one site. The concept is manifested through the use of Balinese traditional architecture as well as some natural building elements, such as stone cladding. The latter is definitely worth-mentioning since it is considered a prominent feature that can gain the guests’ admiration. From layering the wall to paving the pathway, natural stone cladding can do them all in an excellent way.

Bali Bukit Stone Cladding – the Perfect Choice for Beachfront Property


Bali Bukit Stone in Villa Sound of The Sea Canggu, Bali  (Courtesy of Villa Sound of the Sea Canggu, Bali)

For a classy beachfront property like Villa Sound of the Sea, Bali Bukit stone cladding is the perfect one-stop solution that can match the property’s natural concept. The natural stone cladding will easily enhance the natural elements while creating a rustic atmosphere to complete the coastal resort as a whole. On top of all that, the stone cladding can serve as an attention-stealer when it is presented as the focal point of the building. This is due to the fact that Bukit stone cladding is blessed with its unique textures and attractive appearance. It will instantly become a building feature that is easy on the eye.

Stone cladding is versatile and able to fit many property settings and designs. For beachfront property, in particular, this type of natural stone can be installed in both interior and exterior settings. However, Villa Sound of the Sea Canggu Bali mainly uses the stone cladding to embellish the exterior parts of the property. The cladding looks great and impressive at the same time as it blends perfectly with the beachfront surroundings, including the shady front yard and the large private swimming pool. More importantly, using Bali Bukit stone cladding for exterior allows the guests to feel the intentioned natural atmosphere as soon as they step into the property.

Besides the impressive design and versatility, another reason why Bukit stone cladding is a perfect selection for the beachfront property is related to its dependability. Like most varieties of natural stones, this stone cladding is highly durable and adaptable to any season. It shares some main characteristics with limestone which is valued the most for its durability. Bali Bukit limestone cladding has a strong and dense texture with a few pores, making them resistant to freeze, scratch, or texture change for a long period of time. With all those benefits in mind, installing Bali Bukit limestone cladding is considered the right decision, especially when you are looking for notable features to embellish your beachfront property.

Bali Bukit Stone Cladding – The Perfect Embellishment for a Beachfront Property like Villa Sound of the Sea Canggu Bali

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