Look at Exotic Green Pool with Bali Stone in Chisinau, Moldova

Look at Exotic Green Pool with Bali Stone in Chisinau, Moldova

Bali Stone, especially Green Sukabumi Stone, would be perfect for you when you choosing to design a perfect pool that figuring out the best tile for the pool could be very tricky. If you’re not careful enough, you might end up having a pool that looks dull and looks far worse than you imagined. 

If you’re aiming to have a pool that gives off a tropical vibe, Bali stone could be the perfect type of stone for your pool. We’ll take a look at one of our best works, a stunning green pool located in Chisinau, Moldova.

Green Tile for An Astonishing Scenery

green-pool-with-bali-stone-chisinau-moldova (2)
Green Pool with Bali Stone Sukabumi in Chisinau, Moldova project by Stone Depot

It is a basic knowledge of design that the color green would radiate a calm and relaxed impression. Hence many people would go with this color if they want their swimming pool to emanate a serene vibe. Green tile would turn your pool look more natural, making you feel like you swim in a natural body of water. The combination of blue water and green tile would beautifully reflect the light and make the whole scenery look astonishing. On top of that, this color pallet could easily be leveled up to look classier and more elegant by adding white porcelain ornaments and green plants surrounding the pool. 

This swimming pool is located in the capital city of Moldova; Chisinau is one of the examples of using Green Sukabumi Stone to enhance the tropical look of the resort as we can see the green pool matches exquisitely with the green plants and the wooden gazebo. 

A darker shade of green could be an alternative for those who live in a place with colder temperatures. Dark hues could retain more heat as they attract more sunlight, making the water a tad bit warmer than a pool with light-hued tiles.  

Why Bali Stone?

Simple and minimalist pool with Bali Green Stone Tiles

Bali stone is quartzite, a natural type of stone that contains many shades of green gives a mosaic look effect, making it look exceptionally natural. This type of stone is one of the most popular natural stones used by many hotels, resorts, and spas as wall claddings or swimming pool tiles. 

Not only for its aesthetic value, but this stone also contains Zeolite, a substance that could purify the water by absorbing impurities in it. It would tremendously ease your job of maintaining the cleanliness of the pool. 

Now that we’ve learned how stunning your pool would be simply by choosing Bali stones as the tiles don’t hesitate to purchase some at Stone Depot or contact our Whatsapp/Mobile phone: https://wa.me/6281578575809 (Aldi) and email: marketing@dw-corporation.com for more information.

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