Decorate Your Home with Sandstone Cladding Bunnings

Decorate Your Home with Sandstone Cladding Bunnings

Sandstone cladding bunnings – What do you do when you want to refresh the look of your home? When other people decide to make a major overhaul, you can do it in a different way by making small but basic changes, which will create a new atmosphere in the interior or exterior of the room. It is also an inexpensive alternative to make the appearance of the house look more beautiful. Instead of making new constructions, you only need to modify the walls by applying wall cladding techniques that will bring significant changes to the appearance of the house. Moreover, there are several choices of types of cladding that you can use.

Sandstone Cladding Bunnings

The wall cladding technique is considered the most effective option to give a new touch to the interior or exterior of the house. This method has been widely used to protect walls from weather changes. Gradually, we realized that wall cladding can also be a way to decorate walls to bring a new feel. Some of the materials that are often used for wall cladding also vary, such as metal, vinyl, and wood, to natural stone. If you want something different, natural stone will be the most ideal choice because it can present a unique and unusual impression. Sandstone cladding can be the best way to realize your dream of renovating your home. You can choose sandstone cladding Bunnings to get a wide selection of materials for cladding.

Sandstone Cladding Bunnings Australia

Sandstone Cladding Bunnings Australia

Bunnings is one of the largest household chains in Australia. This shop provides all the household items you need. Even when you decide to renovate your home, you can get a lot of supplies at relatively affordable prices. It is very likely that you can also get sandstone cladding from Bunnings Australia as the main material to beautify the appearance of the walls at your house. Sandstone is a natural stone that has a very high mineral content of sand. This affects the natural stone surface which does look like concentrated grains of sand. The style of sandstone is also very unique, usually dominated by brown with various shadings from light to dark.

Some sandstones also have a lighter tone with a dominant white color. Sandstone cladding Bunnings can also be applied with certain patterns that will make the appearance look more charming. The choice of the wall cladding pattern can be adjusted to the type of finishing. Some popular sandstone cladding patterns such as rumbled, mixed color, rock-faced cladding, or random cladding are options that will make the appearance of the walls of the house look stunning. A simple touch will make the walls look amazing without the need to spend effort on renovations.

The next time you go to Bunnings Australia, you can take a look at some wall-cladding references that you can apply at home. Sandstone cladding Bunnings Australia could give you inspiration on how to create beautiful cladding. And it is time to make a move because renovating your home is not that hard. You can start small by creating beautiful cladding on the walls.

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Bali Sandstone Cladding – An Elegant Look For Contemporary Homes With Bali Sandstone Cladding

Bali Sandstone Cladding – An Elegant Look For Contemporary Homes With Bali Sandstone Cladding

The contemporary home design combines natural elements with sleek and straight-lined design to create an amazing contrast. Bali sandstone wall cladding is one of the most popular natural materials to create a unique tone in modern homes. Natural sandstone has various shades of yellow or grey, with other color specks such as orange, brown, and white, due to the minerals. They are perfect as interior and exterior, creating depth without excessive decorations. You can use these stones to cover an entire wall, as an accent, or kitchen backsplash. Bali sandstone comes in various shapes, cuts, finishes, and shades, which you can adjust with your taste.

Design Ideas with Bali Sandstone Wall Cladding

bali-natural-stone (6)

Bali Sandstone Wall Cladding in Sofitel Nusa Dua Resort, Bali– Photo courtesy of Sofitel Nusa Dua Resort, Bali

Unlike lava or basalt stone, sandstone has a “warmer” tone due to its lighter color. Bali sandstone wall cladding also offers different finishes to create unique tones, from rustic split face to elegant and smooth honed surface. You can use smooth sandstone to adorn the interior and the rougher one for the exterior. For example, the honed sandstone surface is perfect as a backsplash in a modern kitchen, especially when paired with white walls, marble floors, and two-tone cabinets. You can also create an accent in a living room, such as covering only one side as a focal point or install the wall cladding halfway down.

Sandstone Wall Cladding from Bali


Bali Golden Palimo Sandstone

Bali sandstone wall cladding has great properties as an outdoor element. Its porous surface can absorb moisture, which increases its density and power. It is also less prone to catch fire and has a bright tone that can improve the overall look. You can use it to cover wall fences, creating a unique exterior. Sandstone is also great to cover the outer walls, either as an accent or full cover. When combined with white paint, sandstone cladding creates a Mediterranean or classic look. The rustic cladding looks great with garden plants, shrubs, or trees. The smooth cladding is more elegant, perfect for patio, swimming pool edge, or commercial building coverage.

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Bali Sandstone Cladding – An Elegant Look For Contemporary Homes With Bali Sandstone Cladding

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