Use Limestone Wall Cladding For Hotel Interior Exterior

Use Limestone Wall Cladding For Hotel Interior Exterior

Have you ever seen a hotel or resort that is shady and harmonious with the use of limestone wall cladding for the interior and exterior? Almost all hotels indeed use natural stone as wall cladding to enhance the aesthetics of their facilities. If we look at various hotels on Bali Island, 95% even use stone wall cladding as the architectural style of the building. One of that hotels is Marriot International Asia Pacific Hotel Network at Uluwatu or better known as Renaissance Bali Uluwatu Resort & Spa.

The Place to Enjoy Lifestyle Experience

As a resting place, those who enter the hotel will also be invited to explore and enjoy a holistic lifestyle experience. The design of the building, starting from the resort’s roof, allows the sea breeze from the Indian Ocean to flow smoothly from the lobby to all areas of the resort. The walls, which are dominated by glass, make it seem like there is no separation between natures in Uluwatu, Bali. Including glass walls in the rooms that make it always close to the outside area.

A total of 207 rooms are inspired by nature with the warmth of wood and the splendor of limestone wall cladding. Each room is also equipped with a large bathroom with a glass roof. The appropriate combination of limestone wall cladding, glass walls, and a garden gives a different sensation when staying at this hotel. During the afternoon you can visit the Pool bar to enjoy a drink. In the late afternoon, you can stop by the R Bar in the hotel lobby, your favorite spot to see the best sunset.

Limestone Wall Cladding
Limestone Wall Cladding

Limestone Wall Cladding Beats Everything in Its Decor

The hotel also manages the Roosterfish Beach Club, a 10-minute drive away. Guests can access the beach club with a free shuttle from the hotel. Don’t miss relaxing with the mainstay spa provided. The combination of a world-class spa, calm and relaxing limestone wall cladding, and the best view of Uluwatu from window to ceiling makes for an unforgettable experience. Something that makes this hotel comfortable is the rooms’ design which combines modern and natural nuances. The use of limestone wall cladding and glass walls creates a luxurious and calming impression.

Limestone wall cladding by Stone Depot has the best quality wall cladding compared with others. Various hotels and resorts have used limestone wall cladding to enhance the aesthetics of their hotel buildings. In addition to the unique hotel design, this hotel also has an outdoor swimming pool design with natural stone material.

In addition, the rooms also combine natural stone with a modern touch. They also reveal open architecture with a view of the Indian Ocean. No wonder they combine natural stone with modern architecture so that guests feel the authentic Balinese nuance. Balinese people tend to use natural stone in their architectural style. The government emphasizes natural stone as a mandatory ornament in building architecture. This is because it has become characteristic of the island of Bali itself.

You can also choose a variety of natural stone wall cladding from Stone Depot. Connect with our team and find out about the prices of this natural stone by contacting the WhatsApp link below ttps:// (Aldi) or email us at: and we will kindly respond to you as soon as possible.

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How to Install Bali Limestone for the Tremendous Wall Cladding

How to Install Bali Limestone for the Tremendous Wall Cladding

Our Bali Limestone Cladding is the elegant material to impress the wall cladding with Balinese Style. If you need to find a Bali Stone Wall Cladding supplier, contact us directly by clicking our Whatsapp link: (Aldi) or email:

When it comes to wall cladding, we have to choose the right material to beautify the wall. Most people use ceramics or just paint the wall. But for something tremendous, we can drop our choice to natural stone. There are plenty of natural stones that are perfect for the wall cladding. In this project, we suggest using Bali Limestone Wall Cladding that offers unique characteristics. For those who don’t know, Bali Limestone is the most beautiful natural stone that fit for both interior and exterior parts. It’s famous for its unique tone and texture.

It’s not surprising that homeowners prefer Bali Limestone wall cladding instead of others. The wide range of patterns from Diamond Cut, Tumbled, Hexagonal, or even Linear Cut will transform your wall into a work of art. Now, it’s all about the installation process that takes time and effort. Here, we’ll give you instructions to install Bali Limestone for wall cladding.

Bali Limestone Wall Cladding Installation Guide

bali-white-classic-limestone-cladding-sofitel-nusa-dua (2)
Bali limestone for wall cladding at Sofitel Nusa Dua Resort, Bali

1. Solid Foundation                    

The first thing you should prepare for this project is a solid foundation. The foundation will ensure the wall has great support for the natural stone to attach. There’s plenty of option for the solid foundation, you can use brick, concrete, or blockwork as the material. Keep in mind that the wall is the main construction. Meanwhile, the stone slab is merely decoration. If you use a new build wall, let it sit for at least a month before start the installation.

2. Evaluate the Surface

When you use the existing wall, all you need to do is just making sure the surface is clean. It doesn’t matter what kind of material used to build the wall; it should be free from any contaminating materials. Clean it thoroughly and inspect small things that can prevent the slab from attaching tightly. Remove the paint, oils, and any debris from the surface.

3. Plan the Mixing

There are plenty of patterns you can make with the Bali Limestone wall cladding. And you need the right plan to mix and match the stone to shape the correct pattern. It’s also okay to make some marks on the stone with a removable pen. This step will give you a preview of the end result of this construction project. If you start to attach the stone without a certain plan, you might regret the steps you took. Planning helps you to calculate everything, including whether or not you need more stone slabs than you have imagined. Once you have a fixed plan, you can start to attach the stone cladding.

4. Protect the Project

When you have finished with the installation, it’s time to do a small inspection of your work. Clean the leftover debris and make sure the surface is not scattered. You can even seal the surface of the Limestone to make sure the rain or heat won’t affect the wall. Just like a new baby, your project needs protection for at least 2 weeks. You can even build a shade to make sure the project will adhere optimally.

Here’s the video of how to install Bali Limestone Wall Cladding from the expert for your reference.

If any further assistance, you need regarding our Bali Limestone Cladding, please click this Whatsapp link to contact us directly: (Aldi) or email:

How to Install Bali Limestone for the Tremendous Wall Cladding

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Bali Limestone Cladding – How to Expertly Install Bali Limestone Cladding

Bali Limestone Cladding – How to Expertly Install Bali Limestone Cladding

Installing Bali limestone cladding yourself gives you more freedom to decorate the property. Here is how to do it.


Indonesia Classic White Limestone

Limestone is a popular material for a wall cladding. Bali limestone cladding comes in various textures and shades, suitable for various construction projects. They come in textured and smooth surfaces, with colors like light grey, dark grey, off-white, green, and pastel gold. Stone cladding pieces add a raw, textured beauty to your property. Cladding is popular for the exterior, such as the wall fences and vertical garden, but you can have it inside the building (such as for an ornamental wall). You can save money by installing the cladding pieces yourself. Using common construction tools and safety equipment, you can install stone cladding pieces easily.

How to Install Bali Limestone Cladding – Prepare Yourself For The Guide Expert Installation


Tools & Material required

Installing Bali limestone cladding as an exterior requires proper surface preparation and protection. Moisture and heat may seep in and damage the structural integrity and the base surface. Prepare your cladding pieces, mortar mixture, metal lath, battens, water-resistive barrier (WRB) mixture, and galvanized fasteners. For the standard tools, prepare a hand grinder, mortar mixing machine, trowel, hammer, wheelbarrow, brush, metal sticks, wide-mouth nippers, tuck pointer, and strings (to keep the cladding pieces in straight lines). Wear proper safety equipment such as goggles, gloves, masks, hard hats, and work boots with metal tips. You must also prepare a tent or tarp sheet to protect the fresh cladding from rain.

layering with adhesive

Layering with Adhesive

First, prepare the surface for the Bali limestone cladding. Coat the base with the WRB and install the metal lath as the base layer. Once dry, continue by applying battens to create rough surfaces that will stick the mortar to the base layer. Make your mortar mixture after the base layer is ready (the rough calculation is one bag of mortar mixture for every square meter of one cladding stone). You should measure the size of the area you want to cover with stones before applying any materials. It is better to have a few excessive limestone cladding pieces when you are done.

Place your limestone pieces in straight lines using mortar. Fill in the grouts to keep small particles from seeping in. You can cut some stone pieces to cover the edges and corners. You can order special stones to cover these awkward parts from your stone supplier. Use a tuck pointer to create cleaner edges. Protect your freshly installed limestone cladding with the tarp or tent for three to four days after installation (you can install the tent beforehand to protect your work while you are working). Order the products from Stone Depot, an Indonesia-based natural stone supplier that sells the best Bali limestone cladding pieces. Get your dream limestone cladding construction with Stone Depot for the best result.

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Bali Limestone Cladding – How to Expertly Install Bali Limestone Cladding

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