Bali Lava Stone Wall Cladding – Get Elegant and Durable Exterior With Bali Lava Stone Cladding

Volcanic stone is one of the best natural materials to grace building exterior. Bali lava stone wall cladding continues the island’s tradition in using durable dark stone for buildings. Just like lava stone that graces Balinese temples, modern lava stone cladding creates dark elegance and durability when used as the exterior. Lava stone not only comes as rough stone blocks or bricks, but also tiles and wall cladding with more sophisticated designs, such as curved (camel), diamond, mosaic tiles, and checkered pattern. Professional lava stone workshop and exporter in Bali specialize in creating customized exterior stones, perfect for decorating even the most modern building.


Why Choosing Bali Lava Stone Wall Cladding for Exterior?

Lava stone is famous for its durability, proven by its presence in ancient temples. Indonesia’s famous temples, such as Borobudur, Prambanan, and various temples in Bali, were built on lava stone foundations, due to the country’s numerous volcanic activities. The results are strong, durable architectures that can handle water, heat, wind, dust, and erosion. Modern Bali lava stone wall cladding gives a similar effect to your exterior. It does not easily fade or corroded and can lend sophistication to the building. Old age also lends certain beauty to the lava stone, which gives character to your building.

The most popular use of lava stone cladding is for wall fences. Regular wall fences can look boring, but lava stone creates a more sophisticated look. Bali lava stone is also popular for protecting a garden. A combination of dark stone and green plants create a beautiful natural look. If you have a resort of private pool, you can surround the pool with Bali Lava stone wall cladding. The dark color contrasts perfectly with the blue water and popular decorative features around the pool. A commercial building can also benefit from lava stone cladding by installing a billboard on top of the dark surface, creating great contrast.


How to Buy Bali Lava Stone Cladding

Balinese lava stone is famous for its durability and quality. If you want to decorate the exterior with a high-quality product, contact reliable Bali-based exporter. Bali Stone Wall Cladding provides high-quality lava stone products in various models, such as tumbled, camel, diamond cut, mosaic, and strip models. They come in etched or split face surface, and they are already cut into proper sizes. The product has graced buildings in Indonesia and other countries. You can visit the official website,, for more information about product specs, sizes, packaging, shipping rates, and prices. Have the best Bali lava stone wall cladding for your exterior decoration projects.

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