Types of Indonesia Stone for Swimming Pools and Their Benefits!

Types of Indonesia Stone for Swimming Pools and Their Benefits!

Choosing the stone for a pool can not be easy because every stone has its characteristics. Indonesia has a lot of types of stone but you can’t use all of them to build a great swimming pool. There are only a few Indonesian stones for swimming pools.

Why Use Indonesia Stone for Swimming Pools

A girl swimming inside the pool at Jungle Ubud, Bali – Photo by Apic on PIxabay

When choosing a type of material for constructing a swimming pool, nothing can beat natural stone in the first place. Indonesia’s natural stone provides many benefits, here are some of them:

1.      Waterproof

The Swimming pool is not only about the area with water, but also other parts on and around it. Almost every part of the swimming pool is wet, which means it should be waterproof. Natural stones have waterproof abilities and also absorb them.

2.      Easy Maintenance

Another benefit of natural stone is easy to clean with minimum tools. No moss can grow above them so it will not be slippery.

3.      Long-Lasting Material

Natural stone is the best material for the swimming pool because it is a long-lasting material. Natural stone can last for decades, making it perfect for your pool.

4.      Weather Resistant

Every city in this world has unique weather, some of them must be experiencing a hot summer or a freezing winter. Natural stones won’t be hot during the daytime so you can be comfortable walking above them. It is also strong enough to hold the freeze-melt cycle in your pool.

Best Indonesia Stone for Swimming Pools

Indonesia is famous all over the world for producing the best stones for swimming pools. Here are the great stones from Indonesia for swimming pools you can choose from!

1.      Sukabumi Stone

The most popular Indonesian stone is the Sukabumi stone pool, which can be found only in Indonesia. The authenticity in this stone is the greenish color that can be darker while the stone is wet.

This stone has been used in several countries around the world, usually to build a high-class swimming pool in a luxurious hotel.

2.      Bali Green Stone

Another famous Indonesian stone is the Bali Green Stone which is the icon of every swimming pool in Bali.

The green color on the stone makes the water seem very clear so it can create an awesome greenish on your pool. Sometimes, this stone can also spread light blue color but only under certain circumstances.

3.      Bali Stone

Last but not least, Bali Stone was also one of the best materials for your pool. You can use this stone on your side of the pool to create a natural look.

This stone was also strong enough to remain the same after decades making it perfect for a luxurious swimming pool.

Where to Buy?

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