Stone Wall Cladding Dubai – When Natural Meets Modernity

Stone wall cladding Dubai is one example when natural touch blends with modernity.

Natural stone is a material that’s widely used to decorate buildings. Aside from giving a rustic display, the application of natural stone to the interior or exterior design of the building can add its artistic value. What’s more, the variety of natural stone types can create unique patterns or shapes in building details. The stone-making technique itself is usually called cladding. Bali Stone Wall Cladding is one of the leading brands offering high-quality natural stone products. Stone wall cladding Dubai, for example, is a premium project that proves the brand experience in the stone cladding.

Green Sukabumi Stone Wall Cladding – Enhance feelings of warmth and cozy

Green Sukabumi Stone Phillipines – Private Installation by Stone Depot Team (Courtesy of Gecko House, Puerto Galera, Phillipines)

Stone wall cladding Dubai is one example that modern design can still be combined with earthy elements. Not only on the wall, but the stone cladding technique can also be applied to the yard, bathroom, swimming pool, and fence. However, not all spots can use natural stone. For areas that are easily stained, such as a garage or kitchen, you should not use natural stones. That is because the cleaning process will be difficult. Furthermore, natural stone is more durable than other building materials. It is scratch resistant, does not crack easily, and can increase the selling price of the building.

There are many choices of building materials that can be used to coat the wall surface. However, the stone wall remains in demand because of its robust impression and its aesthetic value. Further, the use of natural stone makes the ambiance feel more chill and content. In this case, the cladding is a popular technique for preparing natural stones. Natural stones can be arranged randomly or sequentially, according to the design you want. As a result, you will find natural stone wall cladding that looks like fine mosaics. This technique is perfect for modern design facades, as found in stone wall cladding Dubai.

Black Lavastone – A combination of robustness and aesthetics

Photo Courtesy of Holiday Inn Resort, Bali

The use of natural stone can enhance the aesthetic impression of the building. It can also be found on the stone wall cladding Dubai, which offers natural combined with modernity. However, you must not forget to take care of the wall cleanliness. It’s better if you don’t use hard chemical cleaning products. Simply use neutral PH soap to clean dust or stains on the wall surface. Then, wear cleaning tools such as a soft sponge, smooth textured fabric, and a soft brush. After the cleaning process is completed, dry the wall surface with a soft towel. If the wall is left to dry on its own, white stains will appear on the surface.

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Stone Wall Cladding Dubai – Stunning Interior and Exterior Wall Panels with Bali Stone Wall Clading in Dubai

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