Stone cladding is one of the best methods to cover a wall. Sometimes we forget that the wall is also an aspect that needs to be taken into account when beautifying a room. Both indoor and outdoor, the stone cladding will help perfect a wall. So if you think that paint is enough, then you have to try something out of the box. You can add aesthetic value by using materials such as natural stone to make the walls look more character. If you plan to cover the wall area with the cladding method, Bali stone tiles are worth considering as the main material.

Bali Stone Cladding in Tasmania


Bali Stone Cladding in Tasmania

Tasmania is an island and also a city that has a character that is not much different from Australia. This small island, just south of Australia, has beautiful natural views. Although there are many modern buildings developing in this city, the use of materials originating from nature keeps the balance maintained. Bali stone tiles are a very appropriate choice because it matches the characteristics of Tasmania. Whether you build a resort, hotel, or just a swimming pool, Bali stone tiles will complement the beauty of the building. Especially with the choice of cutting, types, and also a variety of patterns, you can make the wall look much better.

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Green Sukabumi Stone Cladding Application (Photo Courtesy of Renaissance Pattaya Resort & Spa, Thailand)

Every Bali stone’s type also has a function that will maximize the appearance of a building. Green Sukabumi stone with a dark or bright green tone will make the swimming pool look more exotic. This type of stone is very suitable for outdoor properties. Besides being able to be used as wall cladding, Green Sukabumi stone can also be used for swimming pool tiles. Other than that, the Black lava stone tiles will help you to create an elegant look on the wall. This stone made of frozen lava which then processed and cut for better purposes. Its distinct black color will make everything looks eye-catching and jaw-dropping. It’s not surprising that many resorts and hotels in Tasmania have used Bali lava stone tiles for their wall cladding.

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Bali White Limestone Cladding (Photo courtesy of Sofitel Nusa Dua Resort, Bali)

Last but not least, the White Classic Limestone tiles will create a warm yet astonishing look for the outdoor part of the properties. The white tone from the stone will help to absorb the heat and keep the wall cold. From the other perspective, it can make a building looks friendlier and familiar that indicates safety. Plus, there is another option for wall cladding, such as Yellow Sandstone tiles, Paras Kerobokan, or Andesite stone. Now, you have a lot of options the next time you want to try wall cladding for the property.

But one thing for sure, it would be better to find the right seller that has high-quality products with a wide range of options. Stone Depot is an Indonesian exporter of Bali natural stone that has been used in many resorts and hotels around the world. After their success in Dubai, Bangkok, Trinidad & Tobago, and now  Tasmania, Stone Depot will help properties-owner around the world to build the perfect site, whether it is hotel, resort, or private residential.

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Stone Cladding Tasmania – The Futuristic Stone Cladding Tasmania with Bali Stone

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