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Defining a concept on a property must be perfection-oriented to get the best results. This means we have to make sure every element in the property has a special character and design. So we have to make sure that the whole area has a touch that will make it look unusual. Starting from floors, roofs, fences, posts, to walls, they must have a character that distinguishes them from one another. In this article, we will discuss how to make walls look more unique. One method that is often used is stone cladding. But this time we have different approaches as we will borrow the concept of Stone Cladding Tasmania using Bali natural stone.

Bali is the best place to taste what it feels like to go to heaven on earth. This small island is only an inch away from Australia is known for its exotic beaches, unique and mind-blowing cultural rituals that performed by warm and friendly people, as well as delicious and mouthwatering culinary options that abundant and rich in spices. However, Bali does not only offer unforgettable holiday experiences. The island is also known to have natural stones which are popular in Tasmania and are often used for wall cladding. The Bali Black Lava stone is one of Bali natural stones that adorn the walls of classy hotels in Tasmania. Not only that, but its popularity also attracted the architect of Jewel Changi Airport Singapore.

Jewel Changi Airport Singapore’s Wall Cladding with Black Lavastone

stone-cladding-tasmania (1)

The Elegance Wall Cladding with Bali Black Lavastone (Photo courtesy of Jewel Changi Airport, Singapore)

Anyone who will be in and out of Singapore by air will use Changi Airport as a transit point. This airport, which is included in the category of one of the most magnificent airports in the world, has an out of the box design and concept. Created by combining a natural and modern approach, Changi Airport looks like a large park that just happens to be an airplane base. This place is so amazing that you can even see a giant artificial waterfall in the heart of the airport. If you look in more detail, you can see that the walls of the Jewel Changi Airport Singapore look perfect. The combination of the concepts of nature and modernity is bridged through the use of stone cladding Tasmania.

stone-cladding-tasmania (2)

The Elegance Wall Cladding with Bali Black Lavastone (Photo courtesy of Jewel Changi Airport, Singapore)

Every inch of the wall Changi Airport has a neutral black color which is then combined with hanging plants on the wall. This combination is the best solution to present an environmentally friendly impression and modern look. Bali black lavastone works well without stealing too much attention. This is one of the stone cladding Tasmania concepts that you can apply to your property or buildings. Stone cladding doesn’t always dominant, its purpose is to give the walls a special character. In this case, the wall at Changi Airport looks even amazing with its bold and elegant black color that adds more characters.

The black lava stone is just one of the many Bali natural stones available. Keep in mind that each stone plays a different part at your property as they serve different impression when applied.

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Stone Cladding Tasmania – The Exoticm Stone Cladding Tasmania with Bali Black Lavastone

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