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Wall cladding is the best way to turn an ordinary wall into an extraordinary look. This is the most appropriate method because in the end, the result will blow your mind.

Moreover, we can play with various types of materials that can be adjusted according to the concept and budget. Some popular choices of materials for wall cladding include concrete, brick, timber, porcelain, or natural stone.

Of the several options, natural stone is the most widely used option because it has several advantages that other materials do not provide. Especially for the modern outdoor wall concept that requires a material with a texture that can give a certain character.

Inspiring Modern Outdoor Natural Stone Cladding

If you want a result that’s simple, natural, but also has a modern accent, there are some inspirations worth checking out so you can have an idea of the right project. We’ve rounded up some wall cladding ideas that will make your dreams come true!

Rustic Touch

palimanan-yellow-sandstone-outdoor-wall-cladding-eco-green-park (2)
The rustic natural stone cladding façade with Golden Palimo Sandstone at Eco Green Park, Malang

This concept is perfect for homes that have a classic concept. To make the appearance of the wall look integrated with the main concept, give it a rustic touch that will make it look more alive. Especially by having this wall cladding idea, you can choose a variety of materials that can be adjusted. Generally, people will choose timber for wall cladding. But you can choose a Bali natural stone such as Golden Palimo Sandstone which will provide you a better level of durability.

Black Beauty

The Black Lava natural stone cladding blends with vegetation decoration perfectly in Changi Airport, Singapore (Photo courtesy of Jewel Changi Airport Singapore)

The advantage of using natural stone for wall cladding is that we have more options to choose the color and texture of the surface. In this concept, we can use Bali lavastone which also has a dark black color. This natural stone also has other color options such as light or dark gray which can be used as a color gradient. If you like this black beauty concept, Bali lavastone will make sure that every inch of the wall will match the master plan.

3D Effect

The simple and classic 3D natural stone cladding with Bali White Limestone

This is an interesting wall cladding concept. This idea is quite wild because you are using natural stone as a 3-dimensional object. To make a 3-dimensional look real, you can also use real natural stones as ornaments to make a dramatic impression. This concept is very suitable for tropical style property, so that a balance is created in using materials from nature. In order to create unique appearance, you can play with shadow and lighting to create a natural look of shading. This is an interesting project that will give you satisfying result at the end.

All White Wall Cladding

Another great masterpiece with natural limestone cladding in Sofitel Nusa Dua Resort, Bali

Last but not least, this idea will ensure that the wall looks amazing just the way it is. We suggest using Bali limestone wall cladding that has light color to create a perfect aura that will add comfortable sense in the surrounding.

And will all of these inspirations, we hope that you can find what’s best for your outdoor walls. Now you know that wall cladding can bring something different to your house.

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Simple Natural Stone Cladding Ideas For Modern Outdoor Wall

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