The arrangement of a bathroom that looks luxurious is one of the reasons why people feel comfortable living in five-star hotel rooms. No wonder a luxurious bathroom does offer maximum comfort for its users through the use of quality materials and high-class facilities. Take a peek at some of the following luxury bathroom designs, and you will feel like staying in a five-star hotel!

Bali Marble Characteristics for Bathroom Material

Marble Characteristic for Bathroom Material
Indonesia Marble Characteristics for Bathroom Material

Marble is a material commonly used in expensive places because it looks luxurious and elegant. So, to give the bathroom a luxury impression to the maximum, try using this one material. Marble by Stone Depot is one of the best selling products of the natural stone type. Stone Depot also provides the services of installing natural stone for your bathroom. For the impression of a luxurious bathroom that is simple and clean, use white as a base, then use marble on the floor and walls of the shower area.

One of the things that makes a hotel bathroom feel luxurious is its warm and soft lighting. You can apply this method to produce the impression of a luxury bathroom. First, use elegant materials such as marble and granite in the bathroom, then use a simple glass panel as a divider for the shower area. Use a lamp with a soft, warm white color to make the bathroom feel luxurious. Usually, luxury bathrooms are synonymous with spacious sizes.

However, you can also present a luxurious bathroom with a small narrow room area. The key is to keep using elements that give the bathroom a luxurious feel. Use marble motifs with dark colors that are aesthetically pleasing on all surfaces of the walls and floors, coupled with soft, warm lighting. With those ways, we can immediately feel the luxury impression.

Application for Luxurious and Elegant Bathroom

You can make a spacious bathroom if there is enough space in your home. For a luxurious yet simple impression, use white as a base and gold or copper as a beautiful color accent. If you want, use materials such as marble on the walls so that your bathroom looks more elegant. Don’t forget to pay attention to the lighting so that your bathroom looks bright.

Natural stone cladding in price Philippines, especially for marble, is more expensive than other natural stones, but the quality and luxury will be a testament to your design. Just give a little touch of marble then your room will become elegant many times over. Marble is easy to absorb fluid, so it is recommended to use grout that is not gritty when laying marble tiles. Marble is also susceptible to heat and acid spills.

Besides marble, you can also use granite as a beautiful blend in your bathroom. Granite is more robust than marble. Its durability is also better so that this granite floor can last long without experiencing significant damage. Granite and marble also have pretty large pores. However, both are high-end natural stones that can increase the property’s selling price much higher. Both of those stones are available at Stone Depot with high-quality processes.

How to Get Marble Natural Stone?

To get your hands on the best Marble Natural Stone, contact us on our Whatsapp at (Aldi), or call us (at +62 231 8802888). Another option is to send us a fax (+62 231 8491546) or email ( We look forward to answering your questions!

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