Have you ever seen a hotel that looks so charming? One of the tourist attractions in the world with a line of luxury hotels in Santorini, Greece. Then, what is the difference between the hotels in Santorini and other tourist attractions? Is it the view, the service, or the building? Yes, you are right. The architecture of the buildings in Santorini is unique and distinctive, accompanied by beautiful beach views during the day and night. The thing that drives the unique characteristic of Santorini is the use of limestone as a wall cladding, whereas almost all hotels in Santorini use limestone wall cladding. Limestone Bali is one of the world’s quality natural stone products used to construct hotels, restaurants, tourist attractions, and luxury residences.

Characteristics of Limestone Bali

Inside and Outside of Limestone Bali
Inside and Outside of Limestone Bali

If you want to know the ins and outs of Limestone Bali, you’ve come to the right place. Limestone is a natural stone from biological processes, both organic and chemical. In an organic process, limestone comes from natural deposits of snail shells, algae, and marine animal carcasses’ skeletons. At the same time, limestone with a chemical process comes from natural deposits of calcium carbonate in certain environments, and climatic conditions. Many factors determine the quality and type of limestone. This natural stone is found in tropical areas with high humidity, such as in coastal areas. Limestone must be processed first because some of the rocks have a sharp texture due to the natural deposits of coral. Limestone Bali by Stone Depot is a selected type of natural stone that is appropriately processed according to market needs.  The characteristics of limestone are solid, nest textured, and various colors such as brown, white, cream, gray, and even blackish. The raw limestone by Stone Depot is crushed into smaller by ripening the stone. The combustion process itself usually uses fuel from firewood.

Uses of Limestone Bali

The Uses of Limestone Bali
The Uses of Limestone Bali

The use of limestone was first discovered more than 7000 years ago to make statues, and besides that, it was used to smooth the walls of houses. Limestone mixtures have also been detected in historic buildings such as the Giza pyramids and the Great Wall of China. The strength of limestone has been recognized for a long time. Limestone is also used as a wall covering because it increases its aesthetic value. If you look at the hotels in Santorini, they use limestone instead of bricks. Limestone Bali by Stone Depot presents a wall building that is primarily white and luxurious. These colors are then combined with other natural stone blends such as floors, kitchen sets, and even bathroom interiors. Santorini is proof that natural stone can increase its aesthetic value many times over. Limestone has a complex and uneven texture. The longer the age of the rock, the more solid the stone is. It creates a natural impression and can fill the void in the interior or exterior of the building. Limestone is also used as an admixture to make plaster, concrete, and road construction. Limestone Bali provides all your needs.

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