3 Easy Steps to Install the Stone Wall Cladding in Your House!

Installing stone wall cladding is not as difficult as it seems. By using these 3 easy steps, your house will look prettier in no time!

As you know, a plain brick wall is not providing any sense of attractiveness in your house, especially if your home interior is not using the industrial or classic built concept as the main theme. To spruce up the wall, you should use natural stones as the wall cladding because of some reasons. First, it can provide better thermal insulation and better resistance to extreme weather conditions, and second, it will significantly boost the artistic value of your house. To help you actualize it, here are the 3 easy steps on how to install stone wall cladding in your house:

Step 1: Measuring and Cleaning

Measuring and cleaning is the first step on how to install stone wall cladding. Measuring the exact lengths and widths of your wall is vital to ensure that you have the necessary material for the cladding. Do not forget to include other important elements to your measurement such as ventilation covers, door frames, or windows. It is important to note that the measurement must be made as accurate as possible. Do not try to make a baseless prediction since it will cause uncertainty. If the measurement has been made, you have to clean your wall thoroughly. Make sure that no dust, debris, or dirt on these areas. 

Step 2: Layering and Mixing

Layering and mixing is the second step on how to install stone wall cladding. Before you start layering the first row of the wall, you have to make sure that the ground surface is leveled. Try to let the first layer of your cladding dry before continuing. The dry layer will give you a little glimpse of the end result. If you like it, you can start adding another layer, while if it does not suit your style, you can change it right away. When you have made the necessary modification, you can start mixing the stone wall cladding with the adhesive. Make sure that you use the appropriate amount of adhesive to optimize the end result.

Step 3: Attaching and Cutting

The final step on how to install stone wall cladding is attaching and cutting. After mixing the stone wall and the adhesive, now you can start applying the mixture to the stacked stone panel then attach it firmly onto the wall. Be generous with the adhesive so it will stick better to the wall. The lack of adhesive can cause the stone to fall off thus creating an unnecessary problem for you. Lastly, you just need to cut the stacked stone using a special natural stone grinder (it usually equipped with a diamond stone blade). You can cut the stones to your desired size. Be careful while cutting the stones since the grinder can cause serious injury. Wear some protection tools for your own safety.

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How to Install Bali Stone Wall Cladding – 3 Easy Steps to Install the Bali Stone Wall Cladding in Your House

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