Tasmania is known as a popular tourist destination located south of the Australian mainland. The island separated by the Bass Strait is known to have endemic animals which are also a popular cartoon icon, The Tasmanian Devil. Tasmania is not that big, but this island has amazing natural beauty. The beach is clean, the weather is tourist-friendly, with the nuances of the green trees that add beauty, Tasmania seems to be a paradise separate from Australia. The large number of tourists who come to visit Tasmania each year encourages resorts, villas, and hotels, to provide the best service to stay.

Wall Cladding Tasmania

The architecture of hotel and resort buildings in Tasmania has similarities with properties in Australia. Interestingly, there are many buildings that are also inspired by Bali which are located just north of the Australian mainland. Although separated by great distances, the similarity as a popular tourist destination makes Tasmania and Bali carry a tropical residence that is preferred by tourists. No wonder when it comes to wall cladding, Tasmanians love the Balinese style which can make a wall into an object that has a high value of the artwork.

For Tasmanians, natural stone from Indonesia which is used as wall cladding becomes an inseparable part of a building. No wonder the Tasmanians also like several types of natural stone for wall cladding in Bali.

  • Bali Lavastone Cladding

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Bali Lavastone Wall Cladding

Bali Lavastone cladding is a natural stone made from frozen lava. The hot lava that comes out of the volcano instantly freezes when exposed to the outside air. As a result, a new rock formation was formed. The material is finally processed and cut to be formed according to the size desired by the market. The end result can be seen as wall cladding which often makes the appearance of a wall more unique because of certain patterns. The solid black tone also gives a bold character on the wall and this is what makes the Bali Lavastone cladding is popular in Tasmania.

  • Bali Limestone Cladding

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Bali White Limestone Cladding

The Limestone cladding is available in 6 different choices. It is suitable for the exterior and interior part of a design project because you can choose the right color to create a stunning pattern. You can choose the classic white or gold, or you can choose other colors such as Yellow, Dark Gray, or Beige. The best part about the Limestone cladding is its durability thanks to the minerals that make the stone stronger. That’s the reason Bali Limestone cladding is great for outdoor as it won’t crack or wreck in extreme temperature change.

  • Bali Basalt Wall Cladding

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Bali Basalt Wall Cladding

Last but not least, the Tasmanian people like the Bali Basalt Cladding because it is more versatile. Other than wall cladding, the Bali Basalt is also perfect for pool tiles or pavers. This stone is amazing when it is used for pool tiles as the color can change depending on wet or dry conditions. If you use Bali Basalt stone as pool tiles, we suggest using the same material for the wall around.

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From Bali to Tasmania, through Stone Wall Cladding

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