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Walls can be the best medium for creating beautiful decorations indoors or outdoors. During this time, many people didn’t pay attention to the appearance of the building walls so they didn’t do anything. In fact, there are many ways that can make the wall look more beautiful. You can use the wall cladding technique to make the wall have a pattern, which of course will make it more attractive to look at. Moreover, there is an Indonesia stone cladding that can be used as an option to make decorations on the walls look trendy and modern. This is a great chance for those who want to make some changes to the walls.

There are at least 3 popular Indonesia stone cladding tiles that you can choose from. Keep in mind that each type of wall claddings has different colors and characteristics. It would be better to know every type of wall cladding so you know which that suits your taste. You can choose the Bali Limestone cladding that comes in white color. It suits any type of home interior design. Other than that, you can go with the Bali Lava stone cladding that its dark and bold ambiance brings an elegant look. Last but not least, the Bali Grey Basalt cladding is another alternative. This time we are going deep about the Bali Grey Basalt wall cladding.

Indonesia Grey Basalt Stone Cladding


The modern wall cladding look with Bali Grey Basalt at Pullman Legian House, Bali

People know that the Bali Grey Basalt Stone cladding is one of the best options. This item offers durability and high-quality that will make the wall looks trendy. Bali Basalt is a volcanic rock that contains various kinds of minerals. These minerals are also the main components that make this stone stronger. Bali Basalt wall cladding is often used as additional material for the exterior because it is resistant to weather changes. But in fact, this natural stone can also be applied to interior areas. This versatile natural stone gives you plenty of options to use it as both interior and exterior.

The Bali Basalt is also available in 3 finishes and plenty of patterns. But when it comes to wall cladding, it would be better to choose between the split face or rough face. With just two finishes you can create unique patterns. Some patterns are the Camel Cladding, Helios, Trapezoid, and Tumbled. Those patterns would suit any interior or exterior part of your house. We suggest that the Tumbled and the Camel Cladding works best for the exterior part, such as the fence. Meanwhile, the Helios and Trapezoid Cladding is way better when it is on the interior, such as the kitchen wall.


The exotic exterior wall cladding with Andesite Grey Basalt Stone at Laman Ceylon, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Interestingly, the Indonesia Stone Cladding Grey Basalt has a wide range of collections that comes in different colors. You can choose the Tropical Red, Alta Quartzite, Green Basalt, or even the Ocean Blue and the Crystal Black. Now you have something that will make the interior and exterior part of the properties more colorful. Plus, the price of the Bali Basalt is reasonable in comparison with other tiles.

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Create Modern & Trendy Wall Cladding with Indonesia Grey Basalt Stone Cladding

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