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\Located in one of the important cities in East Java, Bukit Daun Hotel & Resort Kediri presents a different sensation for visitors. This resort certainly provides excellent service and facilities that will ensure the comfort and needs of visitors are met.

But apart from the accommodation side, Bukit Daun Hotel & Resort has an extraordinary appearance. This resort strives to blend in with the natural surroundings, an area filled with tropical plants against the backdrop of a mountain with a beautiful view. Not only that, but we can also see a work of art on every corner of the wall thanks to the amazing wall cladding with the Bali Amanjiwo stone.

A Bried of Bali Amanjiwo Stone

If you have never heard of Bali Amanjiwo Stone, maybe you will understand better after knowing more about this natural stone. Called one of the finest limestones from Indonesia, this natural stone also has another name, Bali Yellow Amanjiwo Stone. The word ‘Amanjiwo’ actually refers to one of the best resorts in Central Java, a sanctuary with a serene ambiance near Borobudur.

At the resort, some of the walls are also decorated with Bali Yellow Stone and give an extraordinary appearance. It is no wonder that many people finally know it as Bali Amanjiwo stone, one of the best materials for wall cladding which also happens to be used at Bukit Daun Hotel & Resort Kediri.

amanjiwo-limestone-cladding-bukit-daun (2)
A classic nautral stacked cladding with Bali brown Amanjiwo at Bukit Daun, Kediri

At Bukit Daun Hotel & Resort Kediri, we can see the arrangement of Bali Amanjiwo Stones neatly stacked to create a characteristic texture. As a result, even a wall that was usually overlooked now has something that makes it look unique and amazing.

Wall cladding is indeed the most appropriate way to change the appearance of a wall from zero to hero. Here, we can also learn that the stacked wall cladding pattern manages to give it a different color. Not only that, but this concept can also blend with the natural style that is the hallmark of this resort. Stacked patterns are rarely used for wall cladding, but Bukit Daun Hotel & Resort has proven that this method will bring out something extraordinary.

We can use the same techniques and patterns for the walls of our homes. The stacked pattern will give you a thicker natural accent, especially if you use the right material such as Bali Amanjiwo stone.

With a classic yellow color, we can present an elegant appearance. The dominant golden yellow color combined with natural stone veins creates a perfect harmony.

amanjiwo-limestone-cladding-bukit-daun (3)
The exotic look of Brown Amanjiwo Wall Cladding at Bukit Daun Hotel & Resort, Kediri

As a result, the surrounding nuances are different thanks to the perfect arrangement of the wall cladding. Things like this will certainly have an unusual impact, especially for private homes which usually have a limited wall area.

Back to Bukit Daun Hotel & Resort Kediri, they have done an amazing job for choosing Bali Amanjiwo stone for the stacked wall cladding pattern. Even if you haven’t been there, you can imagine how beautiful the walls that use this natural stone for the wall cladding. Using Bali Amanjiwo will transform your wall into the next level.

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Brown Natural Stacked Cladding with Amanjiwo

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