What makes a great characteristic of Bali Lavastone Cladding for any Design Project? Bali black lavastone benefits are the proofs. Here are the reasons !

Bali Black Lava Stone Tiles – Long-lasting Property’s Ideal

Bali Lavastone Cladding – Courtesy of Holiday Inn Resort, Bali

What makes a great characteristic of Bali Lavastone Cladding for any Design Project? Bali black lavastone benefits are the proofs. As one of the natural stones in Indonesia, Bali black lavastone has been proven the most ideal for a long-lasting property. Borobudur Temple is one living proof of why it works. Therefore, there are many buildings, especially in tropical areas, built based on this natural stone. Not only durable, but black lavastone can also be produced in varieties – from sawn-cut and honed to cladding in the mesh. Black lavastone also makes the property look modern, luxurious, and timeless. Here is one example.

Holiday Inn Resort Bali is one of the properties that use black lavastone benefits. As one of the most luxurious resorts in Bali, you can see the Bali Lavastone Cladding on its walls. The rustic charm, elegance, and practical benefits can be seen there. Black lavastone adds a distinctive feature. You can see that all around the Holiday Inn Resort. From the walkways, the swimming pool, the infinity pool, the restaurant, and the floating chapel, it is there. This natural stone is practically dominant in this property, although also combined with other stones like cobblestones and limestones. This beachside property rocks.


Black Balistone Pool Tiles – Great Pool Deck Application

Bali Lavastone for Swimming Pool – Courtesy of Holiday Inn Resort, Bali

There are many good reasons why the great characteristic of Bali Lavastone Cladding needs black lavastone benefits. This is what all project designers need to know. For starters, black lavastone (and other natural stones combined) fit in well with the environment. All-natural stones are also green-friendly and make beautiful ornaments. Other benefits include its ability to absorb heat during the day (especially when it is hot) and release it during the night. That way, you get to feel cool inside despite the scorching sun and then warm in the evening. No wonder Holiday Inn Resort is also a very comfortable resort.

Villas, hotels, spas use this, but you can do the same thing for home installments. Black lavastone benefits can also be felt when you use this natural stone for bathroom walls. You can choose between the color grey or black for this designing project. Proper lighting after that will also make the bathroom look not as dark. The great thing about Bali black lavastone is that it does not need so much maintenance. Of course, do not add any coloring agent, sodium, or anything that contains high acid on the surface of the walls. Stone Depot will help you with the options.

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Black Lava Stone Benefits – Great Characteristic of Bali Lava Stone Cladding for Any Design Project

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