Bali Tuban White Limestone is a good choice for people who need modern and minimalist looks for designing style at home with different taste and not the same as usual. Using a scaled pattern of Bali Tuban White Limestone will bringing the home into modern and high classes resort but not escaping the cultural traditions of Bali inside there. The different concepts clearly appear when using the scaled pattern of Bali Tuban White Limestone and it will impact an increase of high thinking persons who looks at the walls. As a result, it will be creative and productive for their business carrier.


Bali Tuban White Limestone for Interior Wall Cladding at Ngurah Rai Airport International  (Courtesy of Ngurah Rai Airport International)

Limestone commonly composed of the mineral calcite ( calcium carbonate, CaCO3). This calcite came by precipitation from sea or lake water. Also, formed by the accumulation of animal shells. Limestone is a type of sedimentary rock that is formed by two major formations. That is the chemical sedimentation process and biological sedimentation process. Limestone became a popular natural stone because they come with many benefits. As a natural stone, Bali Tuban White Limestone is versatile. It functions not only as flooring tiles and wall cladding applications, also suitable used as a sculpture. 

Bali Tuban White Limestone Cladding – Wonderful Application of Bali Limestone Cladding in Ngurah Rai Bali International Airport


Bali White Limestone with Crazy Cut Pattern (Courtesy of Ngurah Rai Airport International)

Bali Tuban White Limestone has shown the existence of limestone not only suitable as home or resorts interior wall design, but it also the best recommendation used for public places such as airports. For example, Ngurah Rai Bali International Airport was shown the elegant and modern appearance on their internal wall but not escape the culture and traditional taste of Bali. This futuristic and innovative design, only shown by innovative and creative people. By seeing this interior wall, we also could get creative impression to bring more designing styles at home not the same as usual.

Bali Tuban White Limestone will attract people which see this white stone with the beautiful white classic base color and scale texture as an internal wall design. Using white classic stone as a designing style at home bring your home style into an elegant and luxurious impression. Each type of place will be suitable for applying Bali Tuban White Limestone as their interior wall design such as home, resort, and also public places such as airports. It all happens because Bali Tuban White Limestone comes with different effort to bring up designing style at home into the classic elegant and also get the modern luxury taste which is make people attraction and feel comfortable to see the environment of that places.

Bali Tuban White Limestone – Stunning Impression of Tuban White Cladding Application as Interial Wall

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