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Wall cladding is a technique that will help you to enhance the appearance of the wall. By creating a layer on your wall from a certain material, you will end up with an exotic wall that has more characters. This method is a thing in recent years as many architects managed to apply this concept. The next time you want to change the appearance of your house, feel free to try the wall cladding. But first, you need to decide what the best cladding for your wall. There are more than 10 materials you can use, and we suggest the Bali stone that is perfect for wall cladding.

Type of Bali Stone for Wall Cladding

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The Exotic of Bali Stone for Wall Cladding (Photo courtesy of Sofitel Nusa Dua Resort, Bali)

The Bali stone offers three different cladding options that will transform your wall. From here, you have the freedom to choose which type of Bali stone that enhances the exoticism of your properties. Also, it is free to choose the wall cladding pattern as you wish. We have summarized a brief of characteristics and the benefits of Bali stone for wall cladding.

1. Bali Basalt

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Bali Grey Basalt Stone for Wall Cladding (Photo courtesy of Renaissance Pattaya Resort & Spa, Thailand)

The first type of Bali stone for wall cladding is the Bali Basalt. The Basalt comes in 3 different patterns for exterior and interior. But we suggest you use Basalt stone for the exterior part, such as the facade wall. The Basalt cladding sometimes used for tumbled patterns. It matches the character as it looks rustic, elegant, and also earth-friendly.

There are main reasons people choose Bali Basalt for the wall cladding. The first is, of course, the durability. Basalt is a sedimentary rock built due to volcanic activity. It has great strength and somehow resistant to weather and temperature change. People also agree that the Basalt is versatile as you can use it for pool tiles or pavers other than wall cladding.

2. Bali Lavastone

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Bali Black Lavastone for Wall Cladding (Photo courtesy of Holiday Inn Resort, Bali)

Bali Lavastone is perfect for wall cladding as it gives you amazing results. The distinct black tone will show the elegance and the glam. It also a representation of boldness. Whether you use it as the exterior or interior, the Bali Lavastone will assert the character. This is also the same stone used for the Borobudur Temple, the biggest temple in the world.

Based on that fact, the Bali Lavastone is something that will last forever. It is resistant to drastic weather change, which results in making it suitable for the exterior wall. Also, you can build at least 6 different patterns to decor the interior wall. Now I leave it up to you. The Bali Lavastone is the perfect tile that will let you play with the extra-ordinary ideas.

3. Bali Limestone

bali-stone-wall-cladding (3)

Bali Limestone for Wall Cladding (Photo courtesy of Sofitel Nusa Dua Resort, Bali)

Last but not least, the Bali Limestone comes in 6 different color varieties. This is perfect for those who want something different. The Limestone is available in classic white, yellow serai Kuning Bali, classic gold, beige grey, paras Kerobokan, and Amanjiwo. It is up to you to mix and match the Limestone with particular patterns. And when it comes about the strength, durability, and advantages, the Bali Limestone works as great as other Bali stones.

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Bali Stone Wall Cladding – The Exoticism of Bali Stone for Wall Cladding

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