3 Steps to Maintenance Bali Stone Wall Cladding

How to maintenance stone wall cladding? Then, here’s how to maintenance the Bali stone wall cladding properly.


Bali stone wall cladding brings a natural and luxurious impression to the building. This material can make the room feel mild,and it’s known to be durable. Besides, people normally use natural stones to decorate a fence, pool, or park. The charm of natural stone is indeed very splendid. Therefore, the stone placement and pattern selection will bring up the natural atmosphere in your dwelling. However, how to maintain stone wall cladding properly? Sure, maintenance of natural stone does require special treatment. So, you can’t be careless. It is because natural stones are very easily damaged because of cleaning products.

Use the right tools and method

Well, don’t worry! Maintenance a Bali stone wall cladding is not as difficult as you think. First, it should be noted that when you clean it, you should use soft tools such as a soft sponge, soft cloth, or a very soft brush. Further, how to maintain stone wall cladding so it can’t be easily scratched? For that, you have to rub the stone surface by turning. Please do not rub it carelessly because it can damage the stone surface. Then use a cleanser which is specially formulated to clean natural stones. You can usually get it in stores that sell building materials.

Choose the right cleaning product

How to maintain stone wall cladding with the right cleaning products? In this case, a good liquid for cleaning natural stones is to use water mixed with neutral PH soap, as used for washing dishes. You can also use a mixture of water with a little ammonia or a little bleach. Ammonia is better because this substance is not acid but is alkaline. In short, ammonia will not damage the Bali stone wall cladding. But it should be noted, never mix ammonia with bleach. This mixture can create dangerous vapor that causes death if inhaled. So, make sure that you’re careful with that chemical solution.

Clear out the stubborn dirt

Furthermore, how to maintain stone wall cladding from stubborn dirt? If the dirt on the natural stone surface is difficult to remove, try using a brush to get rid of it. The dirt is usually located in the stone block so use a brush and spray water to tidy it up. When the natural stone is dry, try checking the stone coating then. If it’s still good, the cleaning step is complete. After the surface of the Bali stone wall cladding is cleaned, straightaway dry it with a soft towel. If you are looking for a premium material, Bali stone wall cladding can provide the best. So never hesitate to make an order.

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Bali Stone Wall Cladding – How to Maintenance Stone Wall Cladding

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