The mysterious Bali Black Lavastone Cladding with Holes is perfect for luxurious construction projects. Discover why and begin investing in it with Stone Depot.


Bali Black Volcanic Lavastone with Holes – Photo taken at Starbuck Dewata, Bali (Courtesy of Starbuck Restaurant Dewata, Bali)

Indonesia is home for a plethora of world-class natural stones used for luxurious architectures, one of them being the Bali Black Lavastone Cladding with Holes. Mainly used for swimming pools, walls, and tiles among others, this particular basalt stone has unique characteristics with a mysterious-yet-elegant presentation. This is because the natural stone is made from the active volcanoes in both Bali and Java, where the material is roasted on high temperature by the lava. Such a phenomenon results in a natural stone that’s very well-known for being used by luxurious buildings in Bali, such as the black lavastone wall cladding in Starbuck Dewata, Bali.

Bali Black Lavastone Cladding with Holes – Things You Need to Know

Because Bali black lavastone tiles have the base material is made under extreme heat, the stone develops numerous mini holes around the surface. Said holes create two distinct benefits for the stone, one of them being used for the stone to “breathe.” This means that under higher temperatures, the Bali Black Lavastone Cladding with Holes will cool down faster than the average stone claddings. And second, the holey texture on the surface creates an anti-slip property, making it one of the safest cladding materials to use. To put it into perspective, this basalt stone is on par with green Sukabumi stone tiles in that regard.

Another interesting fact to note about Bali Black Lavastone Cladding with Holes is that it’s an extremely durable natural stone. Sure, it may not be as durable as the green Sukabumi stone nor the andesite stone, but Bali black lavastone tiles can last for an extremely long period of time. One amazing example is Borobudur temple, in which the walls, statues, and relics look as if they’re brand new despite being over 11 centuries old. Knowing that it’s no surprise that a lot of luxurious resorts and/or facilities begin to embrace this particular natural stone as a cladding for their walls, tiles, and pools.

Buy Bali Black Lavastone Cladding with Holes – Your New Look Design Ideas


Bali Black Lavastone Cladding with Holes in Starbuck Restaurant Dewata, Bali (Courtesy of Starbuck Restaurant Dewata, Bali)

After looking at the usage examples in Starbuck Dewata, Bali, and Borobudur Temple in Java, it’s pretty clear that Bali black lavastone tiles are among the finest cladding materials around. For that reason, it’s recommended for you to begin investing in the Bali Black Lavastone Cladding with Holes for your current or future building project.

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Bali Black Lavastone Cladding with Holes – Elegance Bali Black Lavastone Wall Cladding with Holes in Starbuck Dewata Bali

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