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Bali Basalt Cladding – Courtesy of Laman Ceylon, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


Stone cladding creates an elegant look that cannot be compared with lighter materials. Bali Basalt Wall Cladding, for example, brings the rustic natural stone to modern buildings. The dark grey volcanic stone gives an elegant luxury look without being too oppressive. Many wall cladding-installation services love basalt products from Bali, citing its quality, durability, and beauty. Basalt cladding appears in many buildings, from resorts to private villas. Balinese basalt is also exported to Asian and Western countries, gracing numerous buildings and lending their quiet beauty to the modern architectures. The dark, neutral color allows you to create any design for home, office, or business place.


How to Design with Bali Stone Wall Cladding

Bali Basalt Wall Cladding comes in various shapes, such as curved panels (camel), square tiles, and unique geometric shapes. The finishing types consisted of honed (smooth) and etched (textured). Wall cladding is great for exterior decoration. For example, you can install unique cladding tiles on the exterior walls of a commercial building, giving it a recognizable feature. Many resorts, hotels, and other commercial buildings in Bali have basalt cladding for their exteriors. You can also install cladding on garden walls, pairing them with trees, planters and pots. It creates a “natural contrast” between fresh greens and dark grey stone, making your home more standout.


Honed basalt is perfect for the interior because the smooth look creates a more relaxing vibe. Square Bali Basalt Wall Cladding is great as kitchen backsplash, especially with the “dark kitchen” trend that is starting to take off. You can install honed basalt tiles to fill an entire wall and create a two-tone kitchen. Basalt cladding is also great to create dramatic flair in a living room or bedroom. The neutral dark grey color makes it easy to combine with other decorative elements, such as framed photos, paintings, and unique artworks. You can use this stone to create industrial, contemporary, or modern minimalist interior design.

How to Get Balinese Basalt Wall Cladding

Ordering basalt wall cladding based on your requirements is easy. The best cladding installation service creates customized cladding tiles to suit your needs. Service like Bali Stone Wall Cladding provides special cladding shapes based on requests. Each stone is cut to size and finished with the honed or etched method, created for exterior and interior decoration. The basalt tiles will not fade and can handle natural elements, such as rain, heat, wind, and dust. Visit to inquire about prices based on size, quantity, model, and shipping cost. Bali Basalt Wall Cladding is what you need to create a beautiful, elegant look at any building.

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