Sometimes people forget that when it comes to decorating a house, building, or an apartment, we need to make sure that everything is packed. Floor to ceiling, wall to wall, we need to decide the right concept for every part of the building. In this article, we would give you a little bit of inspiration on how to transform the wall into a masterpiece. Specifically, let’s talk about wall cladding to adorn the exterior part of the building. So it is not just the interior that needs to be decorated, we have to decide one exact theme for the exterior with the wall cladding.

1. Bali Bukit Limestone Cladding – Oberoi Resort, Bali


Bali Bukit Limestone Cladding in Oberoi Beach Resort, Bali – Photo courtesy of Oberoi Beach Resort, Bali

Oberoi Beach Resort, Bali takes the wall cladding to the next level by using limestone to decorate the entrance. This masterpiece looks breathtaking thanks to the perfect composition of the frame stone, the Bali Bukit limestone, and also the golden wooden gate.

2. Bali Grey Basalt Cladding – Pullman Legian Hotel, Bali

bali-natural-stone (2)

Bali Grey Basalt Cladding in Pullman Legian Hotel, Bali – Photo courtesy of Pullman Legian Hotel, Bali

The Pullman Legian Hotel Bali uses the Bali Grey Basalt Cladding in one of the circular sides of the building. This is a perfect choice as it looks simple, minimalist, and effortless. If you want something beautiful for your office or house, this inspiration might be the best choice as it fits for building with contemporary design.

3. Bali Lavastone Random Cladding – Holiday Inn Resort, Bali

bali-natural-stone (3)

Bali Lavastone Random Cladding in Holiday Inn Resort, Bali– Photo courtesy of Holiday Inn Resort, Bali

Holiday Inn Resort, Bali is the project from Stone Depot that looks brave as the Bali Lavastone random cladding brings the ‘basic’ to the resort. It doesn’t matter what kind of design you choose for the building, the Lavastone cladding will keep the nature close to you and enhance the tropical vibe on there.

4. Bali Lavastone Wall Cladding – Jewel Changi Airport Singapore

bali-natural-stone (4)

Bali Lavastone Wall Cladding in Jewel Changi Airport Singapore – Photo courtesy of Jewel Changi Airport Singapore

The Change Airport Singapore which is known for its icon; the waterfall, is more environmentally friendly with the Bali Lavastone wall cladding. The ambiance feels fresh thanks to the attached pot and plants that bring the twist on the wall.

5. Bali Puka Lava Stone – Starbuck Restaurant Dewata, Bali

bali-natural-stone (5)

Bali Puka Lava Stonein Starbuck Restaurant Dewata, Bali– Photo courtesy of Starbuck Restaurant Dewata, Bali

Starbuck always tries to embrace the local vibe in every store they built in a particular area. In Bali, they use Bali Puka Lava Stone in one of the sides as Balinese constructions always use nature-based material. This is a good thing as visitors can feel different ambiance every time they come to a Starbuck store.

6. Bali Sandstone Wall Cladding – Sofitel Nusa Dua Resort, Bali

bali-natural-stone (6)

Bali Sandstone Wall Cladding in Sofitel Nusa Dua Resort, Bali– Photo courtesy of Sofitel Nusa Dua Resort, Bali

The Bali Sandstone always brings luxury feel in every building. In this case, the Sofitel Nusa Dua Resort looks intimidating from the outside thanks to the grandeur of the Bali Sandstone. It is classic, elegant, and also luxurious at once!

7. Bali Grey Basalt – Renaissance Pattaya Resort & Spa, Thailand


Bali Grey Basalt in Renaissance Pattaya Resort & Spa, Thailand – Photo courtesy of Renaissance Pattaya Resort & Spa, Thailand

The Bali Grey Basalt wall cladding suits with the concept of the resort that wants to keep the visitors feel like home. This Stone Depot project, situated in Thailand that is inspiring as they succeed to add serenity feels in this place. The Grey Basalt wall cladding is also suitable for building with minimalist or contemporary design.

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7 Creative Bali Natural Stone Design Ideas For Your Wall Claddings

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